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Attorney Et Al, Inc


Funding Goal $5,000,000
Funding Raised So Far $25,000
Funding Commitments $2,500,000
Funding Remaining $2,475,000
Funding Type Convertible Debt
Pre-Money Valuation
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Interest / Dividend
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Company Overview

Attorney Et Al is the first complete legal social media platform for both the public and legal profession. Our site is completed, functional, and live. Both attorneys and the public can go to our site and use its services now.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have carved their own special niches in the social media sector. Facebook’s is essentially social media for friends and family, Twitter is social media for news and social circles, and Linkedin is mostly for jobs. Linkedin was sold in 2017 to Microsoft for $26.2 billion. This shows that social media generates billions of dollars of revenue. Our desire is to share in that revenue, offering our legal social media services for free, relying solely on future ad revenue.

We are doing; something no one has done before in the area of professional social media. We are building on the past and extending knowledge freely to the future. We have updated, developed, innovated and created an area of legal social media not yet served by the major players in the space and are offering many free services in order to gain market share.

We have built a legal social media site for just one profession and to freely offer all of the services that users would want for that profession. Today there are a few small single service social media sites for some professions which consist of bulletin boards or message sites and some even have classified ads. However, we don’t believe our competition covers all the legal social media needs of the public and legal profession.

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Business Summary

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First Complete Legal Social Media Platform

With companies such as Linkedin, a social media site dealing only with jobs, selling for $26 billion dollars, we believe in the viability and profitability of social media when directed towards a finite goal and market segment.

There are over 1 million attorneys in the United States. There are also hundreds of thousands of people who each year need to find an attorney and do not know how to get answers to their questions or how to find an attorney

This site is the first of its kind that helps both the public and legal profession come together, and it offers the following freemium services to rapidly gain market traction:

Free Blogs to Attorneys to reach the public
Free Expert Article Posts on Legal matters
Free Legal Ads
Free Legal Job Postings
Free Legal Research Aids for the public and attorneys
Free CLE Courses for Attorneys
Free Discussion Forums Between Attorneys
Free Discussion Forums for the Public to Post Legal Questions and Find an Attorney


Michael Gabriel
Chief Executive Officer
Michael G......

I oversee and advise on the daily risk management, litigation, contract negotiations, tax planning, commercial transactions, SEC matters and other such related affairs of the company

My knowledge and experience on corporate governance is such that I have written a book on the formation of corporations. In addition, I have taught a continuing legal education course on the subject to attorneys for twenty four years.

I have taught business law, risk management and employment law at the Western Nevada Community College. I also possess a Master of Science in Management (MSM) from Pacific Christian College.

In law school, I was awarded three American Jurisprudence Awards for scholastic excellence in the fields of Real Property Law, Agency and Partnership Law and Administrative Law, the fields of law most often associated with a business and corporate legal practice.

I possess both a Diploma in Taxation and Master of Laws, (LLM) in Taxation from the University of San Diego

Vice President Marketing
Michael N......

Michael N...... is a brings 30 years of financial experience to the this company of the highest caliber

His experience spans a large part of the California Financial landscape

He has had congressmen, banks, health care operations and real estate development companies as clients

in addition he has bend developing marketing strategies n the new area of legal social media

Scott Taub
Senior Vice President Marketing
Scott T......

Knowledgeable, dedicated hands-on Technical Quality Assurance/DevOps/SDET/Test Manager professional with over 20 years experience in a Lead or Management position.
? Skilled in the areas of team supervision (onshore and offshore) and problem resolution.
? Proactively introduce quality assurance steps.
? Recognized for ability to resolve issues and serve as liaison between end-users and developers.
? Committed to uphold QA standards, as key contact, through 24-hour, 7-day a week availability and willingness to travel, providing on-site assistance throughout the U.S.

Consulting Business Development
Michael N......

The president of California Financial and Investment Advisors, Inc for 30 years,

He is an advisor and consultant on all areas of the Attorney et Al's business


Funding Goal $5,000,000
Funding Raised So Far $25,000
Funding Commitments $2,500,000
Funding Remaining $2,475,000
Funding Type Convertible Debt
Pre-Money Valuation
Investor Ownership
Interest / Dividend
Previous Funding



Attorney Et Al, Inc

East Palo Alto, CA 94303, US

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