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Roseville, CA 95678, US
Web Service Software

Coversant gives you, for the first time, the ability to connect your things with the same security and privacy that the United States Department of Defense mandates and uses to connect its things.

Coversant allows any protocol on any platform from any provider to federate, communicate and be controlled by anything that YOU say can. It does not segregate things, it joins things that have never been able to be joined or aware of each other before and communicate back and forth when necessary.

Cisco predicts 25 billion devices connected to the internet by 2015 and 50 billion by 2020, creating a $14-19 trillion business opportunity. This is known as the “Internet of Things”. With this type of growth being projected by all major organizations and analytics companies, the question needs to be asked, What is YOUR IoT Investment strategy?

The $.40/share price available in units of 12,500 shares creates an exciting potential for growth and increased shareholder value in Coversant. The funds are earmarked for Cloud/SaaS expansion and Sales/Marketing.

The Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) forum announced the technology SoapBox IoT-SB is based on will be standard going forward for all UPnP devices. UPnP is part of every Windows and Linux OS and used on majority of devices.

Coversant is poised to be the leader in IoT based on scalability, efficiency, security and functionality. We are engaged with the industry leaders in the Communications, Industrial Automation, Automotive, Healthcare, and Energy, all of whom have recognized the need for our solution. We are currently in scalability/performance testing with many of the companies. We are available for clients on the Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services clouds and are adding more providers.

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Soapbox: A Proven Platform to Power the Oncoming Era of the Internet of Things

Coversant’s proprietary software (an IoT Service Bus) connects disparate systems and devices, across platforms, in real-time, enabling the marriage of the Internet of Things and Big Data. Built on event-driven architecture, our SoapBox product line offers an advanced presence engine and higher levels of security via application centric networking. In its 8th generation, SoapBox is mature, stable & patented. The architecture is powered by a multi-threaded 64-bit engine that enables more than 240,000 concurrent connections and more than 60,000 messages per second on a single server.

Automation via Messaging/Dynamic Rostering

Coversant's patent pending Dynamic Rostering and Automation via Messaging allows for the automated conducting of data to the correct ends points, via auto-attendants of virtual rosters of devices and data source to be auto-discovered, auto-commissioned, auto-managed, and auto-controlled through a secure channel that can be configured on the fly. Auto-attendants can be written in any language and reside inside or outside of the platform (assuming in process extension, out of process extensions, or client extensions).


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Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Cooke

Jeff CookeEntrepreneur CEO at multiple early stage companies and former executive at Hewlett Packard, Apple and NEC

Specialties: Building highly effective teams, customer relationship management, revenue growth, productivity, Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Executive Management, Start-ups, Leadership, CRM, Venture Capital, Strategic Partnerships, Management, Consulting, Strategic Planning, Business Strategy, SaaS, Security

Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing
Michael Holdmann

Michael HoldmannMichael joined Coversant in 2012 to drive strategy, alliances and strategic sales. He has over 22 years of hands-on experience developing and directing strategy, alliance and business development at international organizations including ClickandBuy, SecConOne, Qwest, and Secure Computing Environments. Michael is multi-disciplined and result oriented.

Chief Technology Officer
Dave Richards

Dave came on board in 2010, a former Coversant customer who led the evaluation and implementation of Coversant's technology. Dave is a software architect with over 20 years of experience in both government and commercial sectors. His undergraduate and graduate engineering degrees are from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Executive Vice President Development
Eero Neuenschwander

Eero Neuenschwander12+ years in solution architecture and implementation on multiple global strategic initiatives. Works with business leaders to develop product & program road maps to meet and exceed business objectives. Has the rare ability to translate business needs into technical solutions, by communicating effectively on both the business and technical levels.



Funding Goal$1,000,000

Funding Raised So Far$455,000

Funding Commitments$0

Funding Remaining$545,000

Funding TypeEquity

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