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EquityNet Distribution Deal To Boost Exposure To Crowdfunding Opportunities


The recently announced deal between EquityNet and Dow Jones MarketWatch gives the multi-patented crowdfunding platform the industry’s largest exposure to potential investors.

The partnership, made possible through additional unions with Crowdnetic and North Capital, is a sign of crowdfunding’s growing acceptance in mainstream finance.

Is a Move Overseas the Fix for Your Firm’s Bottom-Line?

You have, no doubt, noticed that many U.S. companies have moved their companies abroad and re-incorporated overseas. This happens for many of the same reasons that ships of many countries ply the seas under the Liberian flag of convenience, to enjoy anonymity, advantageous taxation rates and other financial perks. Corporations don’t usually float, but they are interested in some of the same things. Corporations also relocate to reduce labor costs or to be closer to their major markets.

The Entrepreneur’s Selling Secret Has Nothing To Do With Selling – Guest Post

Have you ever met an entrepreneur who didn’t have something cool that someone would buy the day it goes to market? I haven’t talked to an entrepreneur who wasn’t passionate about what they were bringing to market. When the entrepreneur evangelizes we all get a little excited.