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CWS Capital

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Company Overview

CWS is an investment fund specializing in the foreign currency market. We help investors diversify their portfolio while managing risk. Our 5-year average annual return on investment (ROI) is 30% (after fees deducted).

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Business Summary

Company Age 9 years, 4 months
Employees 10
Sub-Industry Asset Management
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Foreign Exchange Investment and Track Record

CWS Capital uses foreign exchange as an investment vehicle by making gains (or losses) from the fluctuations between currencies.

Benefits of the Foreign Exchange Market:

1) Largest and most accessible market in the world - Because of the size, there is far less ability for one institution or country to manipulate the movement of any one currency.

2) Currencies move independent of the stock market - Whether the stock market booms or crashes, the currency market will not be affected.

3) Ability to create more predictable, stable returns - This means relatively small movements in currency values can translate into large returns as compared to stocks.

4) Currencies are backed by Governments and their central banks - This equals security for your investment, giving a larger measure of legitimacy, stability, and consistency to the underlying investment.

Historical annual ROI:

2017 - 42.0%
2018 - 27.2%
2019 - 30.9%
2020 - 46.9%
2021 - 41.3%

YTD as of July 31, 2022 - 25.2%


Mark Alexander
President Investment Officer
Mark Alexander

- Mark’s interest in the foreign exchange market as an alternative investment started when he worked in banking.

- Fascinated by it, he spent a lot of time learning more to see how he and his family could benefit from it.

- The result of that was Canadian Wealth Strategies (CWS), which he founded in 2013 and then rebranded to CWS Capital.

- With a strong backing of friends and family he launched the fund and has worked hard to make it grow year over year.

- 'By adding the right people, partners and clients alike, we’re proud to say that our fund is quite unique and not like anything else you may find on the market.'

Travis Gibson
Vice President Operations
Travis Gibson

- Residing in Fort Saskatchewan with his Wife and two young children, Travis has an extensive business background.

- With a strong background in competitive industries as well as competitive sports, Travis has seen his fair share of different situations.

- On top of his role at CWS Capital, he also provides growth consultation to businesses wanting to scale and achieve meaningful growth.

- What excited him about CWS was the vast potential to change people’s portfolio and achieve meaningful wealth creation for generations to come.

Beth Holmes
Senior Sales & Marketing
Beth Holmes

- Prior to joining CWS, she spent the better part of a decade learning and navigating the foreign currency markets.

- This is what makes her so passionate about helping clients grow and diversify their portfolio, she understands our product and is excited to share it with others!

- She holds a CPA designation from the Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta and spent much of her career with the Government of Alberta prior to joining CWS Capital.

- She is a listener and engages clients in a conversation about their long-term investment goals to determine if CWS is a good fit for their portfolio.


Individual Investor
Current Investor Base

The majority of our clients are based in Western Canada but we have clients from across the country.

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To find out if this company and others are accepting funding, .

Funding Goal
Funding Raised So Far
Funding Commitments
Funding Remaining
Funding Type
Pre-Money Valuation
Investor Ownership
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CWS Capital

Edmonton, AB T5J1Z7, Canada

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