business women discuss common vs preferred stock

Business Funding

Common Stock vs. Preferred Stock: Understand The Differences

All corporations, whether public or private, have shares of stock. Each share carries a price, whether established by the market (investors) or approximated by the company itself (pre-money valuation), that when combined, represent 100% of the company’s equity. 

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entrepreneur reviewing term sheet with counsel

Business Funding

Term Sheet Guide: Important Terms, Clauses, and Closing Deals

The term sheet is a vital document that entrepreneurs face on rare occasions but venture capitalists see regularly. Learn the terms and clauses to be prepared.

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business pitch being delivered to a group of venture capitalists

Business Funding

11 Business Pitch Tips from Fundraising Experts

A business pitch will need to be a unique recipe but you should leverage these fundamental ingredients used by the masters within your fundraising pitch & deck.

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business woman calculating pre and post money valuations for startup business

Business Funding

Pre-Money vs. Post-Money Valuations: How to Calculate Each

There is a surprisingly large number of business finance terms that are prepended with the “pre-” flag: “pre-seed”, “pre-IPO”, “pre-revenue” and, you guessed it, “pre-money valuation.”

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founders discuss debt vs equity when deciding how to raise startup funding

Business Planning

Debt vs Equity Financing: Which is Right For Your Business?

Founders and operators face many difficult and important decisions in their line of work; and where to source financing for operations and growth is one of the most important.

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investor researches alternative investments

Angel Investing

What are Alternative Investments and Why Consider Them?

There’s an old saying that “no one ever got fired for buying IBM.” Equivalent job security in the financial advisory industry has been built on the consistent recommendation for a portfolio allocated between stocks and bonds. 

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venture capitalist analyzing investment trends

Angel Investing

Venture Capital Trends For a Well-Funded Future

What are the latest venture capital trends? Learn what emerging technologies and common threads show up in the early-stage portfolios of the top venture firms.

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Startup Funding Rounds: Series A, B, C and Beyond

Venture-backed startups make headlines, but they’re far from the norm. For the average startup, funding rounds are generally limited in frequency and conservative in the amount raised. 

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