Buying Stock

Angel Investing

How to Buy Stock Directly

If you’re in the market to invest in stocks you might be weighing the options of buying stock with a stockbroker, through a brokerage account, or purchasing directly from a company itself.

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Blank Check Company Meeting

Business Funding

Blank Check Company (SPAC): Definition & Purpose

Blank check companies, or special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs), have been on the rise over the past 15 months as an alternative to taking a company public. So what are they and what’s all the fuss about?

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How to Invest in Pre-IPOs & How They Work

“Getting in on the ground floor” is the dream of just about every investor who has heard of the fortunes amassed by early investors in Apple and Amazon. Because of that, the average retail investor shows a keen interest in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).

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Business Planning

What is a Tender Offer? Definition & How They Work

A tender offer is a bid to purchase a shareholder’s stock in a company, with the buyer's objective being to obtain either some or all of the outstanding shares for a specified price within a specified time period.

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World Tree Team on sustainable farm


World Tree: Disrupting the Foresting Industry [Featured Startup]

World Tree is hosting a Regulation D offering on EquityNet now through November 30. Accredited investors can create a profile and explore investments in World Tree and other firms making an impact in today’s world on

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investor contemplates the best sectors to invest

Angel Investing

Top 10 Best Sectors to Invest in 2021 [Investor Data]

Using activity data from more than 4 million interactions on our platform, we’ve identified the top 10 industries investors are considering for their next investment in 2021 and beyond.

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entrepreneur and investor analyze qualified small business stock and the section 1202 exclusion

Business Funding

Qualified Small Business Stock (QSBS) Section 1202 Exclusion

Qualified small business stock is an internal revenue code exclusion that provides between 50-100% tax exemption for long-term investors and other shareholders.

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investor calculates cost of equity

Angel Investing

Cost of Equity Formula Using DDM, CAPM, and Private Companies

From a company’s perspective, there are two methods for raising capital: debt and equity. Debt is usually less expensive than equity because the debtholder’s returns are fixed and finite.

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