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Building lasting trust and confidence in the food system via a SaaS platform for transparent and reliable data on the origin, journey, and quality of food.

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Business Summary

Company Age 5 years, 4 months
Employees 6
Sub-Industry Database & File Management Software
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ripe tracker + is a digital service to enable our customers to create a comprehensive digital record that fully mirrors their data and activities in the food supply chain that describes seed to table of food and their part in it. The business model for ripeTracker is SaaS with 1-2 year contract terms, monthly service subscription fees as well as data transaction fees based on either gross shipment weight tracked or per head of animal tracked. We also charge professional service fees (generally about 18% of the overall SaaS charge) for customization to the SaaS. Lastly there are pilot fees but are shifting away from that given the state of our company


Raja Ramachandran
Chief Executive Officer
Raja Ramachandran

Raja has launched, with a brilliant team, www.ripe.io, leveraging connected technologies such as IOT, cloud, algorithms, machine learning and blockchains to help solve large, global problems around food. Raja recently was part of the early founding team at R3CEV and managed the product development function. Prior to R3CEV, Raja had a successful foreign exchange trading career, managing electronic trading and execution platforms and lead regulatory implementation over a 20 year career at Bank of Boston (BAML), Citi, Silicon Valley Bank and Wells Fargo. In addition, Raja helped co-found, was COO and lead two venture funded start ups to exit.

Phil Harris
President Executive Officer
Phil Harris

A highly experienced and engaging technology and entrepreneurial executive. Hailing from a FinTech background, Phil has held senior positions at CME, Lava Technologies, Nasdaq and has helped helm and successful exit 360T. Phil is driven by constant innovation and new opportunities.


Debt Provider

NEOGEN Corporation develops and markets products dedicated to food and animal safety. The company’s Food Safety Division markets dehydrated culture media and diagnostic test kits to detect foodborne bacteria, natural toxins, genetic modifications, food allergens, drug residues, plant diseases and sanitation concerns. NEOGEN’s Animal Safety Division markets a complete line of diagnostics, veterinary instruments, veterinary pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, disinfectants and rodenticides.

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Venture Capital Fund
Maersk Growth

Maersk Growth is the venture arm of A. P. Moller – Maersk with the mission to digitise, democratise, and decarbonise supply chains. With the aim to unlock growth, we invest in and partner with promising start-ups and visionary innovators - and by injecting our very own rocket fuel we activate our portfolio companies’ full strategic potential.

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Venture Capital Fund
Relish Works

We are Relish Works, an innovation hub focused on challenging the status quo and pioneering the next evolution of the food industry. While backed with the support of an established and profitable food service organization, Relish Works operates as an independent innovation hub focused on user-centered solutions. Our efforts explore improvements to the established company’s core business, as well as solving for unmet customer needs and developing new businesses.

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Debt Provider

R3 is a leading provider of enterprise technology and services that enable direct, digital collaboration in regulated industries where trust is critical. Multi-party solutions developed on our platforms harness the "Power of 3"—R3's trust technology, connected networks and regulated markets expertise—to drive market innovation and improve processes in banking, capital markets, global trade and insurance.

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C9 Capital

Financing for businesses that have the potential for excellent growth, significant community impact, and positive environmental returns.

Founded in 2000, C9 Capital is recognized as a top-ranking Investment Company. We have an enviable track record of finding the next big thing in a variety of industries and sectors. We invest in companies at every stage from seed to growth and provide them with the equity capital and support necessary to scale up from early-stage startup to successful business.

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