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San Francisco, CA 94108, US
Web Service Software

"Teach More, Learn Faster"
Advanced learning technology to boost employee productivity

* 1st customer: multi-billion dollar company focused on safety equipment

* several multi-national companies for next beta customers

* joined leading accelerator


Currently, if a company wants interactive training content, it typically requires external team of engineers. The current rate is about $11K per man month for each engineer. So, that training content can cost over $250K, per piece of content. And any changes that are needed then require a change order and another wait period.

By the time you get all your content updated and refreshed, it costs you a pile of money and it's time to start at the beginning again. The cycle time is too long, and the cost is way too high, even while recognizing that interactive content is the way to make your content more sticky.


Powerful, yet simple-to-use tools to easily add games to your eLearning content, without engineers.

Our system allows for HR professionals, corporate training executives, and other non-technical people to create interactive training content, update it, and keep it fresh.

We enable companies to train and manage their workforces:
-quickly & easily create and update training materials to include games
-receive detailed skills performance metrics

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Customizable 3D simulation modules that will disrupt the job skills training industry

Change My Path has built a system that enables companies to easily create 3D simulations for job skills training.

Here's our demo video:

Job skills training is a huge market -- $35B/year. Our long term vision is to be a marketplace for job skills training, like YouTube is now for videos or Apple's App Store is for iPhone apps.

Quote from First Customer (a multi-billion dollar company)

“We are really looking forward to continuing to create content and using CMP as a fun, interactive training platform for both new and existing employees.”


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Chief Executive Officer
Zack Karlsson

Zack is a former VP of Business Development & Digital Platforms at Capcom, a leading gaming company with $3B market cap,

Zack was previously the Training Manager for Sony Online for all of the U.S. and India.

Chief Technology Officer
Stephen Williams

Stephen is an expert in system scalability, augmented/virtual reality technology, and information security. He was the Lead Architect and Lead Developer of Geico web quotes.

Director Chairman
David Mandel

David is an experienced lead and early seed stage investor, with companies acquired by Intel, Broadcom, and IBM.

He was founding CEO of an Artificial Intelligence company and is the current Chairman; its customers include most of the major firms on Wall Street including Fidelity Investments, UBS, Wells Fargo, Vanguard, T.Rower Price, AIG, and Allstate Insurance.

Dr. Keith Devlin

Professor of Mathematics at Stanford University. Co-founder & Executive Director of Stanford University's H-STAR institute and co-founder of the Stanford Media X research network.  Current research is focused on eLearning.

Marty Brodbeck

Former CTO of Pearson Publishing (largest education publisher in the world); led system architecture and design, product and service development, and the rollout of mobile platform. Current CTO of Sterlingbackcheck. Previously Chief Architect and Global Head of Architecture & Engineering for Pfizer Inc., and VP Enterprise Architecture for Merrill Lynch.

Brad Yasar

Serial entrepreneur. Technical and strategic advisor to several digital media startups.

Mike Capps

Former President of Epic Games, the leading game development platform used by developers (Unreal Engine). Took company from 20 people to over a thousand employees, resulting in a $330M minority-stake investment by major games publisher.

Jeff Dayton

SVP of Technology and Strategy at Bank of America. CEO of Alpha Funders, an advisory firm providing board member and board advisory services for publicly held companies and premier ventures.

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Individual Investor
Pat Baker

I'm an individual investor from Bryan/College Station, Texas. I'm currently Pastor at Area 3:16. I have extensive experience in the Oil & Energy industry. I'm interested in pre-revenue and post-revenue companies from all industry sectors.

Invested Amount:
Individual Investor
Gagan Jain

Gagan Jain has many years of onsite and offshore experience India/Barbados as IT technology and business management leader with ability to direct complex projects from business/technology concept to fully operational status. He has proven ability to work in unison with staff, consultants, vendors, technology executives, and managing/executive directors as an IT professional in diverse industries. He has worked in roles from lead software developer to technical lead/manager. His major industry vertical is Insurance with software architecture and technology focus in Life, Property/Casualty and Workers Compensation Insurance lines of business. Complex system implementation of COTS products and custom applications along with integration design/development projects with COTS document management, document generation, portals, GIS, Data Warehouse, MS-OFFICE and search engines is his forte. Involved in the system implementation and integration software design, development and integration archi...

Invested Amount:
Venture Capital Fund
Tesoro Ventures

Invested Amount:
Individual Investor
David Mandel

Seed investor in Broadcom (Nasdaq: BRCM), Access360 (IBM), Fulcrum Microsystem (Intel), and lead investor for Innovent (acquired by Broadcom), and other successful exits.

Venture Capital Fund
Manatt Venture Fund

Venture arm of Manatt Phelps & Phillips.


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