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Tyga Technologies is cutting waste by revolutionizing the way items are tracked

How Tyga Tech works (video)

“We founded our company, TygaBox Systems, Inc., in 1991 out of our caring for the environment.  Our main product, the TygaBox System, is a reusable plastic box & dolly system used in office moving throughout the USA.  Replacing corrugated boxes, it reduces the cost of moving by 30% and entirely eliminates waste-to-landfill. The 30% cost reduction is due to Tyga-Boxes stacking 5 high vs. cardboard only 3 high, resulting in fewer stacks, elevator trips and truckloads required to do a move job.

Our growth strategy is to launch and grow TygaTrax, an electronic item tracking system that is based in our patented and patent pending RFID tags, readers and software. TygaTrax is hands-free | scan-free |mobile tracking and security for any item | anytime | anywhere.  Like Tyga-Box, it provides economic benefit to users while simultaneously generating sustainable outcomes for the planet.

Recently deployed in a showcase relocation project for Merrill Lynch, TygaTrax provided 24/7 electronic tracking/security for several thousand RFID tagged Tyga-Boxes being moved throughout 5 buildings over a 3-week period. It delivered perfect results – zero loss! Tyga-Trax is now being deployed on other large corporate relocations.

Whereas Tyga-Box eliminates waste, TygaTrax eliminates time wasted looking for “stuff”— in both the corporate world and personal life. TygaTrax addresses the $600B annual cost to business resulting from loss of corporate assets and related employee downtime (according to published research). On a personal level, it reduces the amount of time people spend searching for their “stuff” which, according to studies, ranges from 10-55 minutes per day.

We greatly appreciate the caring and committed people at EquityNet. They don’t’ just talk about their vision to connect innovators with capital; they DO IT! They have not only connected us to sources of equity and debt financing, but have introduced us to potential technology partners and business opportunities.  We view them as a valued partner in development.”

-Nadine, CEO

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