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A value system isn't something that comes and goes.. It is a fundamental piece of who you are. We help you not only position your money to meet your personal financial objectives, but to help you support the organizations that are important to you.

We help families plan now for how their money will be inherited or shared with organizations in the community they support and believe in.. We show them how they might create tax deductions now, or increase your income by helping you sell property or other assets while reducing or eliminating any taxes on their gains. You then get to use those tax deductions to convert your IRAs, 401k, and other retirement accounts. Lastly, we can help those organizations that you support to find meaningful and long lasting ways to recognize and thank you for your leadership in the community, and your support..

In a complicated world, our communities need voices to lead them. Philanthropy truly is political activism, and we want to help you cease opportunities to advance your values to make a difference in the lives of others.

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Managing Director Finance
Michael F, Fangman

Michael F, FangmanHaving managed a financial planning practice for the past 25 years, I've re-branded it as a way of continuing to share and make a difference in the lives of others, much like was done for me all those years ago.

Imagine a financial advisor who partners with residential and commercial real estate agents, lenders, long term care specialists and tax professionals, all community leaders who share an awareness fo the importance of philanthropy. Even better, imagine thanking these professionals in the community by donating 15% of the first year revenue from any referrals directly back to their favorite charitable cause.

We put ourselves not only in a position to help our clients, but to help them advocate for and support the causes most dear to them, and to help their favorite charities find meaningful ways to recognize them even long after they are gone.



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