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Dictacube, Inc.


Funding Goal $600,000
Funding Raised So Far $65,000
Funding Commitments $145,000
Funding Remaining $390,000
Funding Type Common Equity
Pre-Money Valuation
Investor Ownership
Interest / Dividend
Previous Funding

Company Overview

Dictacube is a new stock company devoted to developing an Internet spatial temporal app for all age groups as the successor to Rubik's Cube. Mesmerizing for the young, exciting/challenging for teens/adults, mentally stimulating for seniors.

Dictacube is a spatial temporal logic puzzle formed from 25 identical components. When assembled, the puzzle forms a solid. Many configurations are possible. The puzzle is perfectly suited to stimulate logical thinking in all age groups.

Most of the development tasks have been completed. Our immediate objective - attain revenue matching 10% of Rubik Cube's, or $350M of their total of $3B. We anticipate after launch to attain 1% of the amount attained by Rubik's, thus the par value would increase 30 fold.
The puzzle is assembled on the internet. Recognizing that success is directly proportional to awareness, we will use social and print media. The majority of the raised funds will be used for marketing in order to heighten awareness of the puzzle.
We are offering small investors the opportunity to buy shares like large investors now allowed under the new SEC Regulations 506(b) and 506(c). There are 285,000 shares available for purchase at $1/share, Each investor will receive a corporate stock certificate in his/her name indicating the number of shares purchased.
. Under the rulings by the SEC, the limitation on how much you can invest depends on your net worth and annual income as described below:

1. If either your annual income or your net worth is less than $100,000, then during any 12-month period, you can invest up to the greater of either $2,000 or 5% of the lesser of your annual income or net worth.
a. Exp: annual income = $40K, net worth = $50K, investment limit = $2K

2. If both your annual income and your net worth are =/> than $100,000, then during any 12-month period, you can invest up to 10% of your annual income or net worth, whichever is lesser, but not to exceed $100,000.
a. Exp: Net worth=$200K, annual income=$140K, investment limit = $14K
Investors wishing to invest a greater amount must demonstrate their qualification. .
After the launch of the digital version, Dictacube will market a physical version.

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Business Summary

Company Age
Prior Year Revenue
Current Year Revenue
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Dictacube - a spatial logic puzzle for all ages

Dictacube is a spatial logic temporal puzzle offering seven levels of difficulty, ranging from level-one – which can be solved by the very young – to level 7. Levels 6 and 7 are far more difficult to solve than Rubik's Cube. In level 6 the pieces can be assembled in only one sequence so that each of the cubes 6 sides are a different solid color. . Level 7 is the most difficult in that each side will display a related image in each one of the over 250 sets, a significant challenge as each individual piece has random markings making it very difficult to identify the correct piece to place and into the only sequence that will display the desired image. The visitors to the website will be able to view a video displaying the assembly steps for each of the puzzles.

The projections shown here do not include the anticipated revenue from Phase 2 - sales of the physical puzzles.


Edward Zalta, MD
Chief Executive Officer
Edward Z......

Edward Z...... , established a national medical management company (PPO) with 350,000 physicians members and 5,000 hospitals. He has owned, operated, and sold six companies, presently a director of 5 Boards and a past director of 23 boards, both for profit and not for profit. He has brought together this 5-member team of experienced and successful entrepreneurs to develop and market a spatial logic puzzle appealing to all age groups and that is far more exciting than the Rubik cube that has enjoyed such huge success.

John Byszewski
Chief Information Technology
John B......

Graduate of University of Notre Dame - BS Mathematics , Texas A&M - MS Meteorology. 32 years as CEO of J&J systems, a systems engineering and software development company with extensive experience in many fields including software development and implementation for law enforcement identification, medical billing, medical diagnostic, and all aspects of financial accounting.

Barry Zalta
Chief Financial Officer
Barry Z......

Over 35 years of experience in accounting. Specializing in taxation. Broad knowledge of business holding or having held a Broker’s License for Securities and Real Estate. Also licensed as a general contractor and life insurance agent. Accounting practice specialized in medical practices. As general partner or managing member; formed numerous limited partnerships and limited liability companies to acquire, develop, own, operate, manage and sell multi-family income and commercial property.

Kris Elftmann
Director Advisor
Kris E......

Kris E...... served as president of Noelle Marketing Group, from 1980 through April, 2015, when he sold the firm. Noelle is creative resources firm that produces sales and marketing materials for corporate and nonprofit clients throughout the United States. Since 1980, Noelle has specialized in developing and manufacturing printed collateral materials and branded specialty products.

He serves on boards of The Center for the National Interest, a non-partisan public policy think tank in Washington DC and the Cystinosis Research Foundation.
In 2011, Mr. E...... retired as chair of the Board of Directors of the Richard Nixon Library Foundation, and as a trustee of the University of California, Irvine Foundation, where he served as a member of the Executive Committee and chaired the Foundation’s Stewardship Committee.
Through the years, he has served on boards of other organizations including DePauw University, Pacific Symphony, Bowers Museum, Great Park Conservancy, Catholic Charitie

Shane Mielke
Director Development
Shane M......

An award winning Interactive Creative Director, Designer, Front-End Developer, Animator, Photographer, Author and Speaker. He has designed, developed or animated 6 Adobe sites of the Day, 2 Awwwards, 32 FWA Sites of the Day, 3 FWA Mobile Sites of the day, 2 FWA Sites of the Month and 2 Adobe Cutting Edge Awards. He serves as a judge for the Adobe® Design Achievement Awards, Flash in the Can Awards, Digital Artist Awards, .net Awards and the prestigious FWA Site of the Year. His work has been featured in over 50 magazines and 18 books. In 2014 he was honored by .Net Magazine as one of the top 50 Internet Designers in the world. His client list includes entities such as Disney, ABC. Adidas, Adobe, Ford, Nintendo, Oakley, Sony, Star Wars and Warner Brothers.


Funding Goal $600,000
Funding Raised So Far $65,000
Funding Commitments $145,000
Funding Remaining $390,000
Funding Type Common Equity
Pre-Money Valuation
Investor Ownership
Interest / Dividend
Previous Funding



Dictacube, Inc.

Laguna Niguel, CA 92677, US

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