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Tips for Crowdfunding Your Next Project


Crowdfunding is growing in popularity, but it takes savvy investors and real estate firms to know how to use it properly. In a continuation of our earlier exclusive interview with MondayOne CEO Kenny Dewan and EquityNet CEO Judd Hollas, they reveal their tips and advice on how to crowdfund a project.

Is a Move Overseas the Fix for Your Firm’s Bottom-Line?

You have, no doubt, noticed that many U.S. companies have moved their companies abroad and re-incorporated overseas. This happens for many of the same reasons that ships of many countries ply the seas under the Liberian flag of convenience, to enjoy anonymity, advantageous taxation rates and other financial perks. Corporations don’t usually float, but they are interested in some of the same things. Corporations also relocate to reduce labor costs or to be closer to their major markets.

The Entrepreneur’s Selling Secret Has Nothing To Do With Selling – Guest Post

Have you ever met an entrepreneur who didn’t have something cool that someone would buy the day it goes to market? I haven’t talked to an entrepreneur who wasn’t passionate about what they were bringing to market. When the entrepreneur evangelizes we all get a little excited.

Free Research Report on Pandora

EquityNet (www.equitynet.com) has released a new free research report on Pandora Media, Inc. (NYSE: P) that includes 5-year projections, a valuation analysis, a comparison to other media companies, and a complete overview of the company. The full research report on Pandora can be accessed for free at the link below:

Free Research Report on Pandora

To view more free reports for 1,000+ young growth companies seeking investment:




First Page of EquityNet Research Report on Pandora:


To view more free reports for 1,000+ young growth companies seeking investment:


EquityNet Featured by Bloomberg Businessweek

Below is an article by Bloomberg Businessweek entitled “Where to Find Funding for Your New Business”.

Where to Find Funding for Your New Business By: Karen E. Klein, Bloomberg Businessweek May 06, 2013

Question: What’s the best source of funding for a new business?

Answer: Bootstrapping, tapping personal savings, and asking friends and family for funding are still the top ways small businesses get started. Once you have some business assets, even such intangibles as a business plan, a patent application, or promising market research, you will be in a position to seek capital from outside investors.  

EquityNet Featured by Upstart Business Journal


Below is an article by Upstart Business Journal entitled “Crowdfunding takes the rug out from under VCs, angels”.

Crowdfunding takes the rug out from under VCs, angels By: Kent Bernhard Jr., Upstart Business Journal Money & Finance Editor May 2, 2013

Some have said equity crowdfunding could put pressure on the venture capital industry. But data compiled by crowdfunder EquityNet suggests it will open whole different categories of upstarts for funding instead.

Radio Interview on Crowdfunding, VCs, Angels


EquityNet Founder & CEO Judd Hollas was recently interviewed by Thinking Bigger Business Media’s Kelly Scanlon.

Thinking Bigger Business Media, Inc. are publishers of Thinking Bigger Business magazine, the Thinking Bigger Guides for Entrepreneurs, Smart Companies to Watch, Smart Companies radio, and other live events. Listen to Smart Company Radio to get the inside scope on how America’s most successful business owners transformed their entrepreneurial vision into reality. And, listen in as some of the top business minds in the country serve up practical advice, tips, and insights for growing your business.

Here is the interview:

New Entrepreneur Capabilities – Business Profile

New EquityNet Entrepreneur Profile

Entrepreneurs now have access to a brand new business profile in their EquityNet account. The business profile will serve as the first place investors go when they view an entrepreneur’s business information in EquityNet. The new profile includes a section for:

  • Business Overview
  • Products / Services
  • Markets
  • Management
  • Funding
  • Media (Video & Images)
  • External Links
  • Contact Information