Bradford, CT 06405 , US
Electricity Generation & Utilities

Brash Power has developed the home heating boiler system with domestic hot water to replace existing or add new to the home. This boiler will also provide power generation. Surplus power can be sold back to the micro-grid.

The BRASH is in the initial stages of production. Six units have shipped to the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator. The Koffman Incubator is part of Binghamton University known for energy research. This is the home of the Lithium Battery inventor and 2019 Nobel Chemistry Award winner, Stanley Whittingham.

The Utility Industry is interested in this appliance with 12 utilities indicated intention to buy. One unit has been shipped to Pecan Street lab in Austin for evaluation. Pecan Street is a DOE contractor lab performing early energy testing and research on behalf of the Department of Energy. Another unit is scheduled for testing at Gas Technology Institute in Illinois in the next 2 months. These two labs will provide independent, third party testing to validate performance and reliability before advancing to utility field evaluations.

BRASH will use this funding to develop high volume production in the US. Presently, units are manufactured in Switzerland by a custom boiler maker. This Swiss development partner will produce 20 units for field evaluations and system reliability testing, then shift roles to produce two custom components to support the startup of US Production. Funding for small facility, equipment, employees, tooling, and engineering on automation.

$2,000,000 has been invested by Swiss Boiler Maker to develop product and produce as a subcontractor. This investment is a Cross License to supply a custom turbine to be used in conjunction with Brash Power Patent This Micro CHP is the only low cost/competitive home combined heat and power (CHP) appliance on the market, and this product is poised to revolutionize the Home Heating Industry.

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Heat and Power for the Home

Our ability to produce 1-5 kW of power using a patented home heating system will change the landscape of power generation forever. Payback to generating own power is 3-5 years, 12 Utilities have committed to purchase UL production units for evaluation. Utilities interested in using surplus electrical generation to power the grid over central generation plants. This provides a more reliable, cost effective energy source for the Utilities. What we have is a proprietary technology in an untapped market with very little competition. BRASH is poised to become the market leader in a $31 billion dollar U.S. market, with a trillion dollar market worldwide. A BRASH Patented Power Generator can convert heat to power, enabling homeowners and small businesses to generate their own power on premises to reduce their utility expenses and increase service reliability, using the BRASH boiler.


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President Executive Officer
Michael Brookman

president of BRASH Engines, Inc. and was President of Interspiro Inc. for fifteen years prior to forming BRASH. Interspiro is a manufacturer of compressed air breathing apparatus for firefighters and divers. With a working understanding of high pressure storage and regulation systems, and his affiliation with suppliers and designers of compressors and fuel management systems, Mike developed an interest in air-powered vehicles, and that interest led to the issuance of the air-steam hybrid patent in May 2010. Mike has additional patents pending on the air-steam hybrid technology, and Mike holds multiple patents in respiratory protection, aviation safety and personnel protection. He has been involved in product development and general management for over thirty years. He has a BA and MA in Chemistry from Buffalo State College in New York.

Executive Vice President Operations
Peter Cantone

Peter Cantone is founder and former COO of Spray Foam Nation, a national spray polyurethane foam insulation distribution and training center for the spray foam industry. Peter serves as BRASH COO. Peter is on-site manager for our test facility at 20 Atwood Place in West Haven, CT. Areas of focus will be creating training programs for technicians, building relationships with HVAC distributors and contractors, preparing our own in-house tech department for internal tech support, hiring personnel, working with utility companies managing logistics and providing facility and personnel support for assembly and test.

Consulting Engineering
Dr. Maria-Isabel Carnasciali

Dr. Maria-Isabel Carnasciali, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of New Haven, received her Ph.D. from Georgia Tech in 2008 specializing in the area of thermal-fluid sciences, and her B.S. in Engineering at M.I.T. Her area of special interest is Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Models in Fluids & Heat Transfer.

Consulting Engineering
Dr. Ravi Gorthala

Dr. Ravi Gorthala, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of New Haven, joined UNH with over 20 years of power industry experience having received funding from DOE, DOD, NASA, NIST, ASHRAE, Long Island Power Authority, Electric Power Research Institute and New York State Energy Research and Development Authority. His research and development interests are diversified (energy, building technologies and polymer composites), but his focus is on renewable energy technologies.

Consulting Manufacturing/Production
Dennis Lockhart

CIMSEE Consulting is a firm that evolved from principal Dennis Lockhart, who is a world authority on automated manufacturing, project management and mechanical assembly. Dennis has developed some of the first types of automated manufacturing in the United States and around the world. FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems) using AGV’s (Automated Guided Vehicles) were the first in the United States for the telephone industry, sensors and computer industry. AGV’s addressed islands of automation during the manufacture of printed circuit boards, final assemble and test. Amazon now uses AGV’s to deliver material from the pick area to the pack area. This has improved the material flow, speed and delivery accuracy. Projects were developed for Ford, Chrysler, GM, Bosch, Apple, Omron, Thompson, Allen Bradley, IBM, ATT, Jabil, Genie, GE, Foxconn, Invensys, Samsung, LG, Fry Master, Whirlpool, CHMF, Foxconn, Motorola, and the list goes on.

Consulting Development
Douglas Brookman

Douglas Brookman, is the Principal of Public Solutions, a Maryland-based consulting firm, providing services to U.S. Department of Energy and other federal agencies.

Consulting Marketing
Dr. Robert Knight

Dr. Robert Knight recently retired as president of Bevilacqua-Knight, Inc. (BKi), an energy and environmental technology consulting firm in Oakland, California. BKi specializes in the development and management of strategies to move new technical practices and technologies from R&D into practical commercial use. Bob has been involved in energy issues for over 30 years and is active in energy and environmental policy issues at the state and national levels dealing with a broad range of innovations in transportation and buildings. Bob has been a consultant to a broad range of programs of the California Energy Commission, California Air Resources Board, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Department of Transportation, Electric Power Research Institute, California Fuel Cell Partnership, and various electric utilities including Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) and Southern California Edison (SCE).



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Funding Remaining$3,300,000

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