Alternative & Renewable Energy Company

Chilicon Power LLC


Funding Goal $3,000,000
Funding Raised So Far $0
Funding Commitments $0
Funding Remaining $3,000,000
Funding Type Common Equity
Pre-Money Valuation
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Company Overview

Chilicon Power manufactures microinverters for 60 cell (CP-250) PV modules.
and complete energy generation and control systems for residences and commercial buildings.

The GATEWAY is a monitoring system communicating with the inverters in your array that can be cloud interconnected or can run stand-alone. The GATEWAY provides a 7" 800 x 480 LCD Touch Screen making it very informative and easy to use. Setup of the solar array's configuration occurs on the gateway screen and this setup is automatically posted to the cloud monitoring system when a customer enables cloud interaction.

Powerline communication with the GATEWAY uses a sophisticated multi-rate, error-resistant, and encrypted powerline communications technology to connect to each microinverter without additional wiring.

In addition to the power line communications interferace to inverters, the GATEWAY also has a zWave (908 MHz) wireless interaface that enables power consumption monitoring via current clamps placed in any utility panel. When cloud communication is selected. it is performed through an Ethernet or integrated WiFi interface.

One GATEWAY can communicate with uo to 255 microinverters. For larger commercial installations, multiple GATEWAY devices are used in combination with Line Communications Filters (LCF) to separate networking domains across the site.

Chilicon Power CP-250 inverter performance leads the industry with sustained power production of 250 watts AC which eliminates clipping on 60-cell modules. Grid-interactive conversion occurs with a CEC rating of 96% with peak efficiency of 96.6%.

Reliability is provided through design that has all components rated to at least 200,000 hours service lifespan (or about 50 years of operating time).

Chilicon has been profitable for 4 years with revenues of $1.5M thus far. We need funds to build a marketing/sales campaign to take on the market leader, enPhase.

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Business Summary

Company Age 12 years, 2 months
Employees 2
Sub-Industry Photovoltaic & Other Solar
Prior Year Revenue
Current Year Revenue
Next Year Revenue


Grid interactive solar inverter systems

What products do we sell?
CP-250: This is our second generation microinverter with high efficiency and rugged design. It can accommodate any 60-cell PV module from 190 W to 300 W and outputs a continuous 250 W of AC power without clipping.
Gateway: It is our iPad-like device that has a full-color screen to monitor the solar array without the need to log into the cloud from any device.
Cloud Monitoring: This is a service that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. It allows customers and installers to monitor the various PV arrays they have access to.

Who is Chilicon Power?
Chilicon Power, LLC was started in 2009 in Southern California by two seasoned engineers / entrepreneurs with the long term vision of powering humanity with clean solar energy.
The company is still privately held by the two founders Alex Kral and Dr. Christopher Jones.
The manufacturing plant is located in Simi Valley, California and all our products are made in the USA.


Chief Technology/Technologist
Christopher R. Jones

Dr. Christopher Jones co-founded Chilicon Power in 2010. Chilicon Power inverters are steeped in advanced signal processing and communications techniques. Years of experience developing solutions for NASA’s deep space network as well as broadband communications devices for Broadcom have been applied to the extensive and unique design challenges of grid interactive microinverters. Prior to co-founding Chilicon Power, Chris received BS, MS, and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from UCLA in 1995, 1996, and 2003. From 1997 to 2002 he worked with Broadcom Corporation in the area of VLSI architectures for communications systems and is a co-inventor on fundamental cable modem patents. In Jan. 2004 he joined the Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he co-authored the international CCSDS standard for deep space coded communications. Dr. Jones has authored 40 refereed publications and is an inventor on 30 issued patents.

Chief Technology/Technologist
Alexandre Kral

Alexandre Kral is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved with the semiconductor and software industries. He was instrumental in bringing new RF CMOS circuit techniques to Broadcom where his designs were incorporated in very successful satellite receiver and cable modem chips. Alex then started SiliconFocus, a single-chip GPS company with a couple of colleagues from Broadcom. He then joined Axiom Micro-devices as one of the main engineers behind the world’s first CMOS power amplifier for cellphones. Alex also was cofounder and CEO of Javaground, a leading middleware vendor in the mobile gaming industry. As a teenager, he also made a hit video game that he sold to a French company in 1988. Alex Kral is an inventor on several patents. He holds an MBA degree from the UCLA Anderson School of Management as well as two Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering from UCLA and from the Universite Libre de Bruxelles.


Funding Goal $3,000,000
Funding Raised So Far $0
Funding Commitments $0
Funding Remaining $3,000,000
Funding Type Common Equity
Pre-Money Valuation
Investor Ownership
Interest / Dividend
Previous Funding



Chilicon Power LLC

Los Angeles, CA 90272, US

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