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Funding Goal $8,000,000
Funding Raised So Far $6,500,000
Funding Commitments $0
Funding Remaining $1,500,000
Funding Type Common Equity
Pre-Money Valuation
Investor Ownership
Interest / Dividend
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Company Overview

Atakama is the first to provide unhackable data security for sensitive information with a breakthrough approach to distributed encryption key management. With Atakama, confidential data remains secure in the face of a cyberattack.

The cyber threat landscape continues to grow in volume, frequency, and sophistication. In fact, the numbers speak for themselves:

- 45% of businesses have experienced a data breach or failed audit in the past 12 months
- The corporate hack rate increased by 50% in 2021, compared to 2020
- 83% of data breaches include personally identifiable information, such as Social Security Numbers

Atakama has introduced an industry-disrupting technology that changes the way organizations protect their sensitive and confidential data out of the grips of cyber attackers and off of the dark web. In turn, creating a scalable business that drives recurring revenue and steep growth opportunity.

We look forward to another record-breaking 12 months where we accelerate our sales growth, welcome new customers, advance our innovative technology and open up new partner channels and revenue streams.

Raising capital from forward-thinking investors like you allows us to continue our mission to disrupt the $2T security industry with purpose-built cybersecurity solutions to eliminate data theft and invasion of privacy.

Your investments enable us to continue to challenge the status quo and disrupt the cyber-tech landscape, putting you back in control of your data.

Reasons to invest:
- Patented technology disrupting the $2T cybersecurity industry
- Grown annualized revenue by more than 10x in the past year
- Experienced a 3x increase in our customer base in the past year
- Major contract wins, including the US Department of Defense


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Business Summary

Company Age 6 years, 9 months
Employees 25
Sub-Industry Security Software
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Atakama Enterprise

Atakama’s unique approach to distributed key management (DKM) leverages threshold cryptography to split encryption keys and disseminate the key shards among multiple devices. Successful file decryption occurs only when the authenticated devices reconstitute the key.

Cyberattacks are rendered ineffective when critical data is protected by multifactor encryption and distributed key management. In contrast to centralized encryption key management, attackers must simultaneously access multiple devices of a single user, both physically and digitally, to execute a successful attack, which has proven nearly impossible.

Atakama's Multifactor Encryption Platform includes five key solutions:

Multifactor Encryption

Experience advanced, decentralized key management coupled with the proven concept of multi-device authentication to create a progressive security solution that challenges the status quo of conventional data protection.

A unique AES-256 encryption key for each file is automatically fragmented into key shards and distributed across multiple physical devices. Multifactor encryption applies to unstructured data located locally, on network drives, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model.

Decryption occurs seamlessly, starting with a user clicking on a file, triggering a prompt for the authenticated mobile device or KSS to provide the relevant key shards to reconstitute the encryption key and decrypt.

Cyberattacks are rendered ineffective when critical data is protected by multifactor encryption In contrast to centralized encryption key management - Atakama is 1000x more secure than traditional file encryption solutions.

Intelligence Center

Provide data driven intelligence for business reporting requirements, compliance, operational decision-making, and anomaly threat detection by visualizing, reporting, monitoring, and alerting on the status and location of your protected files, encryption events, and user activities.

Secure File Transfer

Generate a file download link that is shared with the recipient using email, Teams, Slack or other collaboration tools. The sender maintains complete control of the decryption event with the added benefit of being able to verify the recipient’s identity before the file is downloaded.

Encrypted Search

Built-in search capabilities enable users to search encrypted files, without requiring decryption or the need to maintain an unencrypted search index.

Keep your data protected without disrupting productivity.

Data Discovery & Classification Integration

By seamlessly integrating with leading data classification tools, Atakama helps organizations stay ahead of shifts in the modern threat landscape by automatically encrypting files according to policy defined by data classification.


Daniel H. Gallancy
Chief Executive Officer
Daniel H......

Daniel H...... | Co-founder & CEO
A security-obsessed tech entrepreneur doing bitcoin and crypto-related projects for a decade. Hacked together a bitcoin cold wallet in 2012. Built a wireless ethernet system using lasers long before wifi existed. Physics and EE degrees from UPenn.

Dimitri Nemirovsky
Chief Operating Officer
Dimitri N......

Dimitri N...... | Co-founder & COO
A confessed technology nerd and recovering attorney. Dimitri spent 12 years as an attorney. After discovering bitcoin and blockchain technology in 2013, Dimitri left the legal practice to become an entrepreneur.

Scott Glazer
Chief Sales
Scott G......

Scott G...... | CRO
Scott has more than 20 years of experience leading high performing sales organizations. His roster of achievements includes increasing annualized revenue by 60 percent at a prior startup, which enabled an exit to a Fortune 500 company.

Stephanie Weagle
Chief Marketing Officer
Stephanie W......

Stephanie W...... | Chief Marketing Officer
Stephanie builds and leads high-performing global marketing organizations. Stephanie has held leadership positions at B2B technology companies in cybersecurity, IT networking, and infrastructure and physical security domains.


Funding Goal $8,000,000
Funding Raised So Far $6,500,000
Funding Commitments $0
Funding Remaining $1,500,000
Funding Type Common Equity
Pre-Money Valuation
Investor Ownership
Interest / Dividend
Previous Funding


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