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New EquityNet Messaging System

By | December 3, 2012

New EquityNet Messaging System

Entrepreneurs and investors can now send and receive messages through EquityNet.

The new messaging system enables entrepreneurs to:

• Message thousands of investors and supporters in EquityNet • Send messages before or after you share your plan • Control whether or not you receive an email notice of new messages • Manage your history with each investor with specific history pages

The new messaging system enables investors to:

• Message over 1,000 businesses in EquityNet for free • Control if entrepreneurs receive their contact information • Control whether or not they receive an email notice of new messages • Manage their history with each entrepreneur with business specific history pages as shown below:

New EquityNet Messaging System (History)

We are just getting warmed up and look forward to sharing more news as we continue to improve our user experience. To see the new messaging system for yourself, log in to your account, register a free entrepreneur account or register a free investor account.

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