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Funding Goal $1,250,000
Funding Raised So Far $1,250,000
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Company Overview

Neosoma's mission is to transform brain cancer care through advanced, deep-learning-based tumor analytics.

Neosoma was founded in 2019 by neuro-oncologists, software veterans, and AI experts to solve fundamental problems in brain cancer care.

Brain cancer is a complex disease state, requiring a team of physicians across disciplines to determine the best course of treatment and continually monitor tumor response.

However, physicians do not have the right, critical information to make timely and confident treatment decisions, causing treatment changes and delays, wasted time and money, and unnecessary interventions, all of which lead to poor patient outcomes.

Neosoma solves these issues by providing neuro-oncology cancer teams and clinical trial sponsors with critical disease insights they do not have today.

By focusing on first releasing into clinical practice a high-grade glioma tumor analysis module that is delivered through a highly-interoperable software platform used by the entire neuro-oncology department, Neosoma delivers immediate, critical value for treating teams and patients alike.

Our near-term product pipeline includes multiple additional tumor analysis modules for low-grade gliomas and brain metastases, along with advanced radiogenomics modules that are the subject of several pending grant applications and a provisional patent application, all delivered through scalable, centralized cloud architecture.

We have conducted extensive market research with neuro-oncology teams at sites across the US; our first product has been validated by UCLA's Brain Tumor Imaging Lab and is being used in three active clinical trials. We have filed a patent application for our core deep learning workflow technology; and we are targeting a near-term 510(k) filing with FDA, ready to begin commercialization in the US soon after, while advancing development of our pipeline.

Our goal is to become the clinical standard neuro-oncology care management platform, improving quality and efficiency of clinical decisions, clinical trials, and, most importantly, patient outcomes.

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Business Summary

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NS-Dashboard is a cloud-based application that neuro-oncology departments use for patient analysis and team collaboration and communication. NS-Dashboard unites the entire treating team, increasing decisioning efficiency by facilitating tumor board meetings and ad hoc communication, and displaying tumor analysis summary data, such as from NS-HGlio and future modules.

By centralizing patient data, including Neosoma's advanced and proprietary tumor analysis, NS-Dashboard solve multiple problems that departments and specialists face, including disorganized data, non-standardized communication and virtual tumor board meetings, and real-time access to detailed tumor analytics.

Taken as a whole, NS-Dashboard is a powerful and extensible platform for the entire department to manage the treatment paths of their brain tumor patients...a solution that doesn't exist in the market today.


NS-HGlio is a first-to-market deep-learning-based brain tumor measurement algorithm for high-grade gliomas (WHO Grade III and IV). NS-HGlio automatically segments and measures brain tumor MRIs in 3 dimensions, providing physicians with detailed and precise volumetric calculations of every tumor compartment (necrotic, enhancing, and edema). This analysis allows physicians to compare two or more MRI timepoints, empowering much faster and more accurate treatment decisions based on whether a tumor is stable, growing, or shrinking in size - the critical determinant of whether a patient is responding to treatment.

NS-HGlio has been empirically validated by UCLA's Brain Tumor Imaging Lab and is being used by UCLA in two active clinical trials, and will be the subject of a 510(k) filing in the near term.

The deep learning workflow underpinning the NS-HGlio module is the subject of a submitted Neosoma utility patent application.


Ken Kolodziej
Chief Executive Officer
Ken K......

As a serial entrepreneur, prior to Neosoma, Ken was co-founder and CEO of String Automotive, a startup that developed the auto industry’s first AI-based marketing intelligence platform. Ken grew String to a customer base of 500 clients, including the country's 4th-largest dealer group, when the company was acquired by Experian (LON:EXPN) in May, 2017.

From May, 2017, through September, 2020, Ken served as Experian Automotive’s VP, Dealer Intelligence, and VP, Strategic Initiatives, successfully integrating and expanding the String team and platform into the business unit, launching Experian’s consumer-facing automotive portal, and supporting multiple new business initiatives.

Ken received a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McGill University, studied at l’Université de Nice in France, and pursued an MBA at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto before leaving the program to focus on a full-time family and a full-time startup (String).

Aly Abayazeed, MD
Chief Physician/Medical Officer
Aly A......

As a practicing neuroradiologist at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center and School of Medicine with a practice that is focused on brain tumors, Aly is intimately familiar with all the challenges that face radiologists, radiation oncologists, neurologists and neurosurgeons when it comes to MRI analytics to inform the treatments for patients with brain tumors. These challenges and the desire to prolong and improve progression free and overall survival of brain tumor patients are what instigated the desire inside Aly to change the current practice methods and revolutionize the function of hospital tumor boards through AI-DL technology.

Aly obtained his medical degree from the University of Cairo School of Medicine in Cairo, Egypt. He continued his medical and radiology residency and neuroradiology fellowship in the United States at the University of Maryland Medical Center, the University of Louisville and the University of Massachusetts, respectively.

John Liedtky, MBA
Chief Sales & Marketing
John L......

John leads various strategic initiatives and functions for Neosoma, including commercialization, marketing and business development.

He has extensive experience bringing to market novel and impactful diagnostic and therapeutic medical technology and software across a broad scope of clinical segments. John’s career spans work with many successful companies including, Vyaire Medical (private equity), Nexstim (publicly traded), DJO Global (acquired by Colfax Corporation), ev3 (acquired by Covidien / Medtronic).

John has led the go to market and scale up of multiple neuro focused technologies, and served as Vice President of Global and International Marketing at ev3 Neurovascular, developing a product portfolio that significantly changed the way neurovascular diseases are treated. John built a market leadership position for ev3, resulting in a multi-billion-dollar acquisition.

John earned an from San Diego State University, and a BA in Economics from Indiana University.

Michael Hill
Chief Technology Officer
Michael H......

Michael has been building software solutions and managing development teams for nearly 3 decades. For the past 10 years he has focused on cloud-based platforms (primarily with AWS) with attention to Security, Scalability and Redundancy, across multiple architectures, technologies and industries, for both B2B and B2C applications.

Michael has been involved in two prior successful exits, first with NBG Services which merged with several marketing services companies to IPO as Telespectrum Worldwide and more recently with String Automotive, which was acquired by Experian’s Automotive division.


Funding Goal $1,250,000
Funding Raised So Far $1,250,000
Funding Commitments $0
Funding Remaining $0
Funding Type Convertible Debt
Pre-Money Valuation
Investor Ownership
Interest / Dividend
Previous Funding



Neosoma Incorporated

Groton, MA 01450, US

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