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MedSign International Corporation

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Company Overview

Introducing a first-of-its-kind technology that connects hospitals, physicians & home care agencies
with patients via their home television to provide real-time visual, voice and data access 24/7.

MedSign International Corporation has developed the Qortex™ TeleCare System, which uses a proprietary HIPPA-compliant, encrypted-secure hub and camera connected through the consumer’s television to enable healthcare professionals to dynamically engage real-time with patients at home. Qortex is an open architecture platform that utilizes third party, hospital and/or MedSign-designed applications to provide 24/7 health monitoring, delivery of reminders to take prescribed medicines, and vital sign data acquisition and more. Qortex also provides to each user a medical emergency notification system at no additional cost. Qortex’s built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth subsystems will enable quantum convergence of health, wellness, safety & security systems and services. The company expects, in future versions of its product, to employ a healthcare artificial intelligent (A.I.) cognitive engine.

The Company’s initial goals are to first (1) help hospitals decrease patient readmissions by increasing hospital-patient follow-on care and thereby lessen the financial penalties imposed by Medicare. Second (2) MedSign will enhance home care agencies and pharmaceutical companies’ services by increasing the patient’s physician-ordered medical adherence and pharmaceutical company-directed clinical trial program compliancy. The company expects Qortex to significantly improve quality of care while increasing and boosting the bottom line for all of its healthcare markets.

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The Qortex TeleCare System is a healthcare delivery platform deployed in the patient’s home. It is composed of a plug-n-play HIPAA-compliant microprocessor-based hub, camera and learning remote control. Qortex interfaces with the patient’s in-home television to provide visual, audio, and vital sign data connectivity between the healthcare professional and patient. Qortex establishes a secure Internet or cellular-based virtual private network (VPN).

Qortex employs an open architecture platform and simple User Interface (UI). This enables hospitals and other healthcare agencies to easily utilize third party apps, their own hospital-proprietary and/or Qortex-developed health and wellness applications. The Qortex system allows caregivers to monitor or provide care based on the needs of their own patient population.


Tom Conroy
Chief Executive Officer
Tom C......

Mr. C...... is the inventor of the Qortex TeleCare System and Daily Companion applications. Tom has more than thirty-five years experience in the high technology governmental and commercial business arenas. Mr. C...... served as a senior military officer for the Office of Special Projects/National Reconnaissance Office of the CIA where he developed state-of-the-art systems for the classified national defense space program.

After a variety of illnesses affected his immediate family, Mr. C......’s experience took him into the medical industry. Understanding the intrinsic problems with the medical industry, Mr. C...... used his expertise of building commercial technologies to develop the Qortex Telecare System for MedSign to better improve preventative medical care through an at-home medical convergence platform.

Phil Verruto
Chief Financial Officer
Phil V......

Mr. V...... brings significant high-level management and public company experience to MedSign International. Formerly Chief Executive and Chairman of DataStream Global Communications, an international long distance telecommunications provider with operations in North America, South America, Europe and the Middle East, Mr. V...... was credited with building the company from a start-up in 1996 to a $40 million revenue-run rate by 1999. Under his leadership, DataStream raised more than $20 million in capital and became a publicly traded company. Phil also served as president of ICT Response, a division of the ICT Group, Inc. and was formerly vice president of sales for Decision Data Computer Corporation and Standard & Poor’s.

Reza Medani
Chief Technology Officer
Reza M......

Mr. Madani is a proven innovator having developed and delivered complex strategic software solutions for Fortune 500 companies. His previous efforts included major clientele such as SpaceX, Bank of America, America Fund, Mercury Insurance, The Capital Group, Genea Energy, and Pfizer. He has been a keynote speaker for numerous Microsoft software introductions. Reza is responsible for the system architecture of the Qortex TeleCare System and its associated Daily Companion applications.

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Funding Goal
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MedSign International Corporation

New York, NY 10169, US

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