Dexwet Air-Filter Technology

New York City, NY 10036, US
Industrial & Manufacturing

Dexwet, a Sustainable Wet Air-Filter Technology, helping to restore the World to Pre-Coronavirus (COVID-19) conditions.

Dexwet, is an Air-Filter Technology Company, a Industry Disruptor, with more than 60 Global Patents, the first of which was filed in 2000. Dexwet Air-Filters mitigate fine dust particles with extraordinary long-term effectiveness against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and other biological hazards.

Dexwet is seeking Investors to help grow as they are exceeding all Company Projections and in the process of signing several contracts with a number of Municipal Government agencies, and also planning to license their Technology with a number of other major air-filter industry companies because of the huge demand for their Technology.

Dexwet Patented “Pure Air-Filter” is used on European standard heat radiators and will be available for US standard exchange vents for both home and commercial use, and will help protect the air we breathe in our homes, offices, schools, automobiles, public transportation and buildings or any other enclosed spaces.

Dexwet Patented Technology has been tested by a European Air Filtration expert to be highly effective against airborne pathogens including the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Report of Peter Tappler, evaluating Dexwet’s Technology is available at:

Dexwet Capital Partners, LLC (the "Company") is a special purpose entity (SPE) formed for the sole purpose of raising capital in order to establish a US factory and to create brand awareness to license the protective Air Filtration Technology.

Dexwet will sell up to 6,800 Series A-1 Preferred Units at US$10,000 per Unit, only to accredited investors in an exempt offering. Also Dexwet will provide investors with a 5.75% annualized dividend paid out quarterly, plus 15% participation of the net annual pre-tax profits.

The Company intend to use the net proceeds from the sale of the Units for investment in a corporate multi-use office building, plant production equipment, working capital, research & development, licensing contracts and contingency costs.

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Dexwet Sustainable Wet-Filter Technology

Dexwet Holdings Corporation ("Parent Company") was established in 2017, and presently has licensing agreement with Novomatics, the second-largest gaming machine company in the world.

Dexwet Filters work to help machines run at their peak efficiency by eliminating 99.99% of fine dust particles from entering the working mechanics of their system. Fine Dust Particles are harmful to people to breathe but are equally harmful to machines that require internal cooling fans.

Dexwet last Patent generation was successfully applied and marketed both with the APF Technology for the Aluminum die casting Industry, including the Motorsport application for NASCAR, a High Performance Motorsport Filter, that help improve torque & speed up to one-second more per-lap during the European NASCAR series a few years ago.

Dexwet Motto: "What goes into a Dexwet Filter Stays in the Filter". Proven and Patented Technology Air-Filters that are highly effective, efficient, durable, reusable, and cost-effective.

For End Customers

For End Customers; and especially for allergy sufferers, asthmatics, and people with respiratory diseases, Dexwet offers a smart range of products that provide and secure clean breathing air at home or work. In the Business segment, Dexwet offers comprehensive systems for clean, healthy air at work and the office. We are the first mover to provide “clean air as a service” with an innovative, holistic approach. For the electronics and automotive industry, we offer a unique framework of effective, benchmark-setting solutions.


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Chief Financial Officer
Gregory Scott Newsome

Gregory Scott NewsomeDexwet Capital Partners, LLC - Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer
Dexwet Holdings Corporation - Executive Board Member
Mr. Gregory Scott Newsome has a wide experience with SMEs, having started, operated, acquired, sold, turned-around, funded, advised, mentored, brokered, invested and was a board director in numerous private and publicly traded companies predominately in North America, Europe & South East Asian regions. Born in Virginia, USA and traveled extensively throughout North America. He has also lived in London, England and has been living in Colombo, Sri Lanka, since 2005. Mr. Newsome holds a BBA Degree in Finance with a focus on Derivative Securities and Investments from James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA. He authored 'SoesBook', a technical book and reference guide for trading on the NASDAQ. He was also an expert witness on electronic trading systems and worked as a multi-exchange consultant for European and South Asian Stock Trading Firms and Exchanges.

