3D Nano Batteries CLT Corp.

West Palm Beach, FL 33411, US

3D Nano Batteries CLT Corp is a ground-breaking research and development company, commercializing next-generation battery products for distribution in Cell phones, Laptops and Tablets…(CLT’s) in collaboration with the 5G revolution that is upon us!

Our licensed and patented 3D NanoSponge™ Anode material will allow for a full battery cell to possess up to 100% increase in energy density vs traditional graphite anodes and up to 40% increase vs the state-of-the-art silicon-carbon based anode technology, allowing for lighter-weight, and smaller-size batteries, that hold a charge for 2-3 times as long! Frustrated looking for a place to "plug in," making you and your mobile device immobile? Well those days may soon be over.

This will be a true “game-changer” for mobile and consumer electronic products that depend on high energy capacity and extended battery use. Especially in-light of the blazing fast speeds of the 5G network that will enable new “power hungry” apps and services like artificial intelligence, virtual reality and remote control of virtually everything in our lives through the Internet of Things (IoT) operated and controlled by our hand-held battery dependent devices! So why not power your life with the world’s most advanced battery materials™? 3DNB CLT Corp with its “NanoSponge™” technology wants to be the “power source” of this collaborative wave of disruptive technology across new devices, apps and services worldwide!

Over the next 3-5 years every mobile phone on the planet will have to be replaced to accommodate the faster and more powerful 5G network that enables instant downloads of full length movies and streaming data applications that consumers love. This means newer and more powerful batteries!

Our licensing business model gives investors the opportunity to own the first of many potential subsidiaries with an initial $2M investment for a 5% equity stake to launch 3DNB CLT Corp. We also offer our investors an "early exit" strategy through an Initial Public Offering as a pre-revenue R&D technology company as we work to execute our full-scale commercial growth and revenue generating business plan. Happy electrons are power electrons and make for happy investors! So Welcome aboard.

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3D Nano Battery NanoSponge™ Electrode

3DNB CLT Corp as an innovative battery-material component company, has developed an advanced ready-to-go spooled copper foil anode product with remarkable lithium absorption capabilities that requires little to no processing changes for existing battery manufacturers. Our mission is to be the manufacturer’s choice™ to fast-path commercialization of the first-of-its-kind Rechargeable Lithium Metal Battery ("RLMB") technology which is far superior to the current industry standard of Rechargeable Li-ion batteries (RLIB) in terms of energy capacity. Our 3D NanoSponge™ Anode material is the breakthrough the battery industry has researched and longed after for nearly 30 years! Our product will absorb and safely hold lithium metal, preventing the dangerous dendrite growth that causes catastrophic fires, and powers your mobile devices with the higher energy density of lithium metal. NanoSponge™ simply replaces the carbon (graphite) anodes currently used in RLIBs and upgrades them to RLMBs.


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Chief Executive Officer
Samuel R. Hashim

Samuel R. HashimWith our strong equity partnership with our CNT manufacturer, CSS Nanotech (CSSN), and our strategic relationship with Polaris Battery Labs and Kodak, 3DNB CLT Corp. has effectively brought together the best and the brightest in experienced professionals from the fields of materials science, nanotechnology and chemical, electrical and manufacturing engineering to pioneer this next great wave of battery innovation and true nanoscale commercialization of 3 dimensional carbon nanotube products with our licensed and patented NanoSponge™ material across various global industries.

This formidable team put together by our CEO, Samuel R. Hashim, is led by 3DNB Chief Science Officer (CSO) Dr. Daniel P. Hashim, who is the inventor of the 3D NanoSponge™ and the Founder and CEO of CSSN. Dr. Hashim and his nanotech engineering team has led the way in the synthesis, modification and manufacturing of CNT nanomaterials that have proven scalable for commercial use through proprietary manufacturing


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