Augustus BioTarget, Inc.

North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582, US

We are developing a novel Alzheimer's treatment using a nanocarrier that hijacks immune cells to deliver drugs to the brain.

We secured an exclusive license from our collaborator, Rodos Biotarget GmbH for their nanocarrier which hijacks cells of the immune system that travel across the Blood Brain Barrier to disease sites. Getting drugs to the brain is a major drawback for all current Alzheimer's treatments.

Encapsulated in our nanocarrier are two repositioned, generic, anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory agents, paclitaxel and curcumin.

Research has shown that these agents reduce two of the major pathological features of Alzheimer's: 1) paclitaxel rescues tau-induced synaptic transmission pathology ; 2) curcumin reduces Amyloid-beta aggregation and plaque formation.

An advantage of our technology is that the transporter escapes immune recognition or rapid elimination of drugs, enabling lower dosages and higher margins of safety.

Current Equity A-Round Investment is budgeted for : 1) Manufacture of nanocarrier-encapsulated drugs by GMP standards; 2) Alzheimer's Mouse study for safety and efficacy; 4) FDA applications for Phase I/II clinical trials; Phase I clinical trial in healthy volunteers for safety and biodistribution.

We seek $2.1 million to cover two year milestones; minimum purchase of 1000 shares @$10/share : $10,000.

Pre-money valuation $10 Million. (1 MM shares @ $10)

Projected Value Year 3 (Assuming a 20%probability of FDA approval of IND for human Phase II/III trials)

18% risk-adjusted discount rate NPV = $59 million;
14% risk-adjusted discount rate NPV = $97 million

Value after B Round, End of Year 5 (After successful Phase II patient trials):

18% risk-adjusted discount rate NPV = $437 million;
14% risk-adjusted discount rate NPV = $622 million

Development Timeline for A round Investment:
Year 1. Milestones 1 and 2 including Alzheimer Animal Safety & Efficacy;
Year 1-2. Clinical Human Phase I Safety Study;
Year 3. Profitability: Added capital value through partnering, merger, or purchase of technology with third party pharma.

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A Dual Alzheimer Treatment: CLR-Paclitaxel and CLR-Curcumin

The anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory therapeutic agents paclitaxel and curcumin have been reformulated into a nanocarrier that targets migrating immune cells to ferry contents to Alzheimer's disease sites in the brain. PCT/EP 2016/067931: Immunotherapies for Malignant, Neurodegenerative and Demyelinating Diseases by the use of Targeted Nanocarriers.

Research shows that Paclitaxel reduces tau neurofibrillary tangles and Curcumin reduces amyloid-beta plaques. When monocytes and macrophages migrate to disease sites across the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB), paclitaxel and curcumin are delivered as active payloads to microglia, astrocytes, and perivascular areas of AD.

Advantages to harnessing migrating immune cells to transport immunotherapeutic agents to sites of AD include: minimized dosing; extended periods of safe administration; decreased systemic toxicities, decreased development of drug resistance; and maximized therapeutic benefits.


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Chief Executive Officer
Michael Scolaro, M.D.

Michael Scolaro, M.D.With over 40 years clinical experience in psychiatry, neurology, medicine, infectious diseases, oncology, and virology, Dr. Scolaro was Clinical. Assoc. Prof. in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the U. of So. Cal. 1971-1979.
He received FDA approval for the first physician-sponsored antiviral clinical research protocol in 1986. As Director of AIDS Research at the Oncologic Inst. St. Vincent Med in LA CA for 7 years he was co-investigator in over 40 studies in HIV/AIDS, oncology and infectious diseases and was referee for the journal AIDS.
In 1990 he founded Let There Be Hope Medical Res. Inst., a 501 c 3 public nonprofit foundation, where he co-invented the nanocarrier, CLR-Targosphere®. He also co-founded Rodos BioTarget GmbH in Germany and founded Augustus BioTarget, Inc., in the US to develop new treatments for catastrophic oncologic and neurodegenerative diseases with anti-proliferative and anti-inflammatory agents encapsulated in the patented CLR-Targosphere.

