investor calculates cost of equity

Angel Investing

Cost of Equity Formula Using DDM, CAPM, and Private Companies

From a company’s perspective, there are two methods for raising capital: debt and equity. Debt is usually less expensive than equity because the debtholder’s returns are fixed and finite.

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investors discuss business valuation multiples


Business Valuation Multiples by Industry [Data Study]

Today’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is experimental. It’s experimental because 500,000 companies are started every year with a hypothesis for solving a problem and, in that same year, an equal number of businesses fail. 

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female investor considers high-risk investments on mobile brokerage

Angel Investing

High-Risk Investments: Types of Risk, Reward Ratio, and Examples

Warren Buffett, the most famous and possibly most risk-averse investor of all time, has distilled his principles for investing down to two rules: Don’t lose money.Don’t

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investor and entrepreneur negotiate liquidation preference

Angel Investing

What is Liquidation Preference and Who Benefits Most?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, or even an employee with some stock options in a startup, the importance of understanding liquidation preference cannot be overstated. 

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Woman considers using ROBS program to rollover her 401(k) into a business startup

Business Funding

A Guide to Rollovers as Business Startups (ROBS)

If you’re looking for startup or operating capital for a business, you might exhaust all debt and equity financing options before discovering that Rollovers as Business Startups (ROBS) could have been a great option from the start. 

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founders discuss debt vs equity when deciding how to raise startup funding

Business Planning

Debt vs Equity Financing: Which is Right For Your Business?

Founders and operators face many difficult and important decisions in their line of work; and where to source financing for operations and growth is one of the most important.

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investor researches alternative investments

Angel Investing

What are Alternative Investments and Why Consider Them?

There’s an old saying that “no one ever got fired for buying IBM.” Equivalent job security in the financial advisory industry has been built on the consistent recommendation for a portfolio allocated between stocks and bonds. 

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venture capitalist analyzing investment trends

Angel Investing

Venture Capital Trends For a Well-Funded Future

What are the latest venture capital trends? Learn what emerging technologies and common threads show up in the early-stage portfolios of the top venture firms.

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