iGlass Technology, Inc.

Irvine, CA 92618, US
Electronics & Instrumentation

We manufacture and sell Wisp "digital blinds" - a digitally dimmable electrochromic thin film that can be applied to the inside surface of any existing windows. It provides digital sunlight control and upgrades any window into a smart window connecte

iGlass Technology Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of thin flexible transparent electrodes and matching electrochromic materials and devices based on it, with diverse market applications. The Company has created a new category in smart window appliances – “digital blinds” - a dimmable, flexible and durable film with digitally tunable light transmittance, which is performing similar but better than your old traditional blinds.
Our first product in this category - Wisp® digital blinds - can be easily installed on any existing window as a retrofit solution. It features wireless power and digital sunlight controls which upgrade every window into a smart window connected to your Smart Home or Smart Office for solar protection, visual and thermal comfort, and energy efficiency of the building.
Our next products target automotive, rechargeable batteries, and touch screens and displays markets. Our manufacturing and corporate headquarters are located in Irvine, California. Company SIC code 3822; NAICS code 334512

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Wisp by iGlass Technology

Just like dark glasses, Wisp-enabled windows stay perfectly clear even in the darkest tinted state. But unlike the glasses, you don’t need to take them off the window when the sun goes down – you tune the tinting level with a switch in real time, the way you adjust the volume of the headphones! Moreover, you can choose to tint any part of the window, top or bottom. It is voice-controlled with Amazon Alexa or Google Home, or from an App for Android or iOS device.
Wisp® digital layer uses very little energy (1.5V) and can work autonomously with a built-in solar panel.
It works as a stand-alone product and seamlessly integrates into the smart home/building infrastructure.


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Chief Executive Officer
Boris Maslov

Boris MaslovPreviously Boris has worked as President at Ener-Core, CEO at Flex Power Generation, Ecron.
Before that, as CEO & previously Vice President & CTO at WaveCrest Labs; Vice President at FlexEnergy.
Boris has graduated Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and is a PhD in Electrical Engineering.

Chief Operating Officer
Alexander Timofeev

Alexander TimofeevAlexander Timofeev is a Co-Founder, COO, and Board Chairman at iGlass Technology. Previously Alexander has been in a similar role at Microbor-Nanotech, MTD, InvestCinemaProject. Alexander is a Managing Partner at FPI Partners.
Alexander has degrees from the Institute of Physics and Technology, and Latvian State University majoring in Physics.

Chief Technology Officer
Nikita Kruglikov

Nikita KruglikovNikita is heading product Research and Development, he is Co-Founder, Product Director and Board Member at iGlass Technology.
Previously Nikita was acting as CEO at MONOCRYSTALL Synthesis. He founded
Dni Vision, worked as Development Director and Co-founder at UniSASsynthesis. Nikita has graduated from Novosibirsk State University, MS in Physical Chemistry.

Chief Marketing Officer
Maxim Khabur

Maxim KhaburMaxim Khabur is a CMO at iGlass Technology.
He was previously working as a Marketing Director at FPI Partners, before that he was leading an advertising agency as a Managing Director, Young & Rubican Group (Moscow), and a marketing consultancy as Managing Director, Added Value (Moscow). Maxim headed marketing at TNK-BP as a Senior Marketing Manager.
He graduated from Military Academy, MS from Plekhanov Academy of Economy and HULT Business School.

Chief Information Officer
Nikolay Kovshov

Nikolay KovshovNickolay Kovshov is a CIO and Director of Smart Home Integration at iGlass Technology. Previously Nikolay worked in a similar role at sputnik.ru, wwpass.com, qwcap.com.
He also was the lead developer and head of R&D groups in a number of software start-ups involved in big data analytics. Nikolay holds PhD in applied math from MIPT.

General Advisor
Alexey Bashkirov

Alexey BashkirovMr. Bashkirov is a Board member at iGlass Technology.
At present, he is also the Deputy CEO for Investments and a member of the Management Board of Interros.
Alexey was born in 1977. In 1999 he received a degree from the School of International Economic Relations at MGIMO (the Moscow State Institute of International Relations).
Alexey worked at ING Barings' corporate banking division, Morgan Stanley's Investment Banking Department, McKinsey & Co., Goldman Sachs' Special Situations Group. In 2009 Mr. Bashkirov joined Interros. Since March 2013, he has been the Interros Deputy CEO for Investments. He has also been a member of the Management Board since 2011.
Alexey is on the Board of other companies, such as ProfMedia Holdings, Cinema Park, Rosa Khutor and ProfEstate.
In March 2013, he became a member of the Board and Chairman of the Budget Committee of MMC Norilsk Nickel.

Vice President Business Development
Val Krivenko

Val KrivenkoVal is a Managing Partner at FPI Partners, he is on the Board of iGlass Technology.
Previously Val worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Company, ONEKSIM Group, Head of technology and investments at SIBUR.
Val graduated from London Business School, MBA; UCLA, and Moscow State University of International Relarions.

Chief Science/Scientist
Evgeny Vasiliev

Evgeny VasilievEvgeny is the lead engineer of the R&D department, he is a Co-Founder and Board Member at iGlass-Technology.
Previously Evgeny has worked as Senior Researcher at Novosibirsk Institute of organic chemistry of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science.
Evgeny has graduated Novosibirsk State Technical University and is a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry.

Chief Manufacturing/Production
Alexey Ilyin

Alexey IlyinPreviously Alexey was acting as General Manager of different companies, being responsible for contraction and starting up of new industrial plants in Russia, China, and Indonesia. He has working experience with Nestle, Coca-Cola, Knauf and other world-known companies.
Alexey has graduated from Samara State Technical University and completed his MBA program at Antwerp University.

Chief Financial Officer
Konstantin Nikitin

Konstantin NikitinBefore joining iGlass Technology team Konstantin served as the CFO at Riyada Group, and also as the CFO at West Siberian Petrol Refinery. He also as banking experience from his position as the Senior Credit Manager at Bank Uralsib.
Konstantin graduated from Omsk State University and got his MBA at AMAI University.

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Invested Amount:
Venture Capital Fund

FPI Innovation - a venture investment fund with a focus on proactive management at an early stage of innovative high-tech projects.
The Fund was founded in 2011, major offices are in the United States and Russia.
The Fund's mission: the transformation of scientific and technical ideas into commercially viable business projects.
FPI VENTURE CAPITAL is an investor which transforms reality, using ideas and know-hows as a spring-board to create real business models with high value.

We are focused on high-tech industrial projects in the b2b segment (except for pharmaceuticals and IT/Internet). The main sectors for investments:
New materials
New chemical processes and technologies
Laser Technology
Energy saving and energy efficiency
Oil and Gas Technologies

We invested or lead the investment of a total of $7,500,000 into iGlass Technology through Seed Round ($200k), Debt ($800k), Round A ($3M), Round B...



Funding Goal$5,000,000

Funding Raised So Far$0

Funding Commitments$1,500,000

Funding Remaining$3,500,000

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