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PersonalCare, Southern California's leading manager of concierge physicians and executive health programs, meets the needs of a growing number of people who prefer a higher level of service from their doctor and wish to have all components of optimal health coordinated by a trusted source.

Dissatisfaction with traditional primary care derived from healthcare inflation & decreasing service quality has led to the rapid growth of concierge medicine. According to the Concierge Medical Research Collective, the number of physicians practicing concierge medicine has grown at a 34% CAGR over the past 3 years. These physicians generate an estimated $5BB in revenue.

The market is highly fragmented and ripe for scale. PersonalCare is poised to dominate the concierge industry in Southern California and is in process of launching three additional state-of-the-art concierge practices in the area.

PersonalCare clients include hospitals that want to extend executive healthcare services to the business community, businesses looking to provide better healthcare to executives, wealthy individuals seeking to optimize healthcare for their families, and physicians looking to earn more than the average amount paid to primary care physicians in the area while carrying 10% of the average patient load.

At the onset of 2015, PersonalCare has an exclusive brand license with Hoag Hospital and oversees the Hoag Executive Health Program, manages three concierge medical practices and ten affiliated physicians that provide care to over 20 corporate accounts and 1,800 members that generate over $5M in recurring medical practice network revenue.

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Hoag Executive Health Program

The Hoag Executive Health Program meets the needs of business clients looking for a best-in-class annual health exam designed to uncover medical, nutritional, or fitness imbalances in its employee population that lead to disease and/or injury.

Hoag Executive Health clients receive a comprehensive medical evaluation plus a thorough fitness and nutrition assessment. As follow-up, clients receive a comprehensive results report and personalized diet and exercise plans that help put what they learn about improving their health into practice.

Concierge Primary Care Membership

The PrimaryCare Program is our flagship service line. The PrimaryCare Program combines personalized health care, an in-depth fitness and nutritional assessment, and fitness training to deliver a total health strategy.

PersonalCare's PrimaryCare Membership is the most comprehensive medically supervised wellness program available and provides the advantage of receiving medical care from a concierge physician that can also oversee the delivery of a client’s fitness and nutrition regimen. Members receive concierge medical services from a personal physician, a comprehensive annual physical, and an annual fitness and nutrition assessment. Members can also purchase personal training sessions with a personal trainer to help implement the optimal health plan.

Practice Management Services

PersonalCare makes money by managing concierge medical practices and hospital affiliated executive health programs in exchange for either a percentage of practice revenue or via a cost + contract.

Practice revenues are generated via annual recurring patient access fees, personal training fees, and insurance reimbursements paid for services rendered.


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Chief Executive Officer
Troy Medley

Troy MedleyAs CEO of PersonalCare, Southern California’s largest manager of concierge medical and executive health services, Troy Medley oversees all strategic, operational, and financial activities of the enterprise. With over 20 years of leadership experience in the franchise industry, Troy has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to recruit elite senior management, energize organizations around a compelling vision, secure investment capital, develop strategic partnerships, and exceed top and bottom line goals. His vision for PersonalCare is to revolutionize how healthcare is provided to businesses and discerning individuals throughout the United States.

Prior to forming Personalcare, Medley was CEO of Velocity Sports Performance Franchise Systems, LLC, where he lead the turnaround efforts of the nation’s largest sports performance training provider over an 18 month period.

Troy earned his MBA from Pepperdine University and holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in History.

Chief Strategic Planning
Kevin Davidson

Kevin DavidsonMr. Davidson is a seasoned healthcare executive with broad expertise in strategy, business development, partnerships and acquisitions. Kevin has over a decade of progressive management experience driving business growth in the health care supply chain, consulting, and provider sectors. Prior to joining PersonalCare, he led the development of a comprehensive M&A function for the Banner Medical Group and served as a member of the Banner Medical Group's leadership team, overseeing due diligence, practice evaluation and post-acquisition on boarding and integration. Kevin was the Executive Director of Business Development for Hoag Hosptial before joining Banner, and was responsible for driving initiatives to expand Hoag services along the continuum of care and into new markets. Key strategic advances include launching of branded urgent care network, establishing and opening a physician co-managed endoscopy center, and development of a county-wide outpatient surgery strategy.

Chief Physician/Medical Officer
Dr. James Lindberg

Dr. James LindbergDr. Lindberg serves as Chief Medical Officer and leads the efforts to recruit physicians committed to excellence, establishes standardized clinical and quality processes, and assists in the strategic direction of clinical services offered by the Medical Groups. Dr. Lindberg is a Board Certified specialist in Internal Medicine who began his career as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at the University of California, Irvine. While there he founded the Executive Health Program and complete his MBA. He is a Past President of the American Heart Association, Orange County, a former Faculty Reviewer of the Wellness Lectures at UCI, and served as an Advisor to the California Governor’s Council for Physical Fitness. He has established relationships with dozens of companies delivering corporate and executive health services to hundreds of senior executives from around the world and has acted as a medical advisor for several large corporations and groups in Southern California.

Chief Financial Officer
Jenny May

Ms. May serves as the Company’s Chief Financial Officer. Ms. May has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and an MBA with an emphasis in Marketing. She is a licensed CPA in the State of California with extensive experience in forensic accounting and business valuations. Since joining the Company in early 2013, Jenny has devoted much of her time to developing and implementing operational systems, including a fully integrated enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management system that will allow that Company to grow more quickly and expand more seamlessly in the future.

Director Advisor
William Kessinger

William KessingerWill is co-founder and a primary investor of Vformation, LLC. With over twenty-five years of investment experience, Will also currently serves as the Chief Investment Officer of Parthenon Capital, a $2.5 billion middle-market private equity firm in San Francisco, and was previously an original Partner of GTCR Golder Rauner, LLC, a large long-established private equity firm in Chicago.

Will’s investment philosophy for both early stage and mid-market investing is rooted in building partnerships with outstanding CEOs and leadership teams. He guides companies to success by offering data-driven, thoughtful support, and challenging his partners to take bold steps and be the best that they can be. In particular, Will brings tremendous capability and experience in helping companies grow through strategic acquisitions.

Will received B.S. and M.S. in Industrial Engineering from Stanford and an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School with high distinction as a Baker Scholar.


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