Consulting Public Relations
Louis Capozzi, MBA

Louis Capozzi, MBALouis Capozzi has a broad background in corporate and investor communications, business and crisis management, handling large-scale issues in labor relations, healthcare and product quality management. As Chief Communications Officer of Aetna he led a 150-person corporate communications department with a budget of more than $80 million. As Chairman of the MSL Group, with nearly 30 firms globally and the fourth-largest PR counseling firm in the world, he tripled the size of the agency to over $100 million with startups and acquisitions. He started businesses in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing, and acquired firms in Italy, Sweden, India, Brazil and Argentina. He holds a BS in marketing and journalism from the New York University Stern School of Business and an MBA in Finance from the Bernard Baruch Sch. of Bus. He authored “Crisis Management in the Age of Social Media,” and “Public Relations for the Public Good – How PR has shaped America’s Social Movements.”

Consulting Development
Alain Rolland, PhD

Alain Rolland, PhDAlain has 25 years experience in Pharma (Ciba Geigy, Galderma) and Biotech (GeneMedicine, Valentis, Vical), Corp. Officer and Exec. V.P. at Vical, biopharm R&D in cancer immunotherapeutics and infectious disease vaccines. He developed nanotechnologies for drug targeting and moved products (small molecules, gene-based medicines and vaccines) through INDs into clinic (through Phase 3) for cancer, inflammation, cardiovascular, neuromuscular, and infectious diseases. He is a graduate of Exec. Bus. Ed. program on Transition to Gen. Mgt. at Columbia U., Grad. Sch. of Bus.He edited three scientific books and belongs to the Amer. Contr. Release Soc., the Amer. Assoc, of Pharm. Scientists, and the Amer. Soc. of Gene & Cell Therapy. He is founding Ed.-in-Chief of Curr. Pharma. Biotech. and on Ed. Board of several Journals. He invented over 20 patents in drug delivery systems, drug/gene targeting and formulation. He received the 2008 Fellowship award from the Amer. Assoc. of Pharm. Scientists.

Consulting Research & Development
Sean Sullivan, Ph.D.

Sean Sullivan, Ph.D.Dr. Sean Sullivan joined Let There Be Hope as Res. Dir. in targeting APCs of the immune system with Dr. Scolaro, M.D. and Robert Gieseler, Ph.D. on inhibiting HIV-1 proliferation in infected cells. . He was Postdoc Fellow in Biochem at Caltech Div of Chem and Chem Engineering. He published “Development of Antibody Targeted Chemotherapeutic Immunoliposomes” and developed liposome and polymer-based systems for the delivery of antiviral and anticancer drugs. He formulated a chem modification of a liposome surface to yield specific delivery of liposome encapsulated antisense DNA to lymphocytes and monocytes resulting in inhibition of HIV proliferation. In collaboration with Drs. Scolaro and Gieseler, he published “Inhibition of HIV-1 Proliferation by Liposome Encapsulated Sense DNA to the 5’ tat Splice Acceptor Site (Antisense Res and Dev. He published extensively and is on the edit boards for Pharma Res and Human Gene Therapy.. Dr. Sullivan is a reviewer for the Nat Inst of Health.

Consulting Counsel/Legal Officer
John Alvin Coleman, Esq.

John Alvin Coleman, Esq.Currently a Partner in the New York City law firm, Cohen & Coleman, LLP, he specializes in business law and litigation, contract drafting and interpretation, corporate transactions, real estate and employment matters. He has extensive experience representing businesses at all stages of development from small start-ups to successful enterprises.

As General Counsel for, Inc., he created and negotiated contracts for services with pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies and academic centers in the novel area of Internet patient recruiting.

His professional activities have been extensively covered in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Real Deal and The New York Law Journal.

He holds a B.A. from Yale University and a J.D. from Georgetown University.



Funding Goal$2,100,000

Funding Raised So Far$0

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Funding Remaining$2,100,000

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