Financial Services

The primary activities involves Structured finance, and focused on three markets: Insurance, media and Technology.
IS2's approach to finance by applying core principles of perceived value into a true intrinsic value by a Disruptive method.

IS2CP, INC: Established in 1975 as a multi-national company, the company has created several innovative financial models to inject fresh capital to be injected into specific financial markets, especially for the municipalities and financial institutions, in response to the current United States financial crisis.
IS2 has over 44 years experience in understanding the philosophies, nuances and operations of the insurance industry and the benefits to financial institutions. This unique experience led to the development of an intrinsic blend of benefits for insurance companies and financial institutions; Thus producing a reinvigorated community of willing investors to seize a myriad of meaningful new business/financial opportunities.
IS2 has utilized several innovative approaches to structured finance by applying core principles of converting perceived value into a true intrinsic value. In layman’s words, when in a crises, it utilizes your current assets, with new ideas and removes the customary leveraging options. The Company is currently registered as a contractor for the U.S. Government with FDIC, CCR and NCAGE and NATO.
Is2 has a credit worthy capacity of $212 million dollars and through hard work and its innovative approaches has achieved the highest credit rating (5A1) that Dun & Bradstreet issues; IS2 has successfully completed over 91 transactions worldwide, ranging from $10-$50 million USD for transactions involving of credit risk mitigation, and bond development program. The Company has acted in the following capacities: Finance Advisor, Insurance Underwriting. Also we had performed in bond development in the emerging market.

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Counter Balance Capacity

A Credit approach by way of a counter-balance capacity model creates a minimal risk to Investor(s)’ funds once the Investment model is complete the funds raised in the offering supersede Investor(s)’ funds in their Custodial Trust Account.


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Samia Anwar El Baroudy

Ms. El Baroudy has held several key position as an employee of the World Bank for over 20 years: Principal Operations Officer, Deputy Chief of Mission, Principal Country Officer, Senior Country Officer/Senior Operations Officer. She is a US Citizen who is Egyptian by birth, and speaks six languages. She currently is a co-founder and the General Manager of a private international investment & finance firm.

Josefa T Doran

A administration for Bureau of Internal Revenue official for 43 years experience in taxation. Presently, a tax consultant in IS2CP. She holds a degree in Accounting Law and masters degree in Business and Public Administration.

Executive Vice President Business Development
Edward Villanueva

Mr. Villanueva is a Director of IS2CP. He has had an extensive banking and finance career combined with work as a professional consultant, auditor, and manager. He has served nearly two decades in senior management positions at U.S. banking institutions and his experience runs the gambit from corporate matters to working with high net worth investors. His range of experience within the banking and finance industries is significant. (Mr. Villanueva is a Veteran.)

Director Information Officer
Roderick Bolar

Mr. Bola is the Government Affairs Director for IS2CP, Inc. He serves with the Chicago Fire Department, where he is assigned to the Special Operations Battalion. He is a Veteran.

Administrative Development
Allen Barbour

Mr. Barbour has a Bachelor's of Science degree from Southern Illinois University. He serves as an Administrative Assistant at IS2CP offices in Chicago.

Assistant Counsel/Legal Officer

Bachelor of Arts (Economics – Management)
University of the Philippines in the Visayas, Iloilo City
Bachelor of Laws (Llb) Cum Laude & Leadership Award (RYLTI)
Central Philippine University, Jaro, Iloilo City
Masters in Management (Business Management)
University of the Philippines in the Visayas, Iloilo City
Masters of Laws (on-going)
San Beda University, Manila
Professional Affiliation:
President, Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) Chapter (2013-2015)
Secretary, Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) Western Visayas Region
President, Women Lawyers Association of the Philippines (WLAP)
Professor, Central Philippine University, College of Law (1995 – present)
Senior Lecturer, University of the Philippines in the Visayas, College of
Management (1995 – present)
Corporate Member, Iloilo Mission Hospital, Jaro, Iloilo City

Acting/Interim Counsel/Legal Officer
Robert Fields

Attorney in Fact
He is a disciple of conglomerate thought creating innovative streams
of finance and financial security of those who deposit their trusts in
his ability to define their future. His 38 years as an earth walker and
globe-trotter has created within him a transcendent awareness of the
insurance industry and how its products can best be used to further
the world of finance and securities to help position clients’ investment
advantages far beyond the normal risks and loss of returns. He parlayed
a family owned company which was $2.0 Million in debt, and that same
company is now a $70 Million equity and a debt free company.
He is the IS2CP’s Rock of Gibraltar.

Group Leader/Lead Media/Communication
Michael Slifkin

Filmmaker/Producer/Entertainment Executive with more than 30 years of successful experience in the film, television and entertainment related industries. Michaels background includes extensive experience in all areas of production and distribution.
Michael has worked many of the most notable entertainment professionals and companies in the world including:: James Cameron, Gale Anne Hurd, Rob Reiner, Sony Pictures, Universal Pictures, Hemdale Film, 20th Century Fox, MGM/UA, Lionsgate, Paramount, and Warner Brothers.

Group Leader/Lead Technology Officer
Tim Slifkin

Mr. Slifkin is an experienced Electronics Engineer and entrepreneur. He is one of the pioneers in fields including the “Internet of Things” (IOT), wireless sensors, Industrial Internet applications, location services (GPS and other location technologies), vehicle dynamics, remote monitoring and tracking, and numerous other industrial applications. He is the author of multiple patents and has founded and successfully grown complex technology companies. He has worked in international projects in a number of countries including: Canada, Australia, UK, Europe, Mexico, South Africa, Romania, Mozambique, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. He was successful in transitioning a technology company he founded for approximately $20 Million.

Administrative Counsel/Legal Officer
Von Lovel Diestro Bedona

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science in Commerce
Major in Accounting, 1978
Central Philippine University, Iloilo City
Bachelor of Laws, 1983
Central Philippine University, Iloilo City
Master of Laws (39 Units Earned)
San Beda University, Manila
Managing Partner
Bedona Bedona Cabado & Endonila Law Offices
Bankers Village VI, Dungon B, Jaro, Iloilo City
President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Capiz Emmanuel Hospital, Roxas City
Governor for Western Visayas Region
And Vice President for Western Visayas
Integrated Bar of the Philippines
Dona Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila
University Church
Central Philippine University, Jaro, Iloilo City
Member, Board of Trustees
Central Philippine University, Jaro, Iloilo City
Corporation Member and Legal Counsel
Iloilo Mission Hospital, Iloilo City
Professor and Reviewer In Labor Law
Central Philippine University, Jaro, Iloilo City



Funding Goal$30,000,000

Funding Raised So Far$34,500,000

Funding Commitments$0

Funding Remaining$0

Funding TypeEquity

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