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EquityNet Featured by Worth Magazine

By | September 4, 2012

Crowdfunding - Worth Magazine Cover - EquityNet

Below is an article by Worth Magazine entitled “The Top 10 Crowdfunding Sites – Where to Search for Under-the-Radar Investments”. The article lists EquityNet as one of the top 10 crowdfunding sites.

The Top 10 Crowdfunding Sites – Where to Search for Under-the-Radar Investments By: Elizabeth Harris, Worth Magazine Writer August – September, 2012

The technique of using the Internet to fundraise from large numbers of small donors raised $1.47 billion world-wide in 2011, up from $854 million the year before, according to crowdfunding consulting firm Massolution. And now President Obama’s Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act will allow individuals – even if they’re not accredited investors or have a net worth below $1 million – to invest in privately help companies. As a result, crowdfunding sites are springing up in preparation for January 2013, when new SEC regulations governing the JOBS Act will be in place – which means that investors hunting for the next Instagram will soon be able to scan thousands of proposals online. Ten of the top crowdfunding sites to watch are listed below…


EquityNet boasts more than 12,000 investors with over $105 million in funds raised. Started in 2005, it launched its funding portal for angel investing in 2007 and has since raised money for all sectors, including both tech firms and lifestyle businesses. The Fayetteville, Ark., company has a patent for its platform and plans to offer crowdfunding to the masses come 2013.

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