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By | July 15, 2011


Capital Formation Institute

The Capital Formation Institute is an international research and educational entity in the fields of early stage capital financing and enterprise creation and growth. It sponsors and conducts leading edge research projects by recruiting researchers, soliciting program and project funding support from both public and private sources, and by organizing and conducting educational conferences, seminars, and workshops in the U.S. and worldwide.

Small Business Development Centers

SBDCs provide management assistance to current and prospective small business owners. They offer one-stop assistance to individuals and small businesses by providing a wide variety of information and guidance in central and easily accessible branch locations.

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor

GEM is the world’s largest and longest-standing study of entrepreneurial activity. GEM conducts research in 34 countries around the world. The results of GEM data analysis are used as key benchmarking indicators by regional, national and supranational authorities around the world.

Angel Capital Association

ACA is North America’s professional alliance of angel groups, bringing together 200 angel organizations in the United States and Canada to share best practices, network, and help develop data about the field of angel investing.

National Association of Seed & Venture Funds

NASVF is an organization of private, public and nonprofit organizations committed to building their local economies by investing and facilitating investment in local entrepreneurs. Research projects provide members with a national survey of risk capital resources, a library of reports on state capital programs and strategies, and an analysis of best practices.

National Venture Capital Association

NVCA is a trade association that represents the venture capital industry. It is a member-based organization, representing over 400 venture capital firms and organizations who manage pools of risk equity capital designated to be invested in young, emerging companies.

Venture Blog

Venture Blog is the most popular Internet blogging site related to enterprise formation, growth, and funding. provides diverse information for assistance with enterprise development, including: business opportunities, business schools, business to business marketing, starting a business, business grants, and business software. is the Internet’s only business-focused search engine and directory. The directory contains more than 400,000 listings within 65,000 industry, product and service subcategories.

All Business helps entrepreneurs, small and growing businesses, consultants and business professionals address real-world business questions and present practical solutions. It offers resources including how-to articles, business forms, contracts and agreements, expert advice, blogs, business news, business directory listings, product comparisons, business guides, and a small business association.

Moody’s is a leading independent provider of economic, financial, country, and industry research. Its research has many dimensions: country analysis, financial markets, industrial markets, and regional markets. Its information and services are used in a variety of ways, including: strategic planning, product and sales forecasting, risk and sensitivity management, and as investment research.

Market Research is the world’s largest and continuously updated collection of market research. It offers more than 110,000 market research reports from over 550 leading global publishers. Its Research Specialists have in-depth knowledge of the publishers and the various types of reports in their respective industries.

Startup Journal

From The Wall Street Journal, the Startup Journal lists current stories and offers resources for entrepreneurs to research the market, secure financing, open a shop, hire employees, and run the enterprise.

Business Plan Archive

Business Plan Archive collects and preserves business plans and related planning documents from the Dot Com era. It features over 3,400 historical business plans and related documents.

Financial Accounting Standards Board

The Financial Accounting Standards Board establishes and improves standards of financial accounting and reporting for the guidance and education of the public, including issuers, auditors, and users of financial information.

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

The USPTO offers a comprehensive set of services that assist with patent and trademark searches, provide information on the application process, and offer links to various related sites.

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