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Apply To Pitch At SXSW V2Venture In-Person Pitch Competition


EquityNet has partnered with SXSW in the third annual SXSW V2Venture in-person pitch competition. It takes place on Wednesday, July 22 at Bellagio Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada. A live audience, as well as a panel of expert judges will discover advancements in various sectors of emerging technology. Catch a glimpse of the industry’s future with a guided tour by SXSW emcees and judges.

5 Ways To Get Your Business In Good Fiscal Shape This Year


When was the last time you evaluated the financial health of your business?

A thorough analysis of your company’s financial statements can provide you with one of the most important indicators of its success or failure. If the latest review of your company’s financials revealed some disconcerting results, or if you are just looking for ideas to improve your company’s financial health, there are many strategies you can employ to do so. Below are five ways to help ensure your company makes it through 2015.

Why States Are Launching Title III Given National SEC Delays


Over two years have passed since President Obama signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act; however, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is still working to finalize the rules that would allow average Americans to use it to its full capacity. The JOBS Act was designed to encourage funding for small businesses in the United States by easing several securities regulations, and while portions of it have aided entrepreneurs, its potential has yet to be fully realized.

EquityNet’s 2015 Crowdfunding Predictions


Last year was good for entrepreneurs involved in the business crowdfunding industry as more startups and small businesses succeeded in raising capital. The industry is gaining mainstream attention and is poised to grow exponentially within the next year as new regulations become finalized. Here are our top predictions for crowdfunding and the finance world in 2015.

Tips for Crowdfunding Your Next Project


Crowdfunding is growing in popularity, but it takes savvy investors and real estate firms to know how to use it properly. In a continuation of our earlier exclusive interview with MondayOne CEO Kenny Dewan and EquityNet CEO Judd Hollas, they reveal their tips and advice on how to crowdfund a project.

EquityNet Surpasses 50,000 Members & $250 Million Raised


Crowdfunding Platform Leads Industry with $250 Million Raised by Entrepreneurs

EquityNet is announcing today that its membership base of entrepreneurs, investors, and institutions has surpassed 50,000 individuals. As a result, over 400 companies have raised more than $250 million in business funding, making EquityNet one of the leading business crowdfunding platforms.

VCs May Be Warming to Crowdfunding


Operators of equity crowdfunding portals, who have been getting venture capital backing for the development and build-out of their platforms, have high hopes that their VC backers are warming to using portals as a new way of sourcing deals. Venture capital investors remain wary, however, about the quality of companies that raise capital through crowdfunding.

‘Average’ Texas Investors May Get New Opportunities

EquityNet was featured alongside Safe Tac Mag, an EquityNet client, on ABC. The article and video discuss Safe Tac Mag, how they’re using crowdfunding now on EquityNet, and how crowdfunding could change in Texas as new regulations will soon allow non-accredited investors to invest in private Texan companies.