Chief Operating Officer
Clemens Sparowitz

Clemens Sparowitz Dexwet Capital Partners, LLC - President and Chief Operating Officer
Dexwet Holdings Corporation - Executive Board Member
Entrepreneur, management book author, and developer of innovative ideas and solutions since the beginning of his career. Following his studies in law and business administration in Graz and Vienna (1994-1998), graduated in Vienna with an Executive-MBA in Integrated Strategy Management (2000-2005) at FHW. He started out professionally in 1996 as team leader and manager at a fundraising agency and subsequently worked as project and sales manager at a Management & IT consulting firm, then became head of marketing at a software development firm. From 2003 through 2006, he was responsible as Manager for facility and organizational development in the rector´s office of the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences in Vienna. Then in 2011, helped found Dexwet International AG and acted as Executive Director since its formation.

Hansjörg Wagner

Hansjörg WagnerChairman of the Board
Dexwet Holdings Corporation
Over 29 years of experience in Senior Executive and Senior Consulting positions in the High-Tech Industry: Networking, Security, Payment Systems, and Internet/Cloud specifically. Has been working in West European, Central European (former East European), all major Asian and Latin American markets, conducting business and/or business development in more than 35 different countries. Lived and worked in 3 Continents and a Permanent Resident of Singapore since 1995.

Wolfgang Schiketanz, PhD

Wolfgang Schiketanz, PhDMember of the Board of Directors
Dexwet Holdings Corporation
Capital Advisor and Financial market expert and asset manager. Wolfgang Schiketanz has many years of experience in portfolio and fund management and in advising private and institutional investors. From 1982 until 1990 he was responsible for the development and evaluation of leverage buyouts and M&A transactions at the GiroCredit Bank in Vienna and New York, from 1990 on he was Head of new issues at Erste Bank and since 1991 head of equity trading at Investkredit. Since 1993 Schiketanz is managing partner of Schiketanz Capital Advisors GmbH. He is an expert in risk management, trading and asset management and lecturer in quantitative asset management at the University of Applied Sciences of BFI. He entered the Board of Dexwet in the Year 2015 and contributed significantly to the capital market strategy of the Company.

Dr. Kosala Heengama

Dr. Kosala HeengamaMember of the Board of Directors
Dexwet Holdings Corporation
Dr. Kosala Heengama brings in more than two decades of digital transformation and informaticist management experience in leading and expanding large global IT service organizations. He has also been instrumental in implementing low-cost, simplified enterprise systems and technologies that work seamlessly for efficient information distribution in multilayer platforms. Dr. Heengama, who works on improved efficiencies and processes in many industries, such as lean organization and Baldrige framework to pursue excellence in organization and leadership, ventured into financial services and strategic investments, also served on several public listed companies. He holds a doctoral degree and master’s in business and technology and specialized in the homeland and digital security. Conversely, Dr. Heengama is a Member of the Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers (MIEEE) and IEEE Computer Society for more than a decade.

Robert Socha

Robert SochaMember of the Board of Directors
Dexwet Holdings Corporation
Stockbroker. Robert Socha qualified as measurement and control technician and for many years held managerial positions as measurement and master electrician at major companies such as EUMIG (1975-1983), Siebdruck Hauser, and Österreichische HIAG Werke AG (1983-1996). In the early 1990s, he became stock exchange and securities trader, initially working as consultant and trader, then going on to become managing director of specialized investment firms such as Brown & Lampe (2001-2003) and Winvestors (2003-2013). He was later independent consultant for Winvestors. Robert Socha was a long-standing member of Contain-Dry AG and Pristec AG´s supervisory boards and has been consultant and member of the supervisory board at Dexwet international AG since 2011.

Director Advisor
Dr. Nader Kasim

Dr. Nader KasimDr. Nader Kasim joined Dexwet Holdings Corporation’s Board of Directors in 2021. He plays an advisory role on the board as the company prepares a major launch into North America with air filters centered on improving human health after many years of success focused on commercial machine health. He is a board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon who has over 24 years of experience in the health care profession. He received his bachelor’s degree in Biology from Yale University and his medical degree from The University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Kasim has been the medical director at the Ambulatory Surgical Center of New Jersey for over 15 years and president of the Advanced Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Center. He has been a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and an active member of the Arthroscopy Association of North America for over 20 years. Dr. Kasim has been involved in various startup companies since 2013, also a member of the advisory board of several prominent companies.

Managing Director Advisor
Mike McCalla

Management Consulting Services.
For questions on investment or need additional information.
Contact Mike McCalla, Finrok Group USA.



Funding Goal$2,000,000

Funding Raised So Far$0

Funding Commitments$1,500,000

Funding Remaining$500,000

Funding TypeEquity

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