Buy Fresh Produce Inc.

Commerce, CA 90040, United States Minor Outlying Islands
Consumer Products

Buy Fresh Produce Inc is a Produce and Fruit Processing Plant located in Commerce Ca. We manufacture cut produce and Salad kits for both Wholesale service deli and Retail grab and go and family serving size salad kits.

Buy Fresh Produce Inc. is a Produce and Fruit Processing Facility located in Commerce Ca. We have been in business for aprox 15 yrs. The facility is aprox 23.000 sq ft with 4 loading docs. Some of our customers are Albertsons Safeway Vons Pavilions Habit and Island Burger chain. We process slice dice and package fruit and vegetables. We are Organic Certified. Buy Fresh Produce Inc is a Custom produce processor. We are currently operating at 30% capacity . Costco is interested in our salad kits that we manufacture. 1 item in all 8 divisions is aprox 40-45 million in gross annual sales. Aprox half of all finish products Buy Fresh produces is our Salad Kits for both retail and wholesale service deli. For more information refer to our website Please refer to Documents section for more information on Company Buy Fresh Produce Investment opportunity.

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Buy Fresh Produce Inc.

Conventional and Organic Fresh Produce Box in Box out. Fresh Processed Produce and Fruit. Salad kits Buy Fresh Produce Inc. specializes in Produce processing and Hand Cut items. Some of our cut produce items include Fajita s Large volumes of Shredded Cabbage. Dice Onion Sliced Jalapeno Cut and cleaned Green Leaf. Salad kits all of which are listed on our website. These salad kits are made for wholesale service deli and the salad kits are assembled at store level as needed. We also have our retail family serving size and Grab and go. Buy Fresh Produce Inc is a leading manufacture of New tasty salads. I am sure you would agree upon tasting our products.

Processed Produce and Fruit both conventional and Organic / Salad Kits / Wholesale and Retail

Buy Fresh Produce Inc is a Processing facility that slices dices chops shreds produce and fruit. We also package this product in MAAP Packaging in different methods of pillow pack or vacuum pack or gas flush.


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President Executive Officer
Ted Kasnetsis

Mr Ted Kasnetsis is the Founder of Buy Fresh Produce Inc. Ted has been in the product industry for aprox 35 yrs. Ted has worked with Apex produce for aprox 8 yrs. Apex then was sold to Sunny Sally and then again to L A Salad. Ted has extensive experience in setting up lines of production to handle and processing of large volumes of product. Ted is also very mechanically inclined in both electrical and mechanical and fabrication of equipment. This is an important aspect as Ted is not just an Executive running the company . He has the skills set that is really required first hand as the company expands to be able to create the and acquire the equipment and personal necessary to capture and retain the new accounts and volume as it is acquired.

Vice President Financial Officer
Traci Kasnetsis

Mrs. Traci Kasnetsis is the Wife of Ted Kasnetsis who on a daily bases is Our C F O. They collectively founded Buy Fresh Produce Inc. in 2001.

Managing Director Sales & Marketing
Wayde Nichols

Mr Wayde Nichols is effectively in charges of Sales and Marketing and has General Manager collateral duties of facility.

Managing/Manager Quality Assurance
Marlene Mendoza

Mrs Marlene Mendoza is our Quality Control lady that is effectively in charge of all Food Safety and HASSP Food Traceability programs These duties also include compliancy with S Q F / and 3rd party auditing for the facility and its operations.

Managing/Manager Purchasing
Dan Lee

Mr. Dan Lee is our Full time Buyer that negotiates all purchases for Raw Goods and materials for Buy Fresh Produce Inc. Mr Lee walks the L A Produce Market everyday to observe the quality of the produce that is being purchased by Buy Fresh Produce Inc. This is truly what sets us aside and our finish products are superior to our competition. Mr Lee has over 35 yrs experience in this industry.

Managing/Manager Accounting
Ashley Kasnetsis

Ms Ashley Kasnetsis is the Front Office Manager and in charge of all accounts payable and receivables.

Managing/Manager Manager
Victor Mendez

Mr Victor Mendez is our Shipping Doc manager in charge of all shipping and receiving for B F P.

Managing/Manager Manufacturing/Production
Gregorio Munoz

Mr Gregorio Munoz is our Production Manager in charge of all production of finish goods that BFP manufactures on a daily bases.



Funding Goal$2,000,000

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Funding Remaining$2,000,000

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