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Medicom Technologies, Inc.


Funding Goal $450,000
Funding Raised So Far $450,000
Funding Commitments $0
Funding Remaining $0
Funding Type Convertible Debt
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Company Overview

Medicom is revolutionizing the way patient information is transferred. Medicom’s all­-in-­one solution eliminates the need for traditional transport methods, such as compact discs, virtual private networks, and cloud solutions.

Medicom’s patented peer-­to-­peer design avoids the costs and risks associated with cloud storage and has the following design features: fastest image transfer protocol possible; intuitive user interface simplifying workflow in medical facilities; highest level of security available; unlimited file size.

Medicom markets directly to radiologists, medical centers, hospitals, universities, orthopedic groups, and mobile mammography clinics. Medicom’s software is sold as a service with a market of 30,000 imaging centers, 40,000 research groups, 15,000 hospitals, and over 70,000 internal medicine practitioners – tapping into the fastest growing informatics market.

The status quo for medical diagnostic image exchange has been the slow and outdated use of compact discs, virtual private networks, and cloud storage. These three solutions are typically employed together, as they cater to specific use­cases. Consequently, these Web 1.0 systems are difficult to interface, have workflow inefficiencies, and prevent seamless treatment for patients. Medicom is the Web 2.0 for the medical industry – offering a flexible platform that is universally accessible and easy to use.

Medicom’ all­in­one solution solves the inefficiencies associated with all traditional transport methods. Medicom’s peer-­to-­peer system reduces the cost and risk associated with outdated techniques, additionally Medicom’s patented communication protocol simplifies image sharing by being hardware free and easy to use.

Medicom’s solution can be accessed on any computer with an internet connection. Users with a PACS may choose to install Medicom’s desktop client on their PACS workstation or server, allowing Medicom to send and receive studies autonomously on the behalf of the database.

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Business Summary

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Medicom Image Exchange Network

Medicom is offered as a service that can be purchased as a subscription for $500 a month. Our pricing model is designed to jumpstart rapid growth: priced competitively, while eliminating cost as the barrier for entry. For this price, Medicom allows clinics to send an unlimited amount of data.

Purchasing a Medicom subscription gives authorizes use of our web portal and the desktop/server client.


Malcolm Benitz
Chief Executive Officer
Malcolm B......

Day to day, Malcolm oversees all business strategy, accounting, marketing, sales, and legal affairs for Medicom. Malcolm’s current focus is strengthening and growing our sales organization through partnerships, distributors, and direct sales.

Previously, Malcolm has led initiatives in the largest sales organizations in North Carolina; in a short period of time he was able to increase operational income by hundreds of thousands of dollars, while simultaneously filing several patents that helped lead to their bestselling service.

Michael Rosenberg
Operating Officer
Michael R......

From a young age, Michael has aspired to design and create out-­of-­the box solutions to complex problems. Michael sprouted his first company in an FDA funded Pancreas Transplant Laboratory. He led a team to develop a reactor that would produce islet stem cells for use in Pancreas transplants.Michael automated stem cell generation and the reactors is used in the Largest Transplant hospital in the US.

Michael has led projects to create video conferencing technology and has worked to design and develop a big-­data logistics algorithm in the world’s largest shipping company.

As the co­founder of Medicom, Michael has a vision for combining his expertise in medical systems logistics, peer-­to-­peer software, and big data analytics. A passion for improving medicine has invigorated Michael to build a system that solves day to day problems in a scalable, easy to use, out of the box solution. Michael’s sees Medicom applying its core patented technology to other sectors of the industry.

Chase Ballard
Chief Design
Chase B......

Chase has a passion for building products with a theme focused on human centered experience. His passion has led him to develop both physical and digital product lines that are built for utility, while using minimalistic principles. Chase has managed operations in a North Carolina high­end advanced manufacturing print facility, and has successfully delivered on contracts in a wide range of fields – ranging from precision laser cut leather goods to high end print materials for trade shows and exhibitions.

On a day to day basis, Chase oversees all product design and quality control. Chase is responsible for morphing industry needs into prototypes by means of design and early stage development. Chase works to both refine and update the existing product while leading the vision, strategy, and development of new products.

Dr. Richard Rosenberg
Chief Physician/Medical Officer
Dr. R......

Dr. has been practicing Clinical Oncology for over 25 years and is a published Lung Cancer Researcher with papers in the most prestigious science journals. He is currently the President of the HOPE Division of Arizona Oncology, which has annual revenues exceeding 250 million dollars a year. He also serves as the Director of Imaging for Arizona Oncology and is a Member of the US Oncology Lung Cancer Committee, which directs national clinical trials for the world’s largest cooperative oncology group. Dr. provides clinical insight and experience that has guided the development of our products. He has brought to light the issues that clinicians face in Radiology IT, and has helped us build products that directly solve industry wide issues.


Funding Goal $450,000
Funding Raised So Far $450,000
Funding Commitments $0
Funding Remaining $0
Funding Type Convertible Debt
Pre-Money Valuation
Investor Ownership
Interest / Dividend
Previous Funding



Medicom Technologies, Inc.

Raleigh, NC 27601, US

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