Chico, CA 95926, US

Curativly's patented interactive Virtual and Augmented reality technology drives a new era in home renovation..

Trying to renovate your home shopping online is a nightmare.

In traditional online models, consumers are presented with dozens of menu options, hundreds of categories, and thousands of product choices.

For applications where a single fixture or small grouping of items needs to be replaced, the existing eRetailers do an adequate job.

However, the online consumer looking to renovate their home is left in a vacuum.

Enter Curativly (pronounced (cur-ay-tiv-lee),
Curativly stands in a category of its own as a total complete home renovation solution.

Curativly combines the most popular architectural styles with our interactive Virtual and Augmented Reality. Consumers can take a quiz, discover their own personal style, design a room in 3D
(Virtual Reality) from floor to ceiling, and get a single white-glove shipment direct to their home . All fixtures and products are carefully selected by designers and product experts and guaranteed to be stylistically coherent and functionally compatible, Prior to purchasing, consumers enjoy our Augmented Reality, and using the screen of their mobile device as their lens, can literally walk through their own room with all of the renovations complete.

Unlike WebGl and other Virtual applications, Curativly's unique technology provides photorealistic results, rending lighting, texture, color, and geometry with breathtaking results- all streamed seamlessly on desktop and mobile.

With more than 15 years of experience in home improvement, we've created a business model that alleviates the pain points consumers experience in traditional eCommerce models. Consumers are matched with qualified installers in their area, can enjoy financing for their project and installation, and received a single white glove shipment direct to their door. All items are inspected to ensure they are correct and damage-free prior to shipping to the consumer to avoid any post-sale headaches.

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Complete Home Rennovation

What Amazon has done for buying books, Air BnB has done for hosting, what Netflix did for movies, what Uber has done for rides, what Apple did for the music industry, Curativly is doing for home renovation.

Leveraging cutting-edge proprietary virtual and augmented reality, consumers can accomplish a stylistically and functionally cohesive home renovation, from floor to ceiling, in a few simple clicks, Curativly is unique in that it is both an interactive design tool as well as an online retail destination. All product and materials have been carefully selecting by design and product experts, sourced from boutique manufacturers, where in many cases, the consumer is not available at their local brick and mortar stores. The post order process is also unique- by aggregating, and inspecting, all products and materials prior to, and then sending a single white-glove shipment to the customer. Customers enjoy several finance options and are paired with high-quality installers in their area.


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Chief Executive Officer
Daniel Travers

Daniel Travers11 years extensive experience with the 3rd largest pure-play online retailer in the home improvement space Worked in key roles including Logistics, Risk Management, Merchandising and User Experience, Customer Acquisition, and Marketing

Vice President Operations
Benjamin Burwell

Benjamin BurwellBen enjoys more than a decade in operations and logistics. Ben served for 9-years with the largest concert production and promotion company in Northern California. As the Production & Venue Manager, Ben executed more than 130 events per year where he orchestrated all aspects of the production from contract management, insurance, logistics, and assembly for major acts in prominent venues.

Vice President Development
Subhed Chavan

Subhed ChavanFull-Stack Development with 8 + years of experience. Subhed's accomplishments are many, with highly successful developments and deployment, building products for startups in IoT, Web, and Mobile applications. Subhed works across the stack with a specialty in the back-end.

Subhed has recently earned his Masters of Computer Science

Vice President Technology/Technologist
Patrick Panella

Patrick PanellaPatrick enjoys 12+ years in 3D modeling and Virtual technology development. Patrick built the HP VR Launch Kit in collaboration with Epic Games. Developed a small handful of applications that were shown off at different developer conferences at the Epic Games Booth.

Chief Financial Officer
Erik Grotte

Erik GrotteErik is an experienced Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with expertise and experience serving a wide variety of companies, including mid-sized privately held companies and not-for-profits. He has an extensive background including Big 4 accounting firm experience, managing teams; and achieving finance and accounting department initiatives.

Erik operates as a fractional CFO with Curativly.

Vice President Sales
Brad Louisana

Brad Louisana37 years experience in Sales in the home improvement space. Brad enjoyed a decade with Black and Decker and 27 additional years operating as an independent manufacturer representative for major consumer brands.

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Individual Investor
Floyd Eugene Damschen

60+ years in Real Estate Development

Invested Amount:
Individual Investor
Byron Younger

Retired Founder of the Second Largest Building Material Supply company in CA



Funding Goal$800,000

Funding Raised So Far$50,000

Funding Commitments$750,000

Funding Remaining$0

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