ESG Clean Energy LLC

West Springfield, MA 01089, US
Electricity Generation & Utilities

Distributed Clean Energy and Distilled Water Company

We concentrate our efforts on clean and efficient ways to produce energy. By utilizing “off the shelf equipment” that burns clean natural gas and patented technology, we generate and sell electricity to “A” rated municipal customers or electrical co-operatives. We sequester the lion share of the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced, thus shrinking the carbon footprint of producing electricity. We reduce the impact of greenhouse gases on our climate. By optimizing all of the exhausted waste heat with those same patents, we’re able to manufacture a variety of easily sellable commodities, such as distilled water with virtually little or no impact on the atmosphere. By diversifying revenue streams this very profitable, clean energy investment has a better than 50% EBIDTA.

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3 years, 8 months 8 Low-Emission Electricity Generation

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Clean, Alternative Distributed Energy Generation and Commodity Production

ESG Clean Energy, LLC (ESG) will build, manage and own power plants from 5 MWs to 50MWs for distributed energy. Under a license agreement, ESG makes complete use of no less than 4 patents to generate revenue by selling electricity to the power grid, then using close to 100% of the waste heat for the production and sales of commodities on a distributed basis.

ESG's focus is on clean and efficient ways to produce electricity.. Through patented technology, ESG sequesters 100% of the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced,in power generation, shrinking the carbon footprint and reducing the impact of greenhouse gases on the climate. The patents, allow ESG to manufacture a variety of commodities with little or no impact on the atmosphere.

ESG uses off-the-shelf equipment for electricity generation, commodity production and carbon capture allowing a diversification of revenue streams into a minimum of 6 areas creating an EBIDTA greater than 50% as a hedge against economic or seasonal conditions.


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President Executive Officer
Nicholas "Nick" Scuderi

Nick is the founder, President and Chief Executive of ESG He has over 25 years of experience marketing products and services for various companies, and has served as a senior-level executive with several multi-national corporations including, American Thermaflo, Inc. and Refco Corporation.. Prior to founding ESG Clean Energy, Nick founded and managed Industrial Tool Solutions Inc., an HVAC tool manufacturing company, where he was responsible for global sales and distribution of its products. Nick holds a B.S. in Finance from the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts.

Vice President Business Development
Olen A. Bielski, III

As VP of Business Development, Olen has extensive experience in sales, marketing and business development for a number of high tech, defense and other government contractors including, Sonalysts, Inc., Center for Advanced Fiber Optic Applications, Techman International Corporation, Pioneer Management Systems, Inc., and as Director of Corporate Relations for Westfield State University. Olen had also served on US Congressman Richard Neal's staff and has a background in Government Relations at both the state and national levels Olen holds degrees in Criminal Justice and Political Science from Westfield State University. Olen will be responsible for overall business development for ESG Clean Energy and will also function as project supervisor during the construction phase of various projects.

Managing Director Information Officer
Gary Lantta

Gary is the Managing Director of Investor Relations. He is the relationship manager for accredited individuals and financial intermediaries in support of ESG’s efforts in building product and firm recognition, and long–term relationships. Prior to joining ESG, Gary was co-founder of Wealth Partners Capital (NY), a merchant banking and asset management firm., Gary also served as Managing Director of Business Development at Burnham Asset Management Corporation (NY) where he was responsible for marketing their mutual funds and alternative investment products. Previously, he was managing Director at David W. Tice & Associates Inc. (Dallas, TX) and was responsible for the distribution of the firm’s mutual funds and private partnerships focusing on natural resources and energy. During his time with Tice, Gary grew the firm from $300m AUM to $2bn AUM. At ESG, Gary's responsibilities are investor communications including; project updates, on-site due diligence visits, and upcoming seminars.

Director Technology Officer
Charles "Chuck" Forner, Sr.

Chuck serves as Director of Technology Development for Scuderi Group. Prior to joining that company, Chuck founded Atlantic Refrigerant Resources Inc., a company that reclaimed and purified refrigerants. Chuck has over 25 years of experience in mechanical engineering with companies such as Hughes Aircraft Company, Engineering and Sales Associates, Inc., and ThermaFlo Corporation. In addition, Chuck has significant experience in business management, marketing and sales. Chuck has been is an inventor on several issued patents and patents pending. Chcuk holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Youngstown State University, and is a member of the Lubricants and Powertrain Committee of the Society of Automotive Engineers. Chcuk will be responsible for project and design management, and will assist in identifying and implementing new technologies.

Vice President Strategic Affairs
Lutz Deyerling

As VP of Strategic Affairs and Director of European Operations, Lutz is located in Frankfurt Germany, and he has had extensive experience is developing the European markets for various companies. Lutz is a graduate of the University of Mannheim with a degree in finance and banking. Lutz has worked for some of the largest investment banking firms in both Europe and the U.S.

Vice President Operations
Peter Saros

As VP of Operations for ESG Clean Energy, Peter manages a variety of business and engineering opportunities and relationships for both short-term and long-term growth potential. Peter has a Bachelor of Engineering degree from State University of New York at Stony Brook.. He has worked for several major firms such as Schenck Trebel, and Johnson Controls. Peter has successfully founded and operated VIP International Service Network, Inc. for several years.



Funding Goal$7,500,000

Funding Raised So Far$2,500,000

Funding Commitments$0

Funding Remaining$5,000,000

Funding TypeEquity

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