Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC

Hermosa Beach, CA 90254, US
Oil & Gas Production & Processing

Profitable, Growing acquirer of Mineral Rights and Non-Operated Working Interests in strategic U.S. basins. 18mm revenue, 5mm EBITDA.

Phoenix Capital Group holdings uses a proprietary software system to identify strategic target assets to acquire from individual mineral rights owners. We combine existing cash flow metrics with upside variables to selectively pursue assets that fit our immediately accretive model. The Company has demonstrated its discipline and ability to execute over the past 2-3 years going from a startup to one that did $18 million in revenue and $5.1 million in EBITDA in the past 12 months. We are extremely proud of our performance that would have been even more substantial if we didn't live through a pandemic and oil price volatility. The ability to make money and grow in virtually any macro environment is an illustration of how rigid our model it. We are overhead light, cash flow heavy, and our model is simply about duplication and scale. We are just on the cusp of accessing institutional debt capital at which point our cost of capital will be continually reduced and our balance sheet will have considerable horsepower to accelerate growth even further. Our current private placement will be the launchpad to get to that level and offers attractive risk adjusted returns in an otherwise low yield market. We are a team of disciplined industry veterans with backgrounds in engineering, finance, technology, land and title, and operations. Now, more than ever, mineral rights owners are evaluating diversification which lends itself well to our acquisition strategy. We are well positioned in the industry, known as a fair buyer, and have demonstrated the ability to execute and grow profitably since inception.

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Mineral Rights & Non-Operated Working Interests

Phoenix Capital focuses on acquiring existing, cash flowing assets in the domestic oil and gas market. For simplicity, the Company is buying what amounts to royalty streams based on a pro-rata share of the production of oil & gas under their claim. Percentages range generally from 7-20% and we use a discounted cash flow model that allows us to have a payback period of 12-18 months generally. We use an input of oil value $20 below market as a buffer so we build in a tolerance to account for oil price fluctuation. All cash flow generated after the asset pays for itself are free cash flows that we use to invest in additional assets. The sole use of funds in this financing is acquiring additional cash flowing assets using our same, proven model.


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Chief Financial Officer
Curtis Allen

Curtis AllenCurtis Allen is the CFO of the Company and has well over a decade of experience in finance. He is instrumental in all facets of the business from modeling, pricing, cash flow analysis, Corporate finance, and acquisitions. As a partner in the Company, all financial decisions are run through Curtis and he is an invaluable asset to the Company.

Chief Operating Officer
Lindsey Wilson

Lindsey WilsonLindsey comes with deep industry experience and is responsible for all operational facets of the business. Lindsey is instrumental in managing the growing team of professionals at Phoenix Capital and is heavily involved in all contracts and corporate initiatives. Working alongside senior management, and as a partner in the firm, Lindsey is critical to keeping day to day operations running smoothly in a fast growing, fast paced organization.

Chief Technology Officer
Kris Woods

Kris WoodsKris is the backbone of our technology department. With so many of our functions automated for efficiency, Kris manages our custom software applications that automate target acquisitions, production, reporting, and all technical functions. Kris was instrumental in developing our proprietary software platform that strategically integrates land and title data, well data, financial data, and subsequent reporting.

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Debt Provider
First International Bank & Trust

FITB is a commercial lender that has experience in the oil & gas space.

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Funding Goal$8,000,000

Funding Raised So Far$2,000,000

Funding Commitments$500,000

Funding Remaining$5,500,000

Funding TypeDebt Financing

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