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EquityNet Receives 5-Star Crowdfunding Rating

By | August 22, 2012

EquityNet recently received a perfect 5-star rating by Crowdfunding Website Reviews (read complete review). The independent review rated EquityNet as the number one crowdfunding support service website.

EquityNet was subsequently recognized by Forbes (read article), Entrepreneur Magazine, Bloomberg, Worth Magazine, CNET, and other journals as the inventor and pioneer of equity crowdfunding and one of the best companies poised to take advantage of the new market for crowdfunding.

Below is the independent review of EquityNet by Crowdfunding Website Reviews ( The review ranked EquityNet a perfect 5 stars in all categories. The review lists EquityNet as the number one crowdfunding support service website. EquityNet (#1) was ranked above both Dun and Bradstreet (#2) and Equifax (#3) – both publicly traded companies.

The article was then picked up by Bloomberg Business Exchange, a division of Bloomberg business week.

EquityNet – The Best Crowdfunding Support Service Website By: Crowdfunding Website Reviews June 1, 2012

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Finally, the business funding network, may just be one of the fastest ways of communication between investors and small business owners. No matter which role you play, gives you full insight into the interest of each one, with full profiles that give you a heads up as to what an investor is looking for. You can then share your plan, or communicate your interests at your free will to help you find the funding that you need.

EquityNet is a premier service for your Equity Crowdfunding needs. If your serious about getting funded by the crowd, this is support service to check out.

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