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Funding Goal $500,000
Funding Raised So Far $100,000
Funding Commitments $0
Funding Remaining $400,000
Funding Type Convertible Stock
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Company Overview

Hometown Workforce is the world's first home services marketplace. Our tech turns peoples skills into successful businesses by making their services as easy to order as products off Amazon.

Hometown Workforce is a platform designed to solve the $657 billion home service industry's 2 biggest problems.

1. Making it easy for contractors to turn their skills into successful businesses. (Democirtize the American dream.)
2. Provide consumers easy on-demand access to home services. (Ensure contractors are reliable and honest. Meaning they show, do a good job, and don’t overcharge.)

Go to, pick a service, pick an arrival window, then deposit 1% down to contractually lock the estimated price and time in. This order process automates the contractor's business. It tells them where to go what to do and when to be there. Then we take care of everything else. By providing and scheduling jobs we know if the contractor doesn't show up or overcharges in real time. This accountability is how we help ensure they are reliable and honest.

This also works as the backend of our AI assistant. Define your service and our AI assistant will find the contractor, book the service, and pay for it instantly.

Try it here:
Or visit our marketplace here:

People define their service area with ZIP codes and then create a series of service listings. Next, they choose the hours they are not available to work. When services are ordered it populates their calendar with jobs during the hours they leave open. This automates their business. Their only responsibility is to be reliable and honest. We take care of everything else.

Our business model is simple we take 24% of all services completed through the platform.

The home service industry is in complete chaos because there is no accountability. Our mission is to organize services in the same way Amazon did products. This year we have proved our tech works by creating 8 new businesses in 3 cities. We have a solid plan to scale across the US. Our technology is fully functional, we just need funds to launch new locations. See our marketing strategy below.

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Home services marketplace

The entire platform revolves around our revolutionary services marketplace. It works by breaking specific services down into incremental estimated prices and completion times called "variations". For example, the service listing "Pressure Wash A Single Lane Driveway."

Its 3 variations are:
1. Under 60 feet is $100 and 2 hours,
2. 61-120 feet is $175 and 3 hours,
3. 121-180 feet is $250 and 4 hours.

Breaking services down like this makes it's possible for consumers to book the service directly on the contractor's calendar. This blocks off X number of hours and then the spot is reserved by depositing 1% down. This contractually obligates the contractor to show up and honor the price. It also gives flexibility to the final price in case the customer chooses the wrong variation or the driveway is actually 2 lanes. It also keeps contractors from making up prices (price gouging is nearly impossible.)

This works for nearly all services. Even professional services like photography.

Business management software that ensures people are honest and reliable

The problem everyone (investors, advisors, etc.) has with our platform is they struggle to believe we have created software that can ensure business owners are honest and reliable. The fact is we have we have proven over and over this system works. In fact, it's not radically different from any home services management software. Jobs are issued to specific technicians and they are responsible for completing the work.

The innovation in our software is breaking services down into incremental variations so consumers can book them directly on the contractor's calendar. This automates the contractor's business. It provides and schedules jobs with zero human oversight. It also holds both parties accountable with zero human oversight. Because it manages each job in real-time. If either party does not hold up their end of the bargain the software knows immediately. Only then is a human required to step in.

This makes us infinitely scalable.

Game inspired training program

The training program works like a modern computer game. But instead of playing an imaginary character, the student is the character. Students choose one of 39 trades available in their area and then must complete a series of progressively harder daily objectives until they graduate with an LLC. Talented individuals can complete the program in as little as a few days, whereas others could take up to 2 months. There are two types of mandatory daily objectives. One is working on-site with an instructor completing jobs specific to the student's career path. Second is helping graduate contractors complete their jobs. Also available in optional side quests. Group activities like volunteering for Habitat for Humanity or attending a professional development seminar. Every accomplishment has an Achievement and Experience Points associated with it which shows up on the contractor's public profile. This provides consumers with a transparent look into the contractor's background.

Marketing Strategy (Our Blueprint)

Launching new locations is easy and inexpensive (about $2000) because our technology takes care of running the businesses. We extend our Google My Business to the new city. Then we start pumping money into it. It takes about 50 jobs before word of mouth takes over. CAC @ $23 each. Combine that with strategic partnerships (condos, property managers, real estate agents) and it takes us about 2 weeks to get a new business at full capacity. Meaning all the jobs they can do. We need a single rep to manage the area at $20 an hour. Their responsibility is dealing with customers and collecting money.

We started with the handyman trade because that is by far the most complicated. It takes a lot of listings to break down the price and completion time of all their services. It would take little effort to add the other 38 trades to each city. House cleaning, appliance repair, etc. Each business brings in about $2000 per week so around $500 net revenue. 3 businesses make the location profitable.

How do we find contractors?

The other main question we get is how do we find contractors? That's the easiest part of all, there is no shortage of people who want a successful business that they dont have to run. We already have over a thousand applications. Every time we post a new job we get more applications than we can go through. It's crazy actually, we have parents calling for kids and wives calling for husbands. Our target is former employees with a solid track record, not handyman business owners who chose that career because they don't the structure or being told what to do.

This is like any regular job, you have to show up or you get fired. Only here, you're the business owner and you get paid like the business owner. Our contractors seem to take pride because they know it's their business.


Jason VanZant
Chief Executive Officer
Jason V......

Jason is a lifetime contractor with over 20 years experience. In addition, he has founded 6 other companies since 2007. Everything from Amazon FBA to a VOIP service. No one is better suited to lead a construction tech company.

Fatih Yenner
Technology Officer
Fatih Y......

Faith is a lifelong programmer and computer engineer. He has successfully developed over 100 websites as well as built a variety of computer games and apps. Hometown would not exist today without Fatih's 3 years of full-time dedication.

Don Gurganus
General Executive Officer
Don G......

Don is a retired Airforce chief master sergeant, home renovator and philanthropist. He brings over 30 years of leadership experience to the team. In addition Don is also the company's chief evangelist and manager of the training division.

Chief Marketing
Da'Shaun J......

Da'Shaun is Jason's right-hand man and vital to the operation of the business. He focuses on company growth and contractor management. He has over 8 years of marketing experience.


Funding Goal $500,000
Funding Raised So Far $100,000
Funding Commitments $0
Funding Remaining $400,000
Funding Type Convertible Stock
Pre-Money Valuation
Investor Ownership
Interest / Dividend
Previous Funding



Hometown Workforce

Biloxi, MS 39531, US

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