EarthWise Ferries Uganda Limited

Everett, WA 98201, US
Transportation & Distribution

EarthWise Ferries Uganda Limited (EarthWise) is a Uganda-based company that provides ferry service on the waterways of East Africa. The mission of EarthWise is to provide passenger and freight service across Lake Victoria connecting the major cities on the Lake and restoring the dormant corridors of economic life that once thrived. Of special interest is reconnecting the two largest cities, Kampala, Uganda and Mwanza, Tanzania, which both have urban populations approaching three million people. These cities are only 200 miles apart with Mwanaz having a rail-head leading to the Indian Ocean coastline. However, there is almost no economic connectivity between Uganda and Tanzania due to the collapse of the ferry system. EarthWise plans to expand to other East African waterways as opportunities become economically viable.

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Freight Services

There will be three classes of freight services 1) Roll-on Rail Wagon service ties into existing rail-heads connecting the ports of Port Bell (Kampala, Uganda), Kisumu (Kenya), and Mwanza (Tanzania) 2) Roll-on/Roll-off Truck and Car Ferry Shipping - allows trucks to cross the Lake with their cargo and with accommodation for the driver - on-board immigration and custom officials will allow a delay free unloading process. 3) Shipping of containers across the Lake on self-loading and unloading barges removing the need for sophisticated ports.


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Chief Executive Officer
Robert Smith

Robert T. Smith was born and raised in Southern Africa. He has lived in several African countries and has a heart for the continent. He has a strong background in accounting, manufacturing and contracting both in the US and in South Africa. He has extensive experience in building and manufacturing and has a tenacious ability to accomplish daunting projects.

Mr. Smith relocated to Seattle in 1999 and in 2002 founded Agathos Foundation International - a Seattle-based multi-national NGO caring for widows and orphans in Africa that is currently merging its operations with Uganda based Pilgrim. Presently, Mr. Smith continues his work with Agathos, and is also the founder and president of Thain Boatworks, Inc., a boat building company focusing on wooden pleasure craft and commercial vessels. Rob is the founding chairman of EarthWise Ventures, a company dedicated to investment in East Africa as EarthWise Ferries Uganda Limited. Rob has been married to his wife Merle for 34 years.

Chief Executive Officer
Calvin David Echodu

Calvin Echodu was raised and presently resides in Kampala. Mr. Echodu is the Founder and Executive Director of Pilgrim Uganda, a multi-faceted not-for profit serving the people most vulnerable in Uganda.
He is a visionary, charismatic, social entrepreneur, and has led Pilgrim into areas such as the relief, trauma counseling, and resettlement assistance of internally displaced Ugandans; extensive work in the area of community health and malaria eradication; and basic community development such as schools and education. In addition to the previous efforts, Pilgrim operates with a view towards the future of Uganda, and has conducted significant research and development of biodiesel and other sustainable rural technologies.

Director Manager
Anthony Esenu

Anthony is a trained agro-economist. He is skilled in all aspects of program design, planning, implementation, evaluation, and capacity-building for humanitarian and business operations that are executed at the community, national, and international level. Since 1990 Anthony has applied his program design, management, and gender policy skills in 16 African countries that have experienced extremely difficult conflicts. This includes countries in the Great Lakes Region, Uganda, and the Horn of Africa. Mr. Esenu conducted national assignments for the UN/WFP in Rwanda, Burundi, the Republic of Congo, Brazzaville, DRC, Uganda, Somali Land, Ethiopia, and Armenia. In this capacity, he has worked for and consulted with small NGOs, international NGOs, government ministries/programs, the World Bank, and UN agencies. He serves on the boards of development and private sector organizations which give him practical insights into the whole spectrum of interventions, from conception to evaluation.

Director Counsel/Legal Officer
Julia A Youngs

Julia is an experienced Entrepreneur and Attorney, with a passion for bringing hope and restoration to Sub-Saharan Africa. As a leader committed to developing pragmatic solutions in lesser-developed economies through both philanthropy and free-enterprise, Julia has founded and/or provided strategic direction to numerous not-for-profits and for profit enterprises in a broad spectrum of industries. She has participated in the direction, structuring, and capital raising for a number of private placements both in the US and abroad.

Director Operations
Allan Emejeit

Allen is our Interim General Director-Opertions - Allan Emejeit's operations / logistics knowledge dates back to August 1998. He had vast experience in positions of responsibility and management, in Administration, Finance, Logistics and Operations. He has a high sense of responsibility and dedication to hard work and focused use of professionalism. He is a team leader and this produces reliable results. He has the ability to grasp and quickly internalize new concepts, allowing him to be flexible and take on new challenges. He is able to work under minimum supervision in dynamic & difficult circumstances.

Group Leader/Lead Accounting
Denis Eidu

Denis Eidu has continuous experience in accounting, auditing and finance. Denis has expertise with financial record keeping and reporting, setting up accounting systems, reviewing internal controls, budget processes, and audits.
Among his significant previous positions, Denis has served as Accounts Payable controller Airtel Uganda Ltd where he managed to achieve notable changes including reconciliation of top supplier accounts which were outstanding for some time, improving accuracy of the creditors aging, managing the accounting of strategic partners with minimum queries from group finance, and championed the change from the old ERP (Sun systems) to Oracle. Denis also worked as an audit manager. Denis is a CPA, a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), and a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU).


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