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EquityNet’s Crowd Of Investors Has Pumped $230M Into Startups So Far


EquityNet intends to be the Kickstarter of crowdfund investing.

Like Kickstarter, EquityNet has a fairly broad reach: Since its 2005 debut, EquityNet has signed up more than 20,000 investors, who have collectively invested over $230 million in entrepreneurial ventures through the platform.

EquityNet in SXSW: The New Era of Investor Relations


In 2013, the ban on general solicitation of accredited investors was lifted, causing the largest change to securities laws in decades. While everyone from startups to hedge funds will enjoy new liberties in investor marketing and outreach campaigns, it’s critical that the new rules are followed to a T, eliminating the chance for exemption rescission.

Panel speakers include veteran securities attorney Doug Ellenoff, who has actively engaged with policymakers since the beginning of Title II & III JOBS Act crowdfunding; Joy Schoffler, the founder of Leverage PR who, serving on the boards of several crowdfunding organizations, including CF50, a global industry think tank; Judd Hollas, CEO of EquityNet, a leading U.S. equity crowdfunding platform; and Judy Robinett, author and consultant to promising early-stage startups. Panelists will provide attendees communications and investor relations guidance and clear explanations of how to stay compliant in this new era of investor relations.

EquityNet Distribution Deal To Boost Exposure To Crowdfunding Opportunities


The recently announced deal between EquityNet and Dow Jones MarketWatch gives the multi-patented crowdfunding platform the industry’s largest exposure to potential investors.

The partnership, made possible through additional unions with Crowdnetic and North Capital, is a sign of crowdfunding’s growing acceptance in mainstream finance.

EquityNet Founder Judd Hollas on Blog Talk Radio

Listen to  Judd Hollas, Founder and CEO of EquityNet, discuss the equity crowdfunding space in this interview with Barry Moltz on Blog Talk Radio. Topics include:

  1. Title 2 and Title 3 of the US JOBS Act and their associated time frames.
  2. How the crowdfunding industry is changing.
  3. The need for a crowdfunding marketplace and its associated challenges.
  4. Unaccredited investors in a new investment risk class.
  5. New solutions for Title 3 Crowdfunding.
  6. Predictions for Crowdfunding in 2014.

Is a Move Overseas the Fix for Your Firm’s Bottom-Line?

You have, no doubt, noticed that many U.S. companies have moved their companies abroad and re-incorporated overseas. This happens for many of the same reasons that ships of many countries ply the seas under the Liberian flag of convenience, to enjoy anonymity, advantageous taxation rates and other financial perks. Corporations don’t usually float, but they are interested in some of the same things. Corporations also relocate to reduce labor costs or to be closer to their major markets.

EquityNet Submits Comment Letter to the SEC

Critical Comment Period Issue on SEC Title III for Crowdfunding By Joy Schoffler

As you may know, the comment period for the proposed rules for Title III crowdfunding will be up in a matter of weeks. I wanted to reach out as one of the items within crowdfunding legislation that may cause a problem for entrepreneurs looking for capital and the investors trying to sort deal flow is the prohibition against non-registered broker-dealers having the ability to do Assessments of companies.

Five Predictions for Equity Crowdfunding in 2014

Just some years ago the term “crowdfunding” was a foreign concept to many people who didn’t understand this new and alternative way to access capital. However, today the word has now become a part of the everyday business vernacular. In fact, businesses last year raised more than 5.1 billion dollars worldwide using this practice.

The Three Types of Equity Crowdfunding

crowd funding word cloud

Because most people tend to associate the term “crowdfunding” with platforms like Kickstarter and GoFundMe, many people assume that equity crowdfunding platforms (ECPs) operate just like they do. There are some similarities between those platforms and ECPs, but at the end of the day, sites like those don’t provide investors with a material return on investment.

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