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America's Trains Inc.


Funding Goal $750,000
Funding Raised So Far $0
Funding Commitments $50,000
Funding Remaining $700,000
Funding Type Preferred Equity
Pre-Money Valuation
Investor Ownership
Interest / Dividend
Previous Funding

Company Overview

America's Trains ("ATs") provides Journey by Rail train vacations throughout the USA and into Canada on its luxurious private rail cars, with en-route layovers where passengers live on cars while enjoying nearby activities.

ATs is filling an essential U.S. vacation segment void, with excess demand, lots of traction, unmatched management, key business collaborations, and no meaningful competition.

Sales are under way. Optimal occupancy is affirmed by qualified direct consumer inquiries, advance reservation deposits, travel agent requests to sell Journeys, and a surplus worldwide market.

Cars are mechanically rebuilt by ATs to exceed Amtrak specifications. Remodeled Car interiors include deluxe bedrooms, lounges, dining and other common areas with elegant facilities and desirable amenities equal to the world's finest passenger train cars.

Before Covid 19 caused a curtailment of operations, mechanical rebuilding of the 1st car was completed and it was Amtrak certified. Services have now been rescheduled to start in 2024 on a growing number of routes. Alternative and additional cars are being acquired and improved to provide optimum passenger gratification.

Up to 29 luxurious rebuilt passenger Cars with up to 130 bedrooms will be in service within several years. Additional private and activity Cars will be introduced. Self sufficient Cars may travel alone or a mix of sleeping, dining and lounge Cars travel together as part of Amtrak trains, or with an exclusive engine, on varying routes.

Unique business benefits provide minimized operating expenses, lucrative pricing, optimum sales, accelerating revenue and enviable (affirmable) earnings. Positive cash flow is imminent.
Funds are for the acquisition and improvement of more rail Cars to meet growing demand.

This offering is for Class B shares with the same plus preferred rights over original Class A stock including earlier receipt of dividends and invested amounts are secured by collateralizd rail cars.

Based on positive business development, market forces, discounted free cash flow, operating capabilities, growth prospects and related net income, A reasonable $3,000,000 ATs valuation is reduced to $1,100,000 for funding purposes.

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Business Summary

Company Age
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Journey by Rail Luxury Train Vacations

Luxurious train cars have deluxe bedrooms, elegant lounges, fine dining and superb amenities, with impeccable passenger service.

Unique, luxurious, all-inclusive (everything is included) five to 11 day Journey by Rail vacation products include two of the fastest growing leisure travel segments, (1) individual (single) luxury Journeys and (2) Train’Shares™ (timeshares) that provide rights to frequent Journeys for Train'Share owners/buyers.

The number of Journeys by Rail sold as individual Journeys or as Train'Shares is easily adjusted to emphasize one or the other based on evolving sales metrics/performance and related profitability. The sale of only/either one of these primary products would generate desirable earnings.

Additional products can include shared ownership (fractional interests) and related use of Journeys on individual self sufficient Cars, special events on regular and specific activity cars, off-car Tracks to Adventure or other tours, and branded gift items.


Barry Jones
Chief Executive Officer
Barry J......

Barry J...... - 40+ years of leisure industry leadership, operating, development, sales and management experience, including ownership of the then largest retail travel agency group in North America, air services, smaller cruise ships, major resorts, timesharing and transportation services.

Barry oversees a combination of travel, hospitality, railroad and sales experts that did and/or will manage the growth of ATs; they are described below.

Some pre Covid-19 personnel found other jobs when Amtrak and subsequently ATs curtailed services due to the pandemic; however, some quietly remained involved in ATs' business while working elsewhere, waiting to return to ATs.

Present management is an effective mix of employees, already selected persons who will rejoin or join ATs full time as needed, and dedicated managers at collaborating companies. Additional personnel are available as needed to ensure current and continuing growth.

Contact Barry @ 817 696-1507,

General Operations
Mark B......

40+ years of railroad and passenger rail car ownership, passenger services, repairs, maintenance and operations, specializing in train car parts supply and distribution,.

General Development
Managers o......

A leading rail car rebuild and servicing shop with years o...... experience providing car improvements, repairs and maintenance. ATs' first car was acquired from a shareholder o...... and repair work was completed at , overseen by ATs management.

Vice President Operations
Selected, w......

Vice President TRAIN OPERATIONS - Selected, still working elsewhere while participating in ATs' development but w...... join ATs soon bed on business growth - 25+ years of rail industry experience including train operations, overseeing maintenance and repairs, familiarity with Amtrak services, U.S. route knowledge, train safety, and onboard psenger service. Capabilities and responsibilities include Car mechanical repairs and maintenance, rebuilding and improvement input, inspections, licensing, regulation compliance, parts inventory, training and supervision of related personnel.

Vice President Operations
Selected, w......

Vice President PASSENGER SERVICES - Selected, still working elsewhere while participating in ATs' development but w...... join ATs soon bed on business growth - Experience includes paramedic/firefighter, chef, restaurant owner, retailing management, boutique hotel management, resort management, travel concierge service, travel tour services, and guest hospitality specialist. Capabilities and responsibilities include menus, provisioning, food and verage services, housekeeping, Car interior care, on-board activities, psenger satisfaction, training and supervision of on board crew,

Vice President Sales & Marketing
Selected, w......

Required sales for the first couple of years are already sured.
Vice President SALES AND MARKETING - Selected, still working elsewhere while participating in ATs' development but w...... join ATs soon bed on ATs' growth - 30+ years of pertinent national direct selling and sales management experience including leisure industry promotion, travel and share marketing, targeted lead generation, selling materials and sales documents. Capabilities and responsibilities include Journey, Train'Share and other product advertising, promotion, lead generation, public relations, sales, sales person employment and training, and development of related domestic and international marketing and sales capabilities.

General Sales & Marketing
Managers o......

the worlds lrgest vction/resort exchnge compny, with over 4,000 properties nd 3,000,000 members, provides mrketing nd sles mngement support, Trin'Shre sle led genertion, nd distribution o...... individul Journey by Ril vctions.

General Sales & Marketing
Managers, t......

Managers/owners of leading domestic and foreign t...... agencies and t...... tour operators sell Journeys by Rail to their existing clients and new train vacation enthusiasts.

General Strategic Planning
John S......

35+ years in the railroad industry including participating in ATs' concept development. Experience includes passenger train car broker, car maintenance, interior designs, off rail movement of train cars, related business planning, USA and foreign consulting, and pertinent infrastructure development.

General Operations
Additional M......

Highly qualified managers will join ATs as needed to ensure effective continuing operations as growth occurs. This includes already selected and additional management personnel. In the meantime, present managers are able to adequately perform necessary responsibilities.


Funding Goal $750,000
Funding Raised So Far $0
Funding Commitments $50,000
Funding Remaining $700,000
Funding Type Preferred Equity
Pre-Money Valuation
Investor Ownership
Interest / Dividend
Previous Funding



America's Trains Inc.

Huntsville, TX 77340, US

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