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How to Find Private Investors For Small Business

two business partners reviewing how to find private investors

Even if you’ve never started a company before, you’re likely aware of how expensive business ventures can be. 

You hear about companies X, Y, and Z raising round after round of financing without even a semblance of profit. Who’s willing to fund these startups and small businesses to the tune of tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars without the certainty of return? 

Knowing how to find private investors for business is essential and something serial entrepreneurs innately understand. But if this is your first time considering a fundraising strategy, you’ll want to understand why private investors exist, what the various types are, and how you can find and connect with them. 

Angel Investors vs. Venture Capitalists

angel investors or venture capitalists coming to terms of investment with a handshake deal

Deciding who to approach in the fundraising process — angel investors versus venture capitalists — is quite simple when you know the differences between the two. 

First-time founders, and first-time fundraisers more specifically, often struggle with the differences between angel investors and venture capitalists. If this is you, don’t fret because we go into great detail about this very important fundraising decision. First, let’s define each type of investor.

What is an Angel Investor? 

An angel investor is a wealthy, accredited individual investor in early-stage companies. They have a personal interest and conviction in the business’s success.

5 Ways To Get Your Business In Good Fiscal Shape This Year


When was the last time you evaluated the financial health of your business?

A thorough analysis of your company’s financial statements can provide you with one of the most important indicators of its success or failure. If the latest review of your company’s financials revealed some disconcerting results, or if you are just looking for ideas to improve your company’s financial health, there are many strategies you can employ to do so. Below are five ways to help ensure your company makes it through 2015.

8 Tips For Acquiring Customers With Your Website


Since 2006, inbound marketing has been the most effective marketing method for acquiring customers online. Inbound marketing is promoting a company through blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, newsletters, whitepapers, SEO, social media marketing, and other forms of content marketing which serve to attract customers. However, winning customers through the Internet can be a daunting task. There are many details to consider, and each marketing channel’s strategy can get complicated in a hurry. The purpose of this article is to introduce top-level ideas on how to think about your inbound marketing strategy. Let’s dive in.

EquityNet Surpasses 50,000 Members & $250 Million Raised


Crowdfunding Platform Leads Industry with $250 Million Raised by Entrepreneurs

EquityNet is announcing today that its membership base of entrepreneurs, investors, and institutions has surpassed 50,000 individuals. As a result, over 400 companies have raised more than $250 million in business funding, making EquityNet one of the leading business crowdfunding platforms.

EquityNet in SXSW: The New Era of Investor Relations


In 2013, the ban on general solicitation of accredited investors was lifted, causing the largest change to securities laws in decades. While everyone from startups to hedge funds will enjoy new liberties in investor marketing and outreach campaigns, it’s critical that the new rules are followed to a T, eliminating the chance for exemption rescission.

Panel speakers include veteran securities attorney Doug Ellenoff, who has actively engaged with policymakers since the beginning of Title II & III JOBS Act crowdfunding; Joy Schoffler, the founder of Leverage PR who, serving on the boards of several crowdfunding organizations, including CF50, a global industry think tank; Judd Hollas, CEO of EquityNet, a leading U.S. equity crowdfunding platform; and Judy Robinett, author and consultant to promising early-stage startups. Panelists will provide attendees communications and investor relations guidance and clear explanations of how to stay compliant in this new era of investor relations.

EquityNet Founder Judd Hollas on Blog Talk Radio

Listen to  Judd Hollas, Founder and CEO of EquityNet, discuss the equity crowdfunding space in this interview with Barry Moltz on Blog Talk Radio. Topics include:

  1. Title 2 and Title 3 of the US JOBS Act and their associated time frames.
  2. How the crowdfunding industry is changing.
  3. The need for a crowdfunding marketplace and its associated challenges.
  4. Unaccredited investors in a new investment risk class.
  5. New solutions for Title 3 Crowdfunding.
  6. Predictions for Crowdfunding in 2014.

The Future of Title III

title 3-jobs-act

On Oct 23, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced proposed rules to allow unaccredited investors to participate in equity crowdfunding (referred to as Title III). This means that entrepreneurs will soon have a much wider pool of investors to reach out to for their funding needs. It also means that the landscape of equity crowdfunding will change radically in the year to come.

The Definitive Guide To Building An EquityNet Profile

Your EquityNet profile is the first thing that potential investors see when they log on to the site, so you want to make sure that it represents your company well and provides enough information about it to pique their interests. What follows is a brief step-by-step guide to help you complete the ten key fields of your profile. We’re using Xodis as an example, since they did such a stellar job with theirs.

EquityNet First Crowdfunding Platform To Enable Title II Of US Jobs Act


Businesses Can Now Use EquityNet to Advertise their Need for Funding

FAYETTEVILLE, AR – September 23, 2013 – EquityNet (www.equitynet.com) is announcing the launch of a new innovative equity crowdfunding platform that is the industry’s first to enable Title II of the US JOBS Act. Businesses can now use EquityNet to advertise their need for equity funding across the Internet and take advantage of the lifting of the eighty year-old ban on general solicitation by the Securities and Exchange Commission.