Digital Dream Labs, Inc.

Pittsburgh, PA 15215, US
Computer & Control Systems, Robotics

Digital Dream Labs (DDL) is a consumer electronics company which develops patented, industry-leading personal robots and hands-on STEM education video games. DDL makes learning 21st century skills fun while reducing educational inequities in schools.

DDL's products satisfy the need for engaging, language and system-agnostic solutions that allow children of all ages to have fun while learning 21st century skills (communication, collaboration, creativity and computational thinking). With an experienced team and an exciting product roadmap that has the potential for 60%+ revenue growth, DDL is poised to capture its sector of the $4 trillion worldwide education market.

Whether it’s an educational toy robot like Cozmo or an interactive video game for Puzzlets, these engaging products are fun first and make learning incidental. By playing with these products, students are learning more and building confidence in their STEM / STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) skills, making them happier and more engaged students.

In preliminary classroom studies, students using DDL’s hands-on learning solutions showed a 10-25% gain in logic and sequencing skills after only 8 weeks. More importantly, the studies showed that this tactile intervention helped to reduce the achievement gap with at-risk students thriving alongside their classmates.

The educational technology (Edtech) market is projected to grow 16% YoY for the next three years and beyond, and startups and crowd-funded projects are rushing to enter the space, promising revolutionary new learning technologies that are nevertheless unlikely to deliver due to unforeseen distribution and other constraints. With 8,000+ school districts in the United States and millions of families using their products around the world, DDL’s tested manufacturing and development capabilities have already established significant barriers to entry for its competitors.

With the continued growth of the Edtech / smart classroom market and further expansion of the business's consumer sales, DDL is expecting to achieve YoY revenue in excess of $100 million by 2023. Join DDL in its mission to spark curiosity in STEM topics through their innovative, hands-on technology.

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Cozmo - Educational Toy Robot

Cozmo is a an educational toy robot that teaches children aged 8-14 coding through the power of play.

Powered by cutting-edge technology and an unparalleled personality, Cozmo is the ultimate robot for kids to play and learn with. A real-life robot buddy, Cozmo can play games of speed and skill, with 30+ mini-games. Using Code Lab, a complimentary app, children can explore, organize and express their creativity by programming their Cozmo robot.

Vector - Advanced AI / Companion Robot

Designed for technology enthusiasts, Vector is an interactive companion robot made to hang out and help out.

Powered by AI (artificial intelligence) and advanced robotics, Vector is alive with personality and can engage with his surroundings by sight, sound and touch. This personal robot responds to voice commands and can be integrated with Amazon Alexa for a variety of advanced functions. Vector is also compatible with Digital Dream Labs' Open Source Kit for Robots (OSKR). OSKR allows hardcore hobbyists or professional developers to modify the robot's source code to adjust its behaviors, animations and much more.

InfiniDrive - Advanced Slot Car Racing Game

InfiniDrive (formerly Overdrive) is a slot car style racing game take remote control racing to the next level with robotic cars that are controlled by the players' smart phone / tablet.

This popular toy combines a video game interface with self-aware race cars that are driven by artificial inteligence (AI) - ensuring hours of interactive gameplay. Setup is easy and the magnetic track pieces allow for limitless combinations. Infinidrive is easy to pick up and nearly impossible to put down.

Puzzlets - Hands-on Educational Video Games

Puzzlets is proprietary video game platform that integrates with most bluetooth-ready computers / tablets to introduce K-2 students to STEM / STEAM topics, including: coding, math and color theory.

Each game includes a themed set of physical Puzzlets tiles that can be arranged on the Play Tray to relay commands to an accompanying video game. Puzzlets combines hands-on play with interactive gaming to form one seamless experience, engaging the mind and teaching players new ways of thinking about STEM / STEAM topics.


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Chief Executive Officer
Harry Jacob Hanchar

Harry Jacob HancharPh.D. UCLA, MBA CMU, founder, investor, and largest shareholder.
Jacob is CEO of Digital Dream Labs. He serves as adviser and investor to many start-up companies in Western PA. Jacob received his Ph.D. in 2007 from UCLA, where he focused on research in neurological sciences.

Chief Software Engineer
Grant Olson

Grant OlsonSoftware developer with well over a decade of experience. Works primarily in high-level languages like ruby or python, but am comfortable writing C for speeding up those inner loops or patching existing software. Working on the production of Cozmo and Vector and creating next generation tools to take them to new levels.

Chief Technology/Technologist
Thomas Schubert

Thomas SchubertExperienced Senior Electronic Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the mechanical and industrial engineering industry. Skilled in Electronic Engineering, Software Development, Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Design, Product Development, Entrepreneurship and thinking outside the box. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Latrobe University.

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