Carlson Wireless Technologies

Arcata, CA 95521, US

Globally, there are 4 billion people without access to the Internet, and 90% are from the developing world. Carlson Wireless Technologies, a global leader in TV White Space (TVWS) technology, has developed the FCC-certified RuralConnect – a solution that provides affordable access using vacant TV channels. This technology uses spectrum in the TV bands to provide broadband data to locations where environmental conditions prohibit the use of traditional technology. The RuralConnect has a clear competitive advantage, and brings to market an unparalleled ability to provide an affordable long-distant, non-line-of-sight, wireless broadband connectivity through hills, walls, buildings, and foliage. This TVWS signal can cover an area up to 20 km in diameter with the ability to link a small town hotspot utilizing minimal infrastructure. A successful trial with Google proved viability in both rural and urban settings. TVWS is also applicable for connected smart cities, and the Internet of Things (M2M).

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The RuralConnect radio delivers extended broadband connectivity to non-line-of-sight locations by transmitting signals over vacant UHF TV frequencies. TV White Space (TVWS) frequencies became available for unlicensed public use by the FCC in 2012. Using these vacant channels, the RuralConnect signal penetrates foliage and travels around hills to bring wireless broadband to locations too rugged or remote to be served by traditional line-of-sight radio technology. With spectrum scarcity a growing issue in today’s world of wireless connectivity, the opening of TVWS frequencies offers more than 200 MHz of new potential spectrum, launching an era of opportunity for rural communities demanding high-speed Internet. It also expands the capability of businesses and governments to extend their communications and private networks—such as data monitoring and control—for utilities, oil & gas operations, resource management, public safety, video surveillance, VoIP networks and more.


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James Carlson

James CarlsonFounder, Jim Carlson, has had a life-long passion for enabling rural connectivity. He started pursuing this passion as a child, building radio equipment for home use, which later morphed into commercial radio use, and eventually became his life’s work to promote connectivity to personal and commercial users around the world. In 1999 Jim Carlson began to turn his dream into a reality by starting his business on the premise of designing radio equipment to provide rural connectivity solutions. In 2009, the TV broadcast industry moved from analog to digital service, freeing up hundreds of MHz of spectrum known now as TV White Space. Mr. Carlson saw this as an opportunity to reutilize the newly-available spectrum for extending broadband connectivity to reach unserved and underserved communities world-wide. As an engineer with 25 years of business leadership experience, Jim Carlson is committed to bringing this technology into mainstream use as his legacy accomplishment.

Director Operations
Mindy Hiley

Ms. Hiley joined Carlson in early 2010, bringing strengths in leadership and organization that quickly earned her promotion first to sales manager and then to director of operations in 2011. In addition to a decade of administrative and management experience, Ms. Hiley also brings to the company the values of business ethics and community involvement. Her interest in the fixed-wireless industry comes from a long-held interest in rural and off-the-grid connectivity. She holds a bachelor's degree in Communications Design and Media Arts from California State University, Chico.

Consulting Financial Officer
Derek Kingham

Derek KinghamWith more than 25 years' experience in complex operations, administration and information technology, Mr. Kingham is a creative critical thinker and problem solver with a total business perspective. Mr. Kingham was born and educated in the United Kingdom. He graduated from the United World College of the Atlantic and conducted chemical research at the University of Sussex. In 1979, he relocated to the United States, where he has held various full-time senior management positions in privately-held companies ranging in size from 10 to 600 employees. As a manager, he is a proven team builder with the ability to develop and motivate others.

Director Marketing
Christine Ciarcia

Christine CiarciaWith a life-long interest in technology and social networking communications, Ms. Ciarcia has always held the belief that everyone should have equal access to the innovations that connect us together. It is with this passion for world connectivity and progressive technologies that she accepted her position as Marketing Director with Carlson Wireless Technologies. Ms. Ciarcia joins Carlson as the newest member of the management team with a degree in Business Administration Management and comprehensive focus in Marketing. Her experience in marketing strategy, consumer behavior, social media management, creative design and customer service make her a valuable addition to the team. As the Marketing Director, Ms. Ciarcia currently handles brand management, market research, graphic and web support, event coordination, public relations and media inquiries for Carlson Wireless.

Director Technology/Technologist
Shamus Jennings

Shamus JenningsMr. Jennings joined Carlson in 2010. With 13 years of technical experience under his belt, he quickly learned and supported all the Carlson products and independently supported the rollout of the LongHaul product lines. He later contributed to product development for the RuralConnect TV White Space product line. In 2012, Mr. Jennings was a cornerstone for the Cape Town TV White Spaces Trial in South Africa. In January 2013, Mr. Jennings accepted a promotion as Technical Support Manager. He oversees the daily operations of Carlson's team of expert technicians and continues to serve as the primary support person for the RuralConnect. He works closely with the Engineering team at Carlson in their continued development of next-generation wireless technologies.



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