About EquityNet

Our Why

EquityNet simplifies funding your business so you can get back to growing it.

Whether you’re an existing business that needs a loan to expand your operations, a seasonal business that needs cash to get through your cycle, a revenue generating startup looking for a seed or large equity round, or an investor or lender looking for a targetable pipeline of opportunities, our ever-evolving platform will help you get there.

Our Commitment and Focus

EquityNet provides analytical tools and a virtual hub for entrepreneurs and investors to connect. EquityNet does not participate in any substantive or confidential discussions with investors about companies or partake in any transactions that may result. We focus on creating the best marketplace for small to medium sized private companies by offering our tools and resources to empower and fuel the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Like any community, the members of the EquityNet platform are the most important part of a great experience. Our staff authenticates each investor that applies to safeguard our entrepreneurs from spam and unwanted solicitations. Entrepreneurs can also provide feedback to us to help maintain a high quality investor pool. Unlike many newer platforms that have cropped up in recent years, we allow only on accredited investors, verified lenders, and legitimate financial firms on the platform and do not facilitate ‘crowdfunding’ to anyone outside of that investor pool.

To learn more about how EquityNet works, please visit How EquityNet Works, EquityNet Technology, or our FAQs section.