investor determining her accredited status by the SEC

Angel Investing

How to Become an Accredited Investor

We’ve all heard the phrase, it takes money to make money, but to rephrase it in terms that accredited investors would understand, we must make an appendage: it takes money to make money in unregistered offerings. 

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Angel Investors

Angel Investing

What is an Angel Investor? Definition and Overview

Angel investors invest in both mature companies and start-ups alike. A recent study shows that the average business that seeks out angel investors is 6 years old. Companies seek out angels because it allows them to connect with public investors while remaining a privately-held company.

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business woman calculating pre and post money valuations for startup business

Business Funding

Pre-Money vs. Post-Money Valuations: How to Calculate Each

There is a surprisingly large number of business finance terms that are prepended with the “pre-” flag: “pre-seed”, “pre-IPO”, “pre-revenue” and, you guessed it, “pre-money valuation.”

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business women discuss common vs preferred stock

Business Funding

Common Stock vs. Preferred Stock: Understand The Differences

All corporations, whether public or private, have shares of stock. Each share carries a price, whether established by the market (investors) or approximated by the company itself (pre-money valuation), that when combined, represent 100% of the company’s equity. 

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two business partners reviewing how to find private investors

Business Funding

How to Find Private Investors For Small Business

Even if you’ve never started a company before, you’re likely aware of how expensive business ventures can be.  You hear about companies X, Y, and Z raising round after round of financing without even a semblance of profit.

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business pitch being delivered to a group of venture capitalists

Business Funding

11 Business Pitch Tips from Fundraising Experts

A business pitch will need to be a unique recipe but you should leverage these fundamental ingredients used by the masters within your fundraising pitch & deck.

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Buying Stock

Business Funding

Surprising States with the Most Venture Funding Post-Pandemic

Rural states saw massive jumps in venture capital investment from 2020 to 2022 When the Covid-19 Pandemic came to America in March 2020, analysts had dire predictions for the investing landscape.

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Crowdfunding Statistics for 2021

Since 2005, EquityNet has garnered five patents and grown into the leading business funding platform, with more than 200,000 users and $600 million in funding to date.

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