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iBUILT is redefining construction by using technology and offsite manufacturing to design and build better buildings, in half the time, and at significant cost savings compared to conventional construction.

iBUILT has reimagined what a building is, how it is designed and constructed, and how it is managed post construction, in order to solve the inefficiencies and pain points that have plagued the construction industry for far too long. By using state-of-the-art technology to seamlessly integrate planning, design, detailing, offsite manufacturing and onsite assembly, iBUILT is able to eliminate inefficiencies at each stage of the building lifecycle and achieve approximately 20% lower construction cost and 50% faster construction.

In transforming the construction value proposition. iBUILT is rethinking the entire design, development and construction process to create end products -- buildings -- that are more sustainable, meet the highest standards nationally, and are “smarter” than those that result from a traditional development approach. iBUILT’s proprietary software and process ensure each project’s financial viability with guaranteed budgets and timelines, and no change orders.

iBUILT was formed by combining the assets of Deluxe Modular, an industry leader in modular construction for over five decades, with new technology and approaches to transform the way buildings are built and managed. The company’s 24-acre manufacturing campus and three manufacturing facilities provide enormous manufacturing capacity and easy access to rail, ship and truck transportation.

All of these factors have culminated to tremendous demand and an ever-growing list of new projects. Since March 2020, iBUILT has written over $240 million of new business contracts, with an additional $200 million expected to be signed in the next 30-45 days.

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End-to-End Design, Detailing Fabrication and Assembly of Modular Buildings

iBUILT’s end-to-end services seamlessly integrate design, detailing, fabrication and onsite assembly to deliver better quality buildings at a lower cost and in significantly less time than is possible with conventional construction.

iBUILT does this by derisking much of the development process and working with its developer and owner clients to remove the inefficiencies that cause construction projects to go over budget and beyond schedule, and enable them to get to market with the right product more quickly and cost effectively.


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Chief Manufacturing/Production
Gonzalo Gonzalez

Gonzalo GonzalezGonzalo has over 20 years of experience in world-class manufacturing. He has a wealth of global expertise in designing, leading, and ramping up large-scale manufacturing solutions, has led multi-cultural teams for greenfield and M&A projects and possesses a vast knowledge of the automotive, consumer electronics, telecom, healthcare and semiconductor industries.

Before joining iBUILT, Gonzalo was a Senior Director of Manufacturing Engineering at Tesla, where he led the engineering team's manufacturing of Tesla's battery pack. He was involved in the ramp up of the M3 and MY and drove automation solutions that optimized the overall manufacturing process and yielded millions of dollars in operational cost savings.

Prior to Tesla, Gonzalo was VP of Operations and Engineering at Jabil, where he was responsible for a $2.3 billion P&L and 15,000 employees. He also led the automation and standardization processes, as well as managed Jabil's client relationships with Apple and GoPro.

Chief Engineering
Kazim Aya

Kazim AyaKaz has been designing and building robotic automation, hard automation, industrial machines, large machine tools, tools and dies, fixtures, and test facilities for over 40 years. He holds patents in the U.S. and Europe, has been responsible for multi-billion-dollar budgets, and has managed teams numbering in the thousands. Kaz has extensive international experience and has held executive leadership roles in the automotive, aerospace, defense, chemical and office furniture industries. He has built hundreds of production and maintenance facilities around the world, many of which involved innovative solutions for complex manufacturing challenges.

Kaz is fluent in several robot, PLC, OPC, and industrial machine languages, many programming languages, 2D and 3D CAD design, and FEA, DFMA, and VAVE, technologies. Kaz holds a French Baccalaureate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

Chief Information Officer
Nick Martin

Nick MartinNicholas is a cybersecurity expert with over 15 years of management and IT expertise protecting the integrity of hardware, software, and data. Through his own firm, he guided a multidisciplinary team of security and IT specialists, who supported clients in industries ranging from healthcare, law, insurance, government, capital management, and the nonprofit space for a decade. Through this company, Nicholas developed and sold solutions which his firm is still the only service provider of in the world.

Nicholas has frequently been a technical advisor, assisting private equity and venture capital firms around the world with due diligence on high-profile transactions. He also has a partnership with the Department of Homeland Security, United States Secret Service and is part of their Electronic Crimes Task Force.

With a business management proficiency from Harvard Business School, Nicholas now applies his capabilities to ameliorate, optimize and fortify iBUILT Group’s digital assets

Chief Operating Officer
Brett Stevens

Brett StevensBrett has over 20 years of experience managing existing businesses, startups, teams, and client relationships. He has global client experience with wide range of organizations, including many Fortune 500 companies in the automotive banking, biotechnology, higher education, financial services, government, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, medical device, military, pharmaceutical, real estate, retail, service, and technology market sectors.

Brett is a subject matter expert in development, financing, design, and construction; a LEED Accredited Professional; a member of the Urban Land Institute; a 15-year Environmental Leadership Program Fellow; a member of the U.S. Green Building Council; and a Habitat for Humanity Board Member. Brett’s industry awards include the Top 15 Stars to Watch in National Student Housing and the Business Review Top 40 Under 40. Brett holds an undergraduate degree in Journalism and an MBA from Drexel University’s Lebow College of Business.

Vice President
Joseph Styczynski

Joseph StyczynskiJoe has 40 years of industry experience and is considered an expert in the fields of construction management and estimating. phase. His work has taken him across the county from New York to California, Iowa, Texas, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, New Hampshire and Maine. His project values have ranged from small tenant fit ups to $150 million hospitals and clinical facilities.

Joe has worked with many highly respected clients including Kaiser Permanente, US Department of Energy, Stanford University, Army Corps of Engineers, Somerset CPA’s and Advisors, and the Department of Transportation and Office of General Services of New York State. He also serves as a Committee Advisory member and teaches in the Civil Technology curriculum at his alma mater, Hudson Valley Community College (HVCC) in Troy, NY. After HVCC. Joe completed his baccalaureate studies at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

Chief Technology Officer
Danil Nagy

Danil NagyDanil is a designer, educator, and entrepreneur creating technology to transform the building industry. Trained as an architect, he has expertise across a diverse set of fields including professional practice, research, and software development.

Danil graduated with honors from Columbia University in New York City with master’s degrees in both Architecture and Urban Planning. He spent five years as Principal Research Scientist at Autodesk, where he led research projects focused on the intersection of design and artificial intelligence, as well as consulting projects with companies across a wide range of industries including automotive, aerospace, building construction, and civil engineering.

Danil teaches architecture and technology at Columbia University and Pratt Institute in New York. As iBUILT’s CTO, he oversees the development of ground-breaking technologies to change the way buildings are designed, constructed, and operated.

Chief Marketing Officer
Melissa Kalish

Melissa KalishMelissa has over 30 years of experience leading transformational B2B and B2C branding and integrated marketing initiatives that strengthen customer engagement, drive growth and build shareholder value. She has an expansive breadth of expertise across branding and marketing disciplines including customer experience optimization, brand, digital and marketing strategy, and integrated marketing communications.

Melissa has held leadership positions at FutureBrand, BrainReserve, and most notably, spent 12 years at Interbrand, where she played an integral role building the firm into a leading global brand consultancy. She has also led corporate marketing and branding for fintech innovator, First Data. Melissa has advised numerous global leaders including General Motors, Honda, IBM, UPS, P&G, The Coca-Cola Company, AT&T, Nike, American Express, J&J, and United Way. She graduated summa cum laude with a BA in Economics from University of Maryland and holds an MBA from The Wharton School.

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