Magneto Innovations

Marion, AR 72364, US

Magneto Innovations is a start-up company for R&D and licensing of a patent pending technology for printable magnetic field sensors. Having the ability to print magnetic sensors directly to substrates, such as plastic, allows for sensors of various size and shapes using standard printing technology in the printed electronics industry. The technology allows for the creation of inexpensive printed magnetic sensors for general use, as well as custom designed low cost printed magnetic field sensor arrays to meet specific application requirements.

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Printable Magnetic Sensors

Magneto Innovation's goal is to be the leading company for printed magnetic field sensors by discovering innovative ways to integrate the sensors into existing and new magnetic sensor applications. We have exclusive rights to a patented technique to print magnetic sensors from a special magnetic sensing ink containing nanowires. What makes these nanowires unique is that their electrical resistance changes in the presence of a magnetic field. We can print the nanowires onto plastic, paper, or printed circuit board substrates. The printed magnetic sensors can be used to create non-contact position sensors, proximity sensors, pressure sensors, and human interface devices used in many applications.


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President Engineering
Bryan Cox

Dr. Bryan Cox has a passion for developing technology that change the norm and help make the world a better place. He received his bachelors in Electrical Engineering, in 2007, from the University of Arkansas. In 2008, Bryan decided he wanted to be on the cutting edge of technology by studying Micro/Nanotechnology at Louisiana Tech University, where he earned a Masters and Ph.D. in Engineering with a concentration in Micro/Nanotechnology. During his time at Louisiana Tech University, he worked as a Graduate Assistant and collaborated on various projects including nanowire batteries, printable magnetic field sensors, and a portable DNA analysis system. In 2012, Bryan started Magneto Innovations to commercialize printed magnetic sensors based on magnetic sensing inks.


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