Adams Arms

Odessa, FL 33556, US
Consumer Products

Adams Arms is a leading recreational firearms manufacturer and is looking to raise $2.5mm in preferred equity to support working capital, driven by growing order volumes.

Adams Arms is a leading manufacturer of AR-15 style rifles and components. Founded in 2007, we deliver “Precision Technology for the Modern Warrior.” Adams Arms develops and manufactures rifles and parts and pistol components under the Adams Arms and Voodoo brands. Our rifles are highly regarded by military, law enforcement, and competitive shooters for quality because they offer excellent accuracy and reliability due to our proprietary gas piston system. We sell our products to civilian gun enthusiasts, military, and law enforcement through diversified distribution channels, including direct via our website and telephone sales and indirect through retailers, preferred dealers, and original equipment manufacturers.

We are raising up to $2.5mm in Series A preferred equity to fund our growing order volumes. The Series A units will be at the top of the cap table and have a 5.0x preference, with other investor friendly features.

Littlebanc Advisors ( is the sponsor for the deal and Wilmington Capital Securities ( is the broker dealer.

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12 years, 11 months 62 Recreational Goods, Other

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- Piston technology leads to more time between oiling
- New P-Series product line addresses range of price points and experience levels

AR-15/M-16 Parts

- The company sells a variety of parts under the VooDoo brand that can be used to upgrade a customer's existing rifle
- Advanced proprietary coating for performance and durability
- Popular parts include integral carriers, performance barrels, and lower parts

Conversion Kits

- Retrofit kit converts direct impingement rifles to piston driven
- Frequently purchased by military and law enforcement agencies
- The benefits include self-cleaning, reducing recoil (improving accuracy), and preventing failure due to carbon buildup

Pistol Slides / Barrels

- Adams' first entry into the larger, less-cyclical handgun market
- Popular with enthusiasts and competitive shooters
- The benefits include reducing felt recoil, improving serrations, matching grade threaded barrels, and high mount sights


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Chief Executive Officer
Paul Miller

Mr. Miller joined the company on March 1, 2017 and serves as interim CEO and Chairman of the Board. Mr. Miller brings significant firearms industry experience as the former Chairman of Freedom Group (now known as Remington Outdoor) as well as serving as Chairman of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation (a not-for-profit foundation supporting hunting, fishing and recreational shooting legislation). In addition to his role with Freedom Group, Mr. Miller served as COO of YP Advertising Solutions (a.k.a. “Yellow Pages”), served as CEO of Maxim magazine, and has held other various high-level management positions.

Vice President
James Granger

Mr. Granger joined Adams Arms with a diverse background from the automotive and motorcycle industries. Mr. Granger played key roles in the day-to-day operations of BMW Motorcycles of Fort Myers and Reeves BMW in Tampa, and then took over service and parts management and internet sales for Carlisle Motorcars in Clearwater, Florida prior to joining Adams Arms as Sales and Marketing Director and leveraging his networking and deal brokering skills. Mr. Granger’s industry knowledge and contacts on the military, commercial, and manufacturing front have enabled him to drive the Adams Arms’ brand and market position successfully.

Vice President Operations
Hernando Bermudez

Mr. Bermudez joined the company in December 2016 as the Director of Operations. He is highly respected in the industry and has expertise in supply chain management and lean manufacturing. Previously, Mr. Bermudez was Director of Operations Supply Chain at Taurus Holdings, Inc., a firearms manufacturer in South Florida.

Director Sales
Bryan Froning

Mr. Froning joined Adams Arms as Director of Sales in 2011. In his role as Director of Sales, Mr. Froning oversees the company’s national sales efforts and marketing campaigns. Previously, Mr. Froning worked as a Field Director for Securian Financial Group. Prior to that, Mr. Froning was a Crew Chief in the U.S. Air Force.

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Venture Capital Fund
Littlebanc Advisors

Littlebanc is a bespoke private equity firm, sourcing and structuring our own investments. We do not use institutional capital. We were originally conceived to deploy the personal capital of the founding member, Michael Margolies, and a select group of limited partners. This allows us more flexibility in our approach.

Our limited partners are predominately seasoned finance professionals. They are owners and operators of some of the larger hedge funds and PE funds. Collectively, we are investing our own personal money (we have real "skin in the game").

Our limited partners find our model attractive for the following reasons:
- Each deal is a separate investment.
- Our principals lead every deal with their own capital.
- Limited partners can pick and choose which investments they want to invest in.
- Limited partners can "size" their capital any way they like.
- In the past, our limited partners have added significant value by virtu...



Funding Goal$2,500,000

Funding Raised So Far$0

Funding Commitments$2,400,000

Funding Remaining$100,000

Funding TypeEquity

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