New Oakland Beer Group, LTD

Oakland, CA 94607, US
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Oakland United Beerworks: an expanding Craft Beer company. We are building out our new Brewery and Tap Room next to Jack London Square. We passed our ABC license inspection on October 11,, 2018. Maximum production will be 16,000 barrels annually.

New Oakland Beer Group owns and operates Oakland United Beerworks, an expanding craft beer company based in the Jack London waterfront district in Oakland, California, with a new integrated brewery and taproom nearing completion and maximum annual production capacity of 16,000 barrels.
In 2009, New Oakland Beer Group was the first company to bring community-based production beer brewing back to Oakland, California, which was once a thriving brewery town fondly known as “the Milwaukee of the West.” The first iteration of our craft brewery was Linden Street Brewing, the first production brewery in Oakland since Golden West Brewery closed in the mid-1950's. While we have matured as a brewery from the early days at Linden Street, our core philosophy of contributing to unite and strengthen the Oakland craft brewing community has not changed and is now reflected in our new brand.
Nationwide, the domestic “big beer” industry is led by AB-InBev, Miller-Coors and Constellation Brands and is a $75 Billion industry, dwarfing the craft beer industry by over three-fold. In California, 800 in-state craft breweries translates to 3.8 craft breweries per 100,000 drinking age customers, ranking our state 23rd nationwide in this statistic, enumerating the headroom for available expansion. The goal of Oakland United Beerworks is to unite local craft breweries to share ideas and best practices, thus promoting the craft beer industry, mutually strengthening our brands and competing vigorously with the big beer manufacturers. Our experience is that such collaboration leads to unique, appealing, one-of-a-kind beers which can capture the attention of the beer drinking public. We believe that such a coalition of craft brewers can achieve the momentum required to boost public awareness of the craft beer movement and expand the market share for all of us.
Oakland United’s new integrated brewery and taproom is 98% complete. Our new brewery will be operational by October 25, 2018.

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Craft Beer Brewery and Tap Room

Craft Beer Brewery and Taproom
Oakland United’s new integrated brewery and taproom is 85% complete and located in the Jack London District in the heart of the thriving revitalized waterfront area of Oakland, California. Within the next twelve months, there will total over 1500 living units, including live-work lofts and new condominiums, within a 6 block radius of the brewery. The new 800-seat Esports Arena is opening across the street in June of 2018, promising to draw professional and amateur video gamers from around the world, augmenting the foot traffic in this established local destination for shopping and dining.

The equipment currently on site at the brewery will allow an annual production capacity of 9,000 barrels with available space to expand to 16,000 barrels. The tap room will feature 2 levels with a view of the brewery, a bar, multiple TV screens and seating for approximately 75. patrons.


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Director Executive Officer
John Karnay

CEO and primary investor. A successful real estate investor and businessman in Oakland for the last 30 years, John oversees the day to day operations and construction of the new brewery and taproom, as well as driving development of Oakland United’s corporate identity, business plan and long term vision.

Managing/Manager Development
Shane Aldrich

Director of Brewing Operations and Brewmaster. With over 15 years of professional brewing experience, Shane manages the entire process of beer production from conceptualizing the style of beer to purchasing the raw materials to brewing the beer. He is a true professional; part scientist, part artist. Shane came to us in October of 2015 with numerous awards to attest to his skill as a brewmaster and immediately instituted strict quality control measures and best practices in our manufacturing procedures, as well as injecting a spark of creativity into our portfolio of beers. As a result, we have been able to introduce high quality, desirable traditional as well as unique Oakland United beers to the Bay Area market. He is a valuable asset and is now a partner in the company and fully committed to Oakland United.

Managing/Manager Sales
Steve Kosach

Steve is our Sales Manager and comes to us from New Belgium Brewing where he was regional sales manager for the San Francisco Bay Area. Steve has been instrumental in helping us hire and train our current sales force. His experience in direct sales and distribution has been invaluable for us to efficiently plan our growth into new geographic markets as well as expanding our customer base to restaurants and off-sale premises. Steve is a highly skilled and experienced professional who knows the beer industry.

Consulting Marketing

M-Line is an award-winning marketing firm led by Mya Kramer and Jef Loyola. M-line has extensive experience in the world of Craft Beer, having led the marketing efforts of Pyramid Brewing from their start in 1985 to their successful sale in 2008. M-Line has overseen our brand development, label designs, marketing strategies and collateral material development since the inception of Oakland United. They understand the touch points of this marketing-driven industry and have successfully guided the launch of our product in over 100 fine establishments from San Francisco to the East Bay to Sacramento.



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Funding Raised So Far$113,500

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Funding Remaining$876,500

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