About EquityNet

Our Approach

EquityNet provides educational tools and a virtual forum for entrepreneurs to connect with prospective investors. EquityNet does not participate in any substantive or confidential discussions with investors about companies or any transactions that might result.

Core Values

Trust Over Transactions

We build trust over transactions in our relationships. We do what’s best for our entrepreneurs and investors, instead of pushing the next hard-sell. Because the trust we earn is our most precious and enduring asset, and relationships are not built in a day or over one transaction.

Drivers Before Solutions

We care about understanding the underlying cause of a problem, not just the symptoms — even when it takes more time. We’ve been in the business long enough to know we don’t know everything. But we know how to listen from a place of curiosity and always go back to the root why? so we know we’re solving the right problem.

Be a Person of Integrity

Integrity is our most important policy. Period.

Technology and Capital are Tools

Technology and capital are amazing tools, but rarely are they the whole solution. We believe these tools free us to be more human in what we do — prioritizing the time we spend cultivating trust and empathy, being creative and curious. We never let our tools get in the way of our mission.

Measure our Success by Outcomes for the Entrepreneur

We measure our success by the real outcomes we help make happen for our entrepreneurs and investors. No other data or metrics matter more.

We’re in it Together

We never forget that we are all on this mission together — especially when things get difficult. That includes not only our Team, but the millions of entrepreneurs, partners and investors who are using business to drive positive change in the world.