Rugged Outdoor Computing, LLC

Memphis, TN 38120, US

Increasing publicity of interactions between Police and Citizens is spawning heavy investment in technology that protects both. ROC has created a revolutionary solution that simplifies while enhancing the collection and sharing of critical data.

ROC is a design and development company advancing integrated Mobile Technology with innovative flexibility and price performance. ROC unique products include state-of-the-art fully integrated multi-processor PC/Video/;Communications in a configurable single enclosures, expanding functionality, improving reliability and effectiveness, while lowering overall costs.
By creating specific focused solutions, ROC will expand the deployment of critical field technology in officer vehicles and body worn video capture systems. We are the only domestic provider with the capability of developing mission specific systems that combine everything field officers need to effectively perform their duties.
A quick look at the market will show many companies touting highly functional solutions, but none have advanced the capabilities beyond the basics they all share. ROC is the first and only that breaks the barrier, having successfully created fully integrated, totally complete packages for these markets. ROC started with a clean slate, designed and tested a system that truly fulfills ALL their needs. It captures event based video, seamlessly integrates with host PC, huge storage capacity, fully accessible communications, and SO MUCH more... all in one compact enclosure.
The benefits are extensive, and beyond what you might first consider. The smartphone created a huge impact on consumer markets. Prior to that, people carried many unique devices: camera, voice recorder, cell phone, MP3 player.. none were integrated or had internet access, With the smartphone came an explosion of applications previously unavailable.
ROC solutions provide the same opportunity in markets it will serve with specific needs. It basically boils down to how effectively and timely officers can collect, analyze and share information with the host of support personnel required in these markets. Nothing does that better than ROC systems.
Public Safety demands the best tools... ROC delivers.

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Revolutionary Fully Integrated Video/PC/Communications Solutions for Public Safety and Other Markets

ROC is a design and development company with the capability to create custom solutions for mission critical niche markets, specializing in high-tech fully integrated video capture systems, robust PC, and powerful communications. Our focused expertise is notably the best in the nation and the ONLY designer that has advanced market technology to new levels.
ROC's highly configurable solutions will span a number of critical markets including Law Enforcement, EMS, FEMA, Border Patrol , Intelligence, Coast Guard, Fire, and a few related commercial markets. ROC systems have the capability to expand well beyond anything currently available, all delivered at a lower cost, offering increased reliability and functionality with an unmatched support team. ROC will also leverage our in-house expertise, and pursue a variety of solutions for a number of related markets as we position ourselves as the go to company for rugged, reliable, highly functional solutions in under served markets.


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Chief Executive Officer
Paul Baioni

Paul Baioni is a CPA and experienced executive in manufacturing, service and distribution industries with both large and small companies in operational, financial and information technology positions. He has effectively managed the financial, forecasting and operations of start-ups as well as ongoing large enterprises, With AMR Services, Paul led the accounting and MIS functions for a distribution start-up that reached over $40M in annual sales in less than 5 years, at which time the business was sold and went public. His operations and financial experience will provide solid overall fiscal and operational management for this technical development and manufacturing company

Chief Technology Officer
John Whittaker, IV

ROC's technical manager, John Whittaker, has over 25 years development experience in the mobile Tablet and PC markets starting with Emerson Electric, then Motorola and Dell, assisting in the design of Dell's first Tablet product back in the early 90's, as well as Johnson & Johnson and a variety of contract work for Austin Contract Manufacturing houses. He also did substantial design work on one of the first eBooks, before they were commercially introduced. Armed with both electrical and mechanical engineering degrees, design and manufacturing experience, and a wealth of PCB design experience, John fully understands the complications of merging the two design intricacies which has resulted in his ability to develop state-of-the-art technologies. His production line experience with Motorola and “design for manufacture” focus of very unique products through close relationships with production partners, should result in a smooth transition from development to production.

Senior Development
Paul Hottell

Paul Hottel is an experienced BIOS and .net programmer tasked with the development of the Video management system and .net application that interfaces the Windows OS with the Video Capture and ALPR Systems. He has developed an expertise with Linux operating systems with an Android overlay allowing for great advancements and simplicity to the video management system. He is also very familiar with the technologies that allows ROC's unique system to share the video resources between multiple integrated applications, one of the patent pending features of the system.

Senior Purchasing
Randy Blong

Randy Blong is an experienced electronics component supplier and provides ROC with sourcing, scheduling and managing of inventories, components and maintains system cost structures. He has worked with Avnet, an industry leader as supplier of a wide variety of electronic components. Randy works closely with John to ensure that designs have longevity of life, and that other subassembly components are manufactured according to specification and delivered on a timely basis, allowing John to keep the development process moving on a timely basis. Randy's market experience has allowed him to garner access to companies, products and components typically not available to smaller specialty development companies.


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