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Attract Investors with a Quick Win

Sunil Rao, a member of the EquityNet GROW Team, works closely with our Entrepreneurs to help attract Investors. Investors want to know that they are investing in a management team that will make the most of their resources. If you could cut costs on employee benefits, give yourself more time in the day, and reduce the operational risks of your company, would you? We did.

By joining a Preferred Employer Organization (PEO), your company can:

  • Save 50% on health insurance costs for your employees
  • Attract Investors
  • Save time on payroll administration
  • Reduce risk with workers’ compensation administration

Why Smart Money is Pouring into Private Companies


The Wall Street Journal

“The number of U.S. public companies has fallen by one-third since 1997, yet the total market capitalization of the U.S. public market is near its historical peak.  A mix of factors has influenced this shift including The Fed’s monetary policies and a slowed economic climate. Lacking other attractive options, money still pours into public equity markets if only because that is the one place to earn a return.

The Funding Finish Line


Fundraising takes time. Just how much time depends on your approach. Traditional fundraising methods, like applying for business loans or pitching to angel groups and venture capitalists, are still very effective ways to raise capital for your business if you have access to them, but the fact is most American entrepreneurs – including those who have completed their fundraising checklist – don’t. Even if you do, these methods can take upwards of six months to close and require a lot of legwork that’s just not necessary in today’s business world.

LA and Chicago May Add More Fiber To Their Digital Diet


GoogleFiberNetworkBoxGoogle announced yesterday that Chicago and Los Angeles could be two of the next cities to receive their 1 Gbit/s Internet service. The announcement comes just one day after AT&T stated they are introducing their own gigabit-speed service, GigaPower, to the L.A. metro area. While the announcement doesn’t mean the two cities will actually get Fiber, Google will start working with local governments to see if it’s wanted and will help facilitate.

Colorado Now Has Its Own Equity Crowdfunding Platform


Nearly four months Colorado’s intrastate crowdfunding laws went into effect, the state now has its own equity crowdfunding platform exclusively for its residents. The platform, called Invest Local, was launched earlier this week and allows nearly all residents to invest up to $5,000 in private businesses within the state. Businesses can raise up to $1 million with the potential to increase that to $2 million if they submit audited financial statements.