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ORENgE Power


Funding Goal $4,000,000
Funding Raised So Far $250,000
Funding Commitments $0
Funding Remaining $3,750,000
Funding Type Preferred Equity
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Company Overview

Organic photovoltaic power is more sustainable and earth friendly than fossil fuel, wind, and traditional silicon solar, and for decades, the alternative energy market has tried to develop without success….until now.

In 2019, GO OPV LLC solved the barrier of entry for power efficiency and lifetime durability to deliver organic photovoltaic solutions for real estate and transportation under the trademark “ORENgE” power. ORENgE systems generate net zero carbon power and increase energy efficiency from absorbing; low, natural, and near infrared light to deliver unparalleled power and heat gain reduction. For the past five years, GO OPV has installed ORENgE systems to Fortune 100 companies and the US government to fuel the increasing demand for ORENgE systems and capital funding.

ORENgE systems are transparent, flexible and 100% recyclable, with no heavy metals or toxic content. ORENgE systems have advanced hardware and software to convert the organic energy to National Electric Code standards for direct DC power and stored power for lighting, computers, fans, cameras, IT/OT and reduce HVAC loads by 30%. ORENgE systems are covered by over 50 patent licenses and proprietary trade secrets.

Under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), the DOE is sponsoring over $700 million in grant funding and GO OPV was awarded 1000 hours of support from NREL to advance the current ORENgE platform. ORENgE systems benefit from the IRA incentives for 30% alternative energy and 10% domestic credit. ORENgE systems have outsized pricing and gross margin potential.

ORENgE real estate integrates to power-over-Ethernet (POE), IT/OT, and battery storage technology as the company developed advanced hardware and software with premier technology partners and featured installs at ATT, Cisco, Brookfield, and the US government. The ORENgE systems are cost competitive with less than 5-year payback, and the ORENgE shade will launch Q1 2024.

ORENgE transportation uses advanced maximum power point technology and organic film to deliver unprecedented power for TRU, Liftgate, GPS, POS and battery storage from dusk to dawn. ORENgE integrates seamlessly to fleet transport technology and has over 300 trucks in operation.

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ORENgE BIPV systems are a disruptive solution to the real estate market using transparent organic ink and PET (recyclable) panels to the interior of the building with advanced hardware, software, and battery management to bring net zero carbon power, heat gain reduction and energy storage to the highest carbon emission market. ORENgE systems produce highly efficient low voltage direct DC power from natural and artificial light; and the near infrared (NIR) absorption can reduce HVAC loads by 30%. The ORENgE hardware and software converts the energy to National Electric Code standards for lighting, computers, fans, cameras, IT/OT and peripherals. The ORENgE systems are durable, with over 10-year lifetime to match tenant lease terms, are 100% recyclable, and do not use toxic or heavy metals. ORENgE BIPV is the one energy conversion and storage system that delivers net zero carbon power, heat gain reduction and battery storage to bring real estate portfolios to net zero carbon emission.

ORENgE Transport

ORENgE Transport is the leading organic photovoltaic technology and hardware integration commercially produced for the transportation market. ORENgE energy technology uses advanced maximum power point technology and photovoltaic organic film to deliver unprecedented power for TRU, Liftgate, GPS, POS and battery storage from dusk to dawn. Unlike silicon panels or diesel alternators, ORENgE power is simple to install, the lightest power generation technology and the lowest carbon footprint in the industry. ORENgE power is flexible, waterproof and road resilient. ORENgE produces power from the broadest light spectrum delivering the highest overall charging capacity watt per watt over a 24/7 period compared to silicon. ORENgE delivers multiple power configurations with waterproof IP68 technology that uses sustainable, recyclable, and environmentally safe materials. ORENgE is available in power solutions for low impact and high impact environmental conditions from 10 watts to 1000+ watts..


President Executive Officer
Paul F......

Global management and renewable energy senior executive with 25+ years of successful leadership experience in cross-border enterprise companies, Financial technology, renewable energy, and ESG development. Led renewable energy initiatives at UBS and exclusive distribution of UTC Fuel Cells. Extensive and patented experience in roll to roll printing, direct DC power generation, storage and hardware.

Senior Vice President Marketing Officer
Julie D......

Design and marketing specialist with 25+ years of experience in graphic design, communication,
and marketing materials
Responsible for leading marketing and promotion for ORENgE.


Funding Goal $4,000,000
Funding Raised So Far $250,000
Funding Commitments $0
Funding Remaining $3,750,000
Funding Type Preferred Equity
Pre-Money Valuation
Investor Ownership
Interest / Dividend
Previous Funding



ORENgE Power

Palm Beach, FL 33480, US

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