Adartis Animal Health

Chantilly, VA 20152, US

UPDATED: Adartis Animal Health is a US registered Bio-Pharmaceutical firm focused on the licensing, registration, and marketing of veterinary products and Innovations. Adartis Animal Health uses their relationships into various incubators and networks to target the best available biotech innovations in Scandinavia to bring to the North American Veterinary market. We do this without disrupting equity or ownership in the product technology. Adartis has a comprehensive team of veterinarians, specialists, and veterinary professionals focused on the sales and marketing of these innovative technologies exclusively through veterinary practices.

Our flagship product Kalvatin is a patented enzyme technology. Adartis uses the patented enzyme Penzyme® (cold-adapted trypsin) derived from deep-sea cod. The enzyme has unique features that make it super-active at about 37°C, which results in it being superior to break down disease-related proteins, counter infections caused by viruses and bacteria, reduce plaque/tartar and promote healing processes.

We would be interested in entertaining debt financing, convertible debt or an equity position. We currently have a productline branded, labeled, and in market with an excellent pipeline of products in development. We are past the start up phase, but are simply looking to accelerate growth. Please contact me directly if interested in being a part of this fast moving opportunity:

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Veterinary Biological Technology - Enzyme

Along with our European partner we have developed an enzyme that is proven to cleave a wide variety of proteins in necrotic cell material, and further has the ability to aid in wound healing. This cold-adapted protease becomes super active when in contact with normal body temperature. The enzyme counteracts infection, dampens inflammation, breaks down the biofilm causing plaque/tartar, and stimulates the healing process. Our partner has sold roughly 3.5M doses in human applications throughout Scandinavia last year alone. We have launched a dental and dermal product with great reception from the industry. Out of over 100 applications (including major pharmas), we were selected as one of 12 to be featured in the new product showcase at the AVMA, NAVC and Western Veterinary Conference. The feedback from veterinary specialists in surgery, dermatology, dentistry, internal medicine, and critical care has been extremely positive.

Please see out product at


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Chief Executive Officer
Erik Rexo

Erik RexoErik is an accomplished corporate and marketing strategy consultant with well over a decade in ”Big Four” and boutique consulting experience for some of the top global Fortune 100 clients across various commercial industries including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and industrial manufacturing. Erik most recently worked for a marketing strategy firm and led efforts to stand up a Biologicals business for a major industrial conglomerate. Erik continues to serve as a veterinary practice advisor to many large veterinary practices and emergency centers.

MBA - Strategy: Kenan-Flagler Business School – UNC Chapel Hill
BS/BA - Economics and Business Info Systems: University of Maryland, College Park
Certifications: Six Sigma, PMP

Chief Operating Officer
Robert Rexo

Robert RexoRobert spent the majority of his career as a Vice President of Business development for firms ranging from Commercial Printing to Manufacturing Automation. He has strong interpersonal skills combined with extensive business development experience and a solid business acumen. Robert is an entrepreneur that owns an international trading firm that deals in global commodities and energy.

BS Business Administration: Rochester Institute of Technology

Chief Physician/Medical Officer
Dr. Alissa Paquette

Dr. Alissa PaquetteAs a Senior Associate, Dr. Paquette generates $700k in veterinary sales annually and manages a client list of over 17,000 patients. Her veterinary interests include emergency medicine, dermatology, and holistic medicine. She has been working as a veterinarian for ten years and has managed multiple veterinary drug trials for pain management, dentistry, and dermatology.

DVM - Veterinary Medicine: Atlantic Veterinary college
BS - Biology: Wheaton College
Certifications: IVAS

Executive Vice President Research & Development
Mats Clarsund

Mats ClarsundOver ten years of senior management positions within research and business development in a biotech company. More than 20 years of experience in a research environment having specialist knowledge on enzymes, antibodies, assays, protein engineering and early drug discovery and development.



Funding Goal$1,700,000

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Funding Remaining$1,700,000

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