Insynctive, Inc.

Walnut Creek, CA 94597, US
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8M Employers need automated pre-hire, onboarding, HRIS, benefits administration, payroll services, and more. NOW they want these solutions integrated. Their 650K Service Providers don’t have. this. . Insynctive fills that gap! That's Insynctive.!

Insynctive is a cloud based white label platform for Service Providers such as HR Outsourcers, Benefits Brokers, Payroll Groups and more to offer to their 8M clients to automate the pre-hire, Onboarding, HRIS, Benefits Administration and a pre-integrated third party products and services.. This creates an $10B annually recurring SAM.

By pre-integrating an ever expanding set of services Insynctive is a configurable solution that creates a customized solution for each client that is rapidly deployable.

This is the second time that I have been in this business. The last time was in a benefits administration solution for eBay (as a 150 person group to over 6,000), E*Trade, Sony PlayStation, Blue Shield of California and Dryers Ice Cream and more.

Insynctive is now live with ADP Marketplace and our bi-directional and SSO integration to ADP WorkForce Now for their mid-market clients with 50 to 999 employees. ADP WorkForce Now has 200k to 250k employer clients. This is worth $100M per month in SAM..

Insynctive is part of the ADP Marketplace. The ADP Marketplace group is very excited about the bi-directional and SSO integration to Workforce Now for companies with 50 to 1,000 employees. There are 200K to 250K corporation clients that we are pre-integrated to. The SAM is $100M MRR! Now the market is driving Insynctive into bigger ADP clients where we will integrate to their solution called Vantage for corporations with 1,000 employees and greater. By pre-integrating to ADP Vantage that is a $1B MRR SAM.

ADP Totals Source (PEO) is rolling us out in Nevada.

Insynctive’s platform helps our distributors, reduce their costs and those of their clients, cross-sell additional products and services per client, win new business and generate greater profits.

We are seeking $%M in new Series Seed investment. Stanford-StartX will invest 10% up to $500K. if the lead investor is a "professional" investor.

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Onboarding, HRIS. Benefits Administration, + Integrated Payroll.. And More.

Insynctive is a cloud based white label HR platform that is specifically designed and developed for HR Service Providers and Benefits Brokers to offer to their clients a unified platform and superior set of traditional HRIS services, HR Compliance services, service desk tools, and our Insynctive Integrated Apps Market™ (our Apps store) for their small to medium sized business clients. Insynctive is about pre-integrating HR data systems and managing the data exchange.

Insynctive Integrated Apps Market™ offers pre-integrated internally created and third party best-of-breed products and services. There are Apps for benefits communication, election, enrollment and transactions, an App for a payroll solution from ADP Marketplace, ADP WorkForce Now, and much more.

The Insynctive value proposition is that Insynctive can help our distributors, reduce their costs and those of their clients, cross-sell additional products and services per client and generate greater profits.


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Chief Executive Officer
Gary M. Goldstein

Gary M. GoldsteinGary is a co-Founder of Insynctive. Gary plays a significant role in Insynctive as its President and COO, Board member and angel investor.

Gary was a founder of one of the original online benefits communication, enrollment, administration and transaction companies called BISNet that was successfully sold in 2005, a professional division head or CEO of other companies allows me to be a versatile and powerful addition to Insynctive, Inc..

Gary's Specialties: Serial Entrepreneur, Strategic Planning, Competitive analysis, financing, growing a company to profitability, Internet B2B, Marketing Strategy, Leadership, mentoring people

Chief Technology Officer
Chip Pettibone

Chip PettiboneChip is the VP of Product for Insynctive. Chip wears many hats beyond product including the product Roaddmap and the staff and resource planning of our development teams.

Chip is an experienced software product management executive with a successful track record working in entrepreneurial environments to build innovative, new products. He balances strong technical and business acumen. His career has included positions in marketing, sales, business development and general management and expects consistent delivery of product and business results.

Chips specialties are software product management; subscription-based business models; SaaS and cloud-computing; ecommerce; mobile apps; eLearning, corporate learning development and platforms; web analytics; content management; product marketing, business development; managing product development, both internal and outsourced; agile development; and channel management; professional services.

Chief Operating Officer
Michael Gertsch

Michael GertschMichael is a Global Financial Services Executive focusing on Digital Transition, Business Strategy and InsurTech. Michael has lived in insurance world all his life and has started, grown and successfully sold businesses all over the world. Michael is an InsurTech expert for investors.
Michael is a really great addition to the team.


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