Applied Cleantech

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Imagine discovering gold in wastewater…
Applied CleanTech (ACT) creates a market of $200 Billion a year (more than Google's market), by converting sewage into an economic asset with $7 annual yield per capita (more than Facebook).
Our products yield more than 50% revenues in an almost unlimited market.
Our technology was tested and approved by the premier experts in the field - the Dutch government (see movie in the external links).

After successful establishment of our activity we offer you the opportunity to join us and become a part of the success.

Now you can invest in the only known company that developed and implemented a proven technology that mines cellulose from wastewater (WW), an endless untapped source of cellulose, transforming it into profits.

ACT’s patented technology automatically recycles cellulose from WW in commercial facilities, thus reducing sludge by up to 50%. The unique Sewage Recycling System (SRS) mines the cellulose from WW, recycling and processing it into a clean, pasteurized, environmentally-friendly product called Recyllose™ (recycled cellulose).
This Recyllose™ provides ACT with an additional high-margin and recurring revenue source as it is a valuable commodity perfect for various industries. Recyllose™ is used in plastics, insulation, pulp & paper, construction, bio-fuels production, and more, and directly meets the tightening global standards for WW treatment & sludge disposal.

In addition to the revenues from the Recyllose™, the SRS technology offers further operational & environmental benefits:
• Reduces plant OPEX & energy consumption by up to 30%
• Increases plant capacity by up to 30%
• Reduces GHG emissions and carbon footprint

ACT is the first sewage mining company in the world to convert WW into a valuable resource, while producing a dual source of income– sales of the SRS itself, and a recurring revenue stream from the process’ recycled by-product.

Join our momentum as we jumpstart the sewage mining revolution!

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ACT discovered an untapped and near-endless source of cellulose that is found in the unwanted sludge produced during the standard wastewater treatment process.
Recyllose™ is a unique, innovative compound that is generated from high levels of recycled cellulose fibers extracted from wastewater, via a patented sewage recycling system (SRS). By producing Recyllose™, ACT provides an additional high-margin and recurring revenue source, yielding ~ €5 per capita per year. The recycled cellulose is suitable for use as a green, vital and economical replacement in a variety of industries, including:

• Pulp and paper
• Feedstock for bio-plastics
• Construction and insulation
• Energy-efficient biofuel - one ton of Recyllose™ can generate up to 500 liters of high-quality bio-diesel / bio-ethanol
• Resource for production of nano-cellulose
… and more

Recyllose™ is packed directly on-site and is suitable for long-term storage, transportation and ready for use in industrial applications

Sewage Recycling System (SRS)

The unique patented technology (SRS) automatically produces recycled cellulose (Recyllose™) from raw wastewater (municipal, industrial & agricultural liquid waste). It is the ONLY known and proven technology that commercially mines cellulose from sewage, thus reducing sludge formation by up to 50%. This enables the plants to benefit from an organic process that cuts operating costs by up to 30%, and increases plant capacity by up to 30%. Plants using the SRS have reduced their GHG emissions, making them eligible for carbon credits.

The SRS automatically recycles the cellulose fibers inherent in raw wastewater. The SRS traps the particles, and then cleans, pasteurizes and packs them on-site, turning an unwanted liability into a revenue-producing product called Recyllose™, or recycled cellulose.

The SRS can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each local territory, and is complementary to any wastewater treatment available today.


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Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Refael (Rafi) Aharon

Dr. Refael (Rafi) AharonRafi was born with the entrepreneurial gene. His passion for transforming ideas into successful enterprises led him to launch Applied CleanTech (ACT) in 2007. Under his leadership, ACT has developed the proprietary SRS technology and maintains a diverse portfolio of intellectual property. His past experience as an inventor and R&D Manager at a biotech company provided him with the expertise to transform an idea into a commercial product, and to connect with investors and strategic partners. Rafi has brought a number of products to market, including a line of herbal products and a transportation service company.
Rafi attained his PhD from the Faculty of Agriculture of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, and an MSc and a BA degree with honors from the Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His post-doctoral research was completed at the Humphrey Center for Experimental Medicine and Cancer Research, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Medicine.

Chief Financial Officer
Tomer Avraham

Tomer AvrahamWith almost a decade of financial management experience, Tomer's role at ACT encompasses the composition of complex financial reports, plotting and execution of strategic business plans and raising capital. Before joining ACT, Tomer served as CFO at TeleMessage, a public hi-tech company traded on the AIM stock exchange.
Tomer is a certified CPA with an MBA from The College of Management Academic Studies, Rishon Le'zion, Israel and a BA degree in Accounting from the same institution.

Director Business Development
Yoav Golan

Yoav GolanYoav has valuable sales and marketing experience, a thorough understanding of the B2B industry, and the ability to pinpoint marketing solutions. Prior to joining ACT, he served as a sales manager for strategic clients at a media and marketing firm, where he was responsible for custom tailored marketing solutions for clients; defining the company’s marketing strategy; maintaining client relations; providing training and guidance to sales personnel; and expanding the client base.
Yoav is a licensed attorney with an LLB from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya in Israel and a BA degree in Business Administration from the same college. Yoav interned at a law firm specializing in representing publicly traded companies.

Director Engineering
Tomer Pashko

Tomer PashkoTomer is the System Engineer for Applied CleanTech. He holds an Electricity & control systems associate degree from the Ort Jerusalem College, Israel. He is a certified Lead Electrician with 6 years of experience as part of an R&D team of "Better Place", the first global switch battery electric car. Tomer has vast experience in the design and planning of electrical and solar international environment project as well as integration of interdisciplinary systems.